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Output. Impunity national traitors and "fifth column" it's time to finish
Material posted: Publication date: 16-04-2014

Without the full personal responsibility of heads will be very difficult to overcome crisis phenomena in the Russian society and to ensure genuine sovereignty.

The fact that Russia is in crisis, no doubt. In a crisis or pre-crisis state are almost all the major sectors of the economy, as well as spiritual sphere and the security system of the country.

In the conditions of sharp aggravation of the international situation, increasing tension on the borders of Russia, especially in the Western regions, in connection with the situation in Ukraine, the leadership of our country has started to take effective measures to overcome the crisis.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his speech on the occasion of the return to Russia of the Crimea noted that the West threatens us revolution, the main tool which can be the notorious "fifth column" in Russian society. Expressed the belief that the Subversion of this power will be neutralized.

Very indicative in this respect was the performance of one of the most eminent personalities of our cinema and very close to the power of man film Director Nikita Mikhalkov. Speaking in the program Vladimir Solovyov, he pointed out that the movement of Russia forward on the path of re-industrialization is impossible without the liberation from the burden of the past, especially the devastating legacy of the 90-ies. For this purpose it is necessary to call things by their proper names, in particular the destruction of the USSR to recognize a crime against all the peoples inhabiting it. Answering a leading question about whether all of these actions fail, he quoted a well-known Soviet leaders: "every error has its own name, surname and patronymic".

All this suggests that the leadership of our country really decided to take the revival power of Russia. In this noble cause our leaders can do is wish you success.

However, in order to take advantage of this chance, we need to discover the causes of the appalling situation in which our country finds itself. And do not do without analysis of the causes of the collapse of the USSR. That's where you should look for the roots of the current degradation of Russia.

Powerful economic potential second superpower of the world and the richest resources exclude from consideration the military-strategic and economic factors as the root cause of the destruction of the USSR and subsequent troubles in Russia. The destructive effect of these factors was a consequence of the other, which initiated the process in these areas. The causality analysis of the mutual influence of the factors in the development of the USSR/Russia indicates that the root cause of these destructive processes should be sought in the ideological sphere, the related area of economic theories and personnel policies.

But no ideological problems and foreign intelligence services would be unable to destroy our country and destroy the Russian economy, if the inside is not formed powerful forces who wanted the destruction of the country and the subsequent takeover of its assets. This so-called fifth column. Its structure was already analyzed in a previous article. However, there is little to know structure. To eradicate the "fifth column" it is necessary to understand the mechanisms of its occurrence, so that by excluding them, you can eliminate the conditions for the recurrence of this phenomenon.

Modern Russia's political elite is closely connected with the Soviet. She grew out of it and formed it. Therefore, the basis of the mechanism of formation of a "fifth column" in our elite and society should be sought in the Soviet past.

Historical tour you can start with the famous XX Congress of the CPSU, which was "debunked" the cult of personality of Stalin. From that moment, as the analysis shows, began active phase of the process of aging "fifth column", which eventually led to the fall of the USSR and the defeat of the Russian economy.

Triumphant incompetence

As a key event that marked the beginning of the aging of the "fifth column", it is necessary to allocate so-called recognition of the right of the head for mistake. In practice, this meant that an unscrupulous leader is not carrying full responsibility for the failures that occurred due to his fault. In fact, representatives of parthenogenically, especially its top layers, were exempt from liability for the results of their work. However, this did not apply to intra-clan struggle for power. Here the responsibility was all right. It was about responsibility for a public matter. The consequences of this move were multi-faceted.

