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2018 elections and the challenge of providing continuity of power in Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 30-10-2017
Russia began a presidential campaign, although the election is still far away. As elections approach, the political situation is heating up, the interference in internal Affairs increase. In this context, the promotion of continuity of power in the country becomes the main task of the modern Russian political agenda. People of different Nations of Russia, defending the right to life their children and grandchildren, we must do everything to prevent attempts to undermine the foundations of Russian statehood, to install a puppet regime, to subjugate the country to the selfish interests of a world "elite," thereby, - the expert believes Fyodor Pashin.

"The first swallow"

Ksenia Sobchak became the "first swallow", the information by calling the fire itself. She's clearly no hope for victory, but her appearance on the electoral stage in the future. Not only that Sobchak intends to further capitalize on its brand, thereby increasing further the price for their show performances. Secondly, it will lower voter turnout than it will increase his "extravagance", thereby reducing the legitimacy of the winner of the elections of 2018, we Cannot exclude that the "first swallow" is clearly trying to pre-empt and discredit the appearance of another female candidate, including one of possible successors of Vladimir Putin. Finally, given the fact that in Russian society the political popularity and support of the women's bar will increase in principle, including the probability of election of the President of the country in the future, Sobchak can test their fate in the next election cycle. In this context, it is difficult to imagine that the current Russian President had "a hand" to the nomination Sobchak candidate for the presidency in 2018, however, we cannot exclude the formal approval of the initiative "collective House" in the face of the clan of the family of the first President of the Russian Federation, who is behind this candidacy.

Putin is at a crossroads

Despite the outward calm, even Vladimir Putin is seriously concerned about the upcoming company. On the one hand, he "dreams of" how to avoid "another period of slavery in the "presidential gallery". On the other hand, he realizes that he already entered the Russian history as one of the most decent Russian rulers, and therefore has no right to lose your political baggage in his old age "to lose face". Voluntary renunciation of the presidency, promoting himself instead of his successor, it is not just a betrayal of the absolute majority of Russians, the Russian world, with the result that the time from the people's love to hate aggressive society will not even notice. In a country still fresh memories of the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was complicit in Gorbachev. The name of the current President may be on a par with this apostate and Russia to repeat the fate of the Soviet Union, because today many "costs" due to unprecedented credibility and trust in Putin by the overwhelming majority of the people.

Signs Of China

Such a step is not clear in those countries where Russia has special hopes. It's not just about China, other BRICS countries, Iran, Venezuela, the Philippines etc., but also political forces in many leading countries of the world and primarily Europe. The newly elected head of China si Zinopin at the XIX Congress convincingly demonstrated to the world and including Russia, how it is necessary to ensure the sovereignty, security and prospects of the country, laying the foundations and mechanisms of preservation and transmission of the succession of power in the long term, regardless of who heads the country. In the Charter of the CCP recorded the position of a new era of Chinese-style socialism (national socialism – author F. Pashin), the initiative for a consistent fight against corruption, the implementation of the project "One belt, one road", the idea of "absolute control" of the Communist party over the Armed forces of the country. In the text of the main document party, the CCP, along with other most influential leaders of the party and the country Zadoom Mao and Deng Xiaoping, mentions the name of the current head of China, XI Jinping, that today, significantly increases the credibility in the country and the world.

At the same time as the main political-legal document of the Russian Federation – the Constitution remains a useless carbon copy of Western counterparts, in particular French, in which a bomb ideological-political and socio-cultural schism of the country. Virtually all the main institutions and mechanisms of a sovereign government and society, including organizational and conceptual (Constitution, personnel, authorities, doctrine, programs, science, laws, decrees, etc.), cultural (education, upbringing, culture, traditions, religion, etc.), information (mass media, Internet), financial (banks, structure, leading companies, etc.), law enforcement (law enforcement agencies, armed forces, security agencies), legal (laws, political system, representative government, parties, non-governmental organizations, etc.), foreign policy (diplomacy, international organizations, etc.) are under more or less influence from outside of a massive concerted international intervention in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation since perestroika. The situation worsens by the fact that in Russia for a thousand years of history has developed and is active against the state and society network of branched "deep state" in the form of agents and institutions outside influences.

