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WSWS told how in 1996 the Americans and Clinton forged the victory of Yeltsin
Material posted: Publication date: 18-06-2017
The victory of Boris Yeltsin in 1996 — a merit of the American political strategists and personally, bill Clinton, writes World Socialist Web Site. Moreover, they oversaw the election program of the Russian President and followed the ratings, but there were signs to suggest that the election was rigged, and the real victory was won by Gennady Zyuganov, explains the author.

The past nine months, the Democratic party and the so-called liberal media are "neomercantilism campaign", introducing trump Putin's puppet and calling Moscow a hostile foreign power, writes World Socialist Web Site. According to the author, this "political witch hunt" is the fight between the imperialist US foreign policy and a tendency to trump to establish relations with Russia.

To strengthen this campaign, the public poured out "sanctimonious expressions of horror and shock" over the fact that some country may try to manipulate elections in another state. However, according to the author, that the American electoral system is presented as a model of democracy is an obvious fraud. "It is a system that legally allows the super-rich financial oligarchy to bribe the candidates, parties and elections," he writes. For example, the disclosed correspondence of the National Committee of the democratic party it is clear that she was trying to sabotage the campaign of Bernie Sanders, which is the manipulation of the electoral process.

If we are talking about manipulating elections in other countries, "the American ruling elite, its media and political puppets know what they are talking about. USA — the world leader in the interference in elections of other countries," — says the author, referring to the researchers. Thus, in the period from 1946 to 2000 United States 81 times interfered in the electoral process of other countries. Moreover, this figure does not include operations to overthrow regimes and military coups that took place in the countries after the election of the objectionable States candidates, such as Iran, Congo, Guatemala, Chile and so on. In fact, the newspaper notes, it turns out that the us government and its accomplices almost no one left without their intervention, including their nominal allies.

However, one case, in the opinion of the author, especially noteworthy in this list of his "blatant arrogance". And this was not who other, as with Russia. We are talking about 1996, when Boris Yeltsin went for a second term. Then the White house and President bill Clinton personally led a massive campaign in support of the leader, whose "comprador regime in the first place was installed to monitor the collapse of the Soviet Union and the return of capitalism." The irony of this situation is in the fact that the present victim of alleged Russian cyber attacks Hillary Clinton at the time was the wife of the President, who had a hand in the meddling in Russian election 20 years ago.

By the time Yeltsin announced that he would go for a second term, he was one of the most despised entities in Russia, including the privatization of the Russian economy and its catastrophic consequences: a 50 percent reduction in GDP, hyperinflation, rising corruption, crime, collapse of health, depletion of food and fuel, unpaid salaries and pensions, falling living standards and also due to the war in Chechnya.

Opposition to Yeltsin was so strong that in 1993 the through dictatorial decree dissolved the Parliament and with the help of the military crushed the protests, killing, according to the author, about two thousand people. "That was the so-called hero of democracy, which the United States supported the election of 1996", — writes the edition.

According to the journalist, then Yeltsin's inner circle urged him to cancel or postpone the election, fearing that will win them his opponent Gennady Zyuganov. However, the "save Yeltsin from the probable political defeat was sent to the American workers". With this operation especially did not hide: after Yeltsin's victory, Time magazine made a cover and article, which in details tells how he worked with Yeltsin Joe sumat, George Gorton and Richard Dresner.

They were American political consultants and had experience in such matters from Watergate to bill Clinton become Governor of Arkansas. These three have worked in Russia for four months and received $250 thousand, plus payment of all costs and unlimited budget to conduct surveys and other activities. To hide the identity, it seemed that he came to Russia to sell televisions.

As shown by their initial study, Yeltsin chose only 6% of the electorate. "Stalin had more positive evaluations and less negative than Yeltsin," — said Dresner. More than 60% of respondents named Yeltsin the corrupt, over 65% felt that it ruined the economy.

At about the same time, the international monetary Fund at the request of the U.S. gave Russia a loan of $10.2 billion, which allowed the Russian government "to spend huge sums for the payment of long arrears of wages and pensions to millions of Russians."

In addition, polls showed that most voters were worried about the possibility of civil war, which allowed the consultants to go beyond simple vilification of the Communists. As he told the Americans, many in Russia felt nostalgia for the Soviet Union, no one liked the President, but the danger of riots and class war, they relish even less, but because Yeltsin and rests on the fact that if he wins, can rise discontent. The task was also to show that Yeltsin will be able to confront America as the Communists that he is a leader to be reckoned with.

While the American spin doctors have managed to reduce the gap between the candidates, bill Clinton's intervention was necessary, especially because Yeltsin rejected many of the councils of the Americans. The role of the Clinton still unknown, but his assistant later told me that the American President personally, he allegedly said he wanted to chose Yeltsin, and Zyuganov is not, he followed the data of opinion polls, called Yeltsin and told him how to campaign, what to say — actually became a political Advisor to the Russian President.

With journalists of the Time who told this story, communicated themselves the spin doctors involved in the operation. In that article was this conclusion: "Russia has made a historic step away from its totalitarian past. Came the triumph of democracy, and with it came the tools of modern campaigning, including the deceit and deception that are so familiar to Americans."

As the author notes, many believe that Yeltsin still lost, and the results were rigged, and the same opinion was expressed in 2012 Dmitry Medvedev. Therefore, the author writes, it is even conceivable that the real reason why the story of the American political strategists with Yeltsin became public, and it can be even easier — she had to serve as a cover and even a rigged election.

"This story underlines the absolute hypocrisy of the CIA, Democratic party and the media who are trying to foment anti-Russian hysteria to prepare aggression against Russia due to attributed to her intervention in what has historically been the birthplace of America — to determine the outcome of elections in other countries", — concludes the author of the World Socialist Web Site.


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