First of all, there are favorable conditions for the flourishing of the notorious "spinal law" when senior leaders were appointed to their positions of responsibility, sometimes unsuitable for high posts of relatives or closest friends. Previously, when severe, often criminal liability for official mistakes in large posts was decided to hold in most cases (with rare exception, when it came to the inner circle of the leaders of the country) are well trained people. Everyone understood that incompetence in high office can lead to a prison term or even execution. With the elimination of this factor on high positions were appointed by the people according to other criteria. Part of it was the person designed to "control the commanding heights" in the power hierarchy in the interests of individual clans. And sometimes not of the highest level. Other arranged in "warm places" caring relatives. That they commit "mistakes" goodbye – leaders, who failed in responsible business, has appointed to another position, often below the one from which he was removed.

As a result there was gradual depletion of these specialists from the highest echelons of power. To replace them the people began to that were not country or a specific boss, ready to fulfill any order or direction, even if they were anti-state character. Yet it was not a "fifth column".

Remove personal responsibility for the results of the case entrusted to him has created favorable conditions for the closure of parts of the party and economic elites with foreign intelligence services. Among the clans that have advanced to leadership positions of his proteges, were those who had connections with criminals, and sometimes with foreign intelligence services. Intentional actions aimed at undermining the economy of the USSR, and then Russia, discrediting the social system, served as technical errors that need to "understand and forgive". It is this force became the basis of a "fifth column" that destroyed the USSR, today continues the destruction of Russia. As you strengthen clan structures it has become possible not only to adjust the policy of the country, but also to form the basis for the change of ideology. So, deliberately created organizational problems were disorganized economic system. And artificially induced economic difficulties provoked the population's protest mood. Intentional disruption of production was justified by the need to attract foreign capital and advisers in the late Soviet and post-Soviet period. Especially strongly this tendency is manifested in the 90-ies, when organized on a mass scale spread of foreign control over the Russian economy. Today's "fifth column" in Russia is extremely strong. Her methods have not changed, like its foreign curators. Therefore, contrary to experience, which demonstrates the disastrous privatization of strategic resources and industries, is preparing to enter a new stage of privatization.

The deprivation of the "leadership" of the burden of responsibility contributed to the closing part of parthenogenically with criminals. The desire to "live beautifully" on the part of representatives of the Soviet elite, especially after trips to the developed world, where they were received "first class" (they're not acquainted with the life of slums), has spawned the desire to accumulate material wealth beyond what was provided by the state. Examining public property and funds as their own, they did not hesitate to use them for personal interests. The same thing we have today in modern Russia. The excess expenditures relative to original estimates (sometimes multiple) for various projects has become the norm.

In an effort to obtain further stretch resources to cover the loss of or the failures of his leadership, many members of the Soviet establishment were illegally. Formed the type of "able to live" and "who get it" as the most successful person. This activity was partly justified by the fact that incompetent leaders in the planning system and distribution could not cope with their responsibilities – needed to correct their mistakes. All this has created favorable conditions for the development of an underground business – "capitalists", which is on the state enterprises, using rosresursy and machinery, produced objects shortage, increasing on the revenue – farmer, and expenditures by the state (the society).

As a result, by the end of Brezhnev in the USSR there is a powerful layer of a criminal shadow economy, tightly closed with part of parthenogenically. It is this power and became the main destroyer of the Soviet Union. After its collapse it will not go away and only grew stronger. Legalitatii, its representatives did not change the principles of operation. This is another reason for the inefficiency of modern Russian economy.

Finally, it should be noted the fact that the integrated effect of all these factors leads to intellectual degradation of the administrative apparatus in General. To understand the mechanism of this process it is necessary to distinguish two types of mind. The first of these is the creative mind. It is focused on the creation of something. This is the intelligence of the designer, the scientist, the commander, the art of working a first-class specialist in his field, etc. an Example of this can serve as Queens, Ilyushin, beetles, Kurchatov, and many other less well-known people who contributed to the strength of our country. Another type of mind is often called social. This so-called relationship builders. As a rule, they have little to create. However, shit create and to appropriate the benefits produced by others, can easily. People with creative mind can organize the production. People with social intelligence form the structure of the clan to seize control of the other. People with creative minds Express themselves in their works, and "relationship builders" are asserting themselves conspicuous luxury and extravagance. People with creative mind experts in their field. They are in most cases very inconvenient to the authorities, defending their qualified opinion, and therefore the chances to move on more extensive work are lower than the "relationship builders", which is much more pleasant. As a result, in the absence of effective accountability of managers for the results of the work faster you move through the ranks primarily "relationship builders".