The Russian President may not know and not be afraid of retaliation from this side. As an ordinary person, he is concerned about not only the fact that his name does not belong to him, and any reversal will inevitably lead to political and historical oblivion. He understands that it may cater, for example, in the international court in the Hague. You can't exclude physical violence against him, by analogy with other unwanted rulers, including Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, etc. Apparently this is, in particular, the main reason for the sudden divorce from his wife, and not gossip in relation to his possible chosen. As with the device of their daughters in influential circles where they can feel safe if their father suddenly get into a "political force majeure".

In these conditions, when the international "behind the scenes", does, turned against the master of the Kremlin, the true signs of China help to "hold" the shot" and more.

Continuity through elections

For many information signs, today the Russian President is worth a lot of strength to overcome themselves in their desire "to go into the shadows" and continue driving forward because there's no turning back - "bridges burned", and wait for forgiveness from his political opponents, moreover, is not necessary. As you know from the press, now being implemented from two main scenario. First, the incumbent President is preparing to go for a second term to the winner with the largest possible result. Second, it is considering the option of promoting a successor, and the scenario of self-preservation and survival of the incumbent after the election, when it will be out presidential powers.

In the expert community and the media actively discussed the problem of "shadowing" the current master of the Kremlin. Principled supporters of the President, or rather of independence, based on the fact that it is impossible to withdraw from the elections, it is necessary to achieve a convincing victory in 2018 to have a "top trumps on hands" in the struggle for the strengthening of the sovereignty and security of the country, and at the same time create the prerequisites to the survival of the head of state as a moral authority and leader of the nation. With this purpose it simultaneously with the presidential election to initiate a referendum on the Constitution and, perhaps, some initiatives, for example to raise the status of the Security Council, move the core functions of the capital from Moscow to another city, the abolition of national-state structure of the country, consolidation of the regions of the country.

Changes to the Constitution must be aimed primarily at the eradication of the provisions of the principle of "divide and rule" laid down in the basic law, which is achieved by weakening and undermining the state and society. It also needs to be a consolidation of the branches of government, in particular, combining the posts of President and head of the government, law enforcement and other agencies of Executive power form the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation General Chairman in charge, subordinate to the Central Bank to the state established in the Constitution of the state-Patriotic ideology.

Under the amended Constitution, the main institution of the country's bicameral Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, and its Chairman - the head of state. The state Duma was elected under the existing rules, the Federation Council is formed from among the heads of subjects of Federation - the Governor and heads of the legislature. Of the Russian Federation has a shared unit of both chambers, which is headed by a Director with the rank of first Deputy Chairman. The head of state belongs the right to nominate for approval of RF government Chairman and members, the governors (heads of regions) taking into account the views of legislative bodies in the constituent entities of the Federation. When implementing such schemes, the newly elected President after the elections in 2018 could be roughly a year after the harmonization of legislation, resign and be elected to the post of the Chairman of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. At the same time he could lead the security Council of the country. This project, experts say, is not without weaknesses, however, has a chance for successful implementation.

"Left-wing" projects

The expert community to discuss other models of continuity of government, including the monarchical project of the restoration of the monarchy, which pushed the force of external influence. They even try to involve in its implementation the current President of the country. The British magazine the Economist for the centennial of the October revolution will come with a portrait on the cover of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the regalia of the monarch. Writes REGNUM, on the page of the publication in the Twitter image of the cover of the new issue is accompanied by the words "When the whole world celebrates the centenary of the October revolution, Russia again fell under the authority of the king." However, domestic experience of the monarchical development of the country is convincing proof that, on behalf of the tsarist government in Russia was ruled by corrupt courtiers, foreigners and crooks just are far from the interests of the country and the people.

According to media reports, another project to ensure continuity of power in modern Russia suggests a return to the "red project." However, it is extremely dangerous for the fate of Russia, as it aims to reformat the power in the interests of the return and consolidation of a "red flag" representatives of the international elites of all stripes, from liberals to monarchists and socialists with a "human face". All these and other more exalted projects are implemented by forces of "world government" based on the network the"deep state" in Russia.

The task of true supporters of the country and the people to unite in the interest of preventing attempts to undermine the foundations of Russian statehood, to install a puppet regime, to subjugate the country to the selfish interests of a world "elite," thereby defend the right to life their children and grandchildren.

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