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Yaakov Kedmi: why Russia is hiding the truth about its history?
Material posted: Publication date: 29-11-2017
The people of Russia do not appreciate their history, they have a short historical memory. That is why from time to time there are such situation, as the scandal after a speech in the Bundestag, a high school senior from New Urengoy with arguments about "innocent Wehrmacht soldiers". This position in an interview with the chief editor of "Pravda."Ru Inna Novikova stated and substantiated a former head of the Israeli secret services "Nativ", a political-military analyst Yaakov Kedmi.

— I agree that the student said the right things relative to the fact that not all German soldiers wanted to fight?

— In the Bundestag and spoke German children. And I should've listened to what they said about the atrocities that the Germans did towards the Soviet prisoners of war. They've said it.

On the other hand, the Russian boy is not guilty. He is a child. What he said about the "innocent Wehrmacht soldiers" is what he drove to the head teacher, his parents and the environment. Stupidity was and attempt to reduce the text. They cut it, absolutely not knowing what kind of text you get when you throw away the highlights. But this particular.

Importantly. Boy 15 years old, he is not able to study history. So, this position is explained to him in school. The boy claims no, blame those who are so dusty for him. Nazi propaganda for six years, has turned the German people to the Nazis. By 1939, all Germans were Nazis. And it was the most developed, the most educated and cultured people of Europe.

So what inspired the boy is not only stupid, not only a manifestation of illiteracy. It's simple meanness and lack of understanding of everything that happened. How can you talk about the innocent victims of German soldiers and that the Nuremberg trials did not condemn the Wehrmacht? Probably, these people do not understand the fact, when something is read.

Field Marshal Keitel was hanged, and he was not a member of the SS, he commanded the Wehrmacht. Executed primarily in the order, which was signed on 21 June 1941, that German soldiers are exempt from any liability for any crimes against the Soviet population in the war. That is, he was hanged as a war criminal.

And the atrocities that were made by soldiers of the Wehrmacht may have been a little less wild than the brutality of the SS soldiers or Ukrainian, Baltic Nazis, but they were crimes against the civilian population. When Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya cut his chest, abused her and hung up, did not the SS, did the Wehrmacht soldiers.

— Maybe the problem is that many years have passed and a new generation sees it as an old story. Students of the Moscow University say that, perhaps, if the Leningrad surrendered, we could have been closer to Germany to civilisation. Maybe our ancestors were so stupid that they defend the city?

— You know, you're talking to a person belonging to a people that remembers everything. We remember the Spanish Inquisition, and every child knows that. We remember the pogroms of Khmelnitsky pogroms Gaydamak, we remember the Nazis, the burning of the first temple nearly 2000 years ago. In our nation this memory stored, and so you can preserve those memories. We have not forgotten anything and nothing is forgiven.

I took the oath in the army on the fortress of Masada. When we took the oath of the night, was fires lined the words "a Second time Masada will not fall". These words were visible from the other side of Jordan. It is possible to keep all of it if you think it is important to you. But if you don't care that your kids will speak any nonsense, not only about Leningrad.

You don't appreciate your history, your historical memory. Was not the battle of Volgograd.

Somewhere I read of her as "the so-called Stalingrad".

— Even when I'm located in Paris, see the name is "Stalingrad". And you have erased it from memory. Erased, uprooted and slipped the other paint. The word "Stalingrad" known all over the world. And all over the world know what it is, except Russia.

Call the city what you want. Called him Volgograd, your right. But the battle of Stalingrad was! And the whole world knows how the battle of Stalingrad and no other.

If you have a think to wipe their feet on your historical memory is a sign of culture and the world, so to speak, of civilization, please. We is not possible.

The historical truth begin to appreciate from childhood, from kindergarten, from school. All my children were in Auschwitz. All it called for. And they know what it is. Except the elder, who was also in Mauthausen. For them it is not an empty word. We all know what day was destroyed the Second temple and the First. 2000 years have passed, but we all know what time it started. Know the names of those who defended know the names of those who betrayed him. It is in the school curriculum.