Having occupied leadership positions, such "effective managers" choose the appropriate subordinates. The result is a degradation of the intellectual potential, oriented to creation. In modern Russia this phenomenon has become very ambitious. Especially dangerous is the fact that even with the acute desire for something real and challenging to create such leaders are unable due to the lack of preparation to identify really promising project, nor indeed to find qualified specialists to implement it. They have to rely on someone else's opinion, which may not be entirely qualified or even malicious.

Intellectual degradation of the administrative apparatus is extremely difficult the effective fight against the "fifth column" because it is thrown destructive ideas cannot be properly classified in a timely manner with the subsequent adoption of measures to neutralize them. This "fifth column" is actively implementing their destructive activities.

Milestones of destruction

So concocted the idea of integrating Russia into the global economic system, particularly in the West. Thus it was that the Russian economy is inefficient and needs to be adapted to Western standards, what could be done in principle without destroying its foundations. The opening of Russian markets to Western goods not only without ensuring adequate protection for its products, but also with its direct repression by the state led to the destruction of a number of sectors of the Russian economy. While Western producers have relied on powerful support of their States. Especially disastrous were the consequences of this course for domestic agriculture and industry, producing products for civilian use. In particular, huge losses were suffered by the domestic civil aircraft industry and car production. Accession to the WTO has exacerbated the situation of the domestic processing industry. Forced to take a number of serious limitations to support domestic producers, the WTO essentially gave him nothing in terms of expanding markets.

Another project of the "fifth column", an extremely negative impact on the Russian economy, has become a large-scale privatization, the main strategic resources. It and the subsequent destruction of "inefficient" from the point of view of obtaining profits new owners (but extremely necessary) industries has led to the fact that the country in the next 20 years lost most of its industry, particularly its high-tech parts. Today, all that remains to be recovered. With again planned a large-scale privatization of strategically important facilities and infrastructure systems. What is particularly dangerous traffic. The consequences can be disastrous for the economy, at least due to the inevitable growth of tariffs for transportation.

Exclusively detrimental to the security of the country has been actively and consistently pursued by the "fifth column" contrary to common sense and the realities of the international situation the idea about the absence of Russia's enemies. It was under this banner were struck the most terrible blows to our military-industrial complex, Armed Forces and intelligence agencies.

In the future, after a significant weakening of our military-industrial complex, referring to his weakness, was put forward another concept, leading to permanent destruction of the defence industry and the elimination of military-technical sovereignty of our country. Is the idea of adopting our army and Navy, foreign weapons.

Actively implemented programmes leading to the increasing dependence of our country from Western countries, primarily the United States, in the information sphere.

The rejection of the development of the settlement system led to the dependence of our banking system from the West, giving him one more lever of influence on Russia.

The concept of electronic government, the introduction of electronic identifying documents, based on the use of the Internet, the U.S. technical base and the software is actually creating the conditions for receiving U.S. intelligence agencies full of information about our people and the state of the country as a whole. And this is the basis for successful use against us soft power, just as it happened in Ukraine or in the course of the "Arab spring". This is the basis for further control of our economy with a view to its suppression.

Thus, the weakening of personal responsibility of leadership for the results of the work became one of the most important factors that determined the collapse of the USSR and the plight of Russia, and also the key condition for the emergence in our country of a fifth column of hostile world powers. Therefore, the restoration of the full personal responsibility of managers is a key factor in the neutralization of the "fifth column" and the overcoming of the crisis phenomena in the Russian society.

Konstantin Sivkov


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