— In the Soviet Union still was a good system of Patriotic education. And then decided that the story should be without ideology. We now have a lot of different history books.

— In Soviet times, also not told the whole truth because there were other interests. You forget that the main value: to tell people the truth. Not glossed over it either ideology or expediency, or political interests. That's when you will people to tell the truth about their past, they will invent all sorts of tales.

— The truth may be everyone has their own.

— No, the truth is one. Yes, sometimes it falsifiziert, each customize it to fit your interests. But she's alone, and objective.

— We had a heated discussion about whether or not to open the KGB archives. In fact, you may find that grandparents wrote denunciations, slander. And this past can greatly affect the descendants who are alive today.

— Sorry, but than one contradicts the other? The names do not open and what was open. Names are not necessary, nobody is going to judge them. Distorted but were not names, falsified the numbers of victims. You can count them. How many people died in 1918, 1920? How many were shot? For what? Who? When? Nothing published.

How many people died from starvation in the 1930-ies? Someone has calculated? Someone was interested, except those who were engaged in fomenting tales about the Holodomor?

How the war was executed spies and deserters? No numbers, but the tales go. Because no one is seriously studied and people are not told. The tribune left the so-called truth-seekers who gossip and tell lies. But to counter this there is nothing.

For the truth, that she was known to have studied it, the state should pay. But not pay for it. The truth is unknown. So who do you have claims? What's the boy to blame?

These boys much.

— Of course, a lot, because you raised. We are talking about the indifference that those who have engaged in the search for the truth, doing anything else. And fairy tales are those who earn money. Tales money give and give.

History is documents. Always have the documents, there is always statistics. If they are from the Roman Empire, it is now. Only need to study them. The scientists put the documents and pay for the work. And you took your science and put it on the street, and in the truest sense. She is and earns. So she makes — those who pay more.

— Sorry, you are absolutely right.

— Optimism is, because if we did, you can too. We that is from another test? I was born here in Russia. Was born in this city. Why do my children know about my country, about my people everything they need to know? To feel that it is they that are their people. And so with all the criticism, which is, to be proud of their people and their country.

You live here, deal with it, if it's expensive. Detractors can stop the truth. Give people the truth.

You have no institutions of history? No history of the Ministry of defence, there is no archives of the FSB, there is no archives of the military counterintelligence? All there. The Nazis took Moscow, thank God. All statistical documents you have. What's the point of today's education, if you have a speech in the Bundestag this boy?

The 15-year-old boys know all they have given. They don't know. Because on friend don't care.

— There is always some state secrets. Does Israel not have classified documents?

— Yes, of course. Military documents, political, part of the classified. But only now has declassified the minutes of the meetings of the government during the Yom Kippur war. The left part mystery, part declassified.

In England, declassified minutes of the meetings of the government, which was during the war in Iraq. In the United States, please every year, something is thrown away. All that was said during the Vietnam war, declassified. What? Americans less fond of his people or his country? No.

We have also declassified documents that do not honor us. But this in no way prevents us to love his people, proud of their country and to protect her.

Relatively speaking, take 200 doctoral students and 200 graduates of history departments. Give them documents and supply the task to the paper were examined, classified, counted, and below were the findings.

In the state there are always priorities, something more urgent and more important. What's more important? Find out which Emperor was Alexander III or what happened during the Second world war? Find out. For you to choose priorities, no one will. How to decide, and do it. Alexander III may be enough, and three graduate students.

Tell us the truth, confirming its documents, studies. Documents is and the Nuremberg trials, and processes of Bandera, on the "forest brothers". The Germans ordered all the archives there. During the war the Germans just reported, that made them allies. And Bandera and Vlasov, and others. Tell it, and even then students will be clear what is the difference between Vlasov and Bandera, the SS and Wehrmacht soldiers.

You need to give information to those who want to know. And you have enough people who want to know and understand, but you do not give them anything to understand.

Interviewed by Inna NOVIKOVA


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