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The language of security: the mythology of government and society
Material posted: Publication date: 12-07-2019

The publishing house of the Center for strategic estimates and projections went out the next book in Sergei Nebrenchin, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, Colonel – "the Language of state security: the mythology of government and society". The publication researched metaphysical and geohistorical origins of the Russian language and its interdependence with consciousness, mind and psychology, mythology and culture. The author analyzed the nature and content of the evolution of Russian literature, the problems of survival and self-preservation of the unique Russian civilization in a linguistic-cultural context. A special place takes the study of intercultural communication and competition in the modern world, the nature and essence of Russophobia in the information war against Russia. The book shows the place and role of Russian language in the strengthening of the state, the consolidation of society, defending the sovereignty and national security in an era of global challenges and threats.

What is the name, how do the concepts of linguistic culture and safety?

            Nature has given man the unique ability to communicate. Language is closely linked to thinking. Man and society are able to analyze the world around us, to program their actions and, above all, in the sphere of ensuring safe life. And in goal-setting, little has changed compared to the past, except for the fact that the current linguistic culture as the faces of their carriers have undergone significant changes. However, the role of language in government and society, national security cannot be reduced.

As evidenced by world history, mythological system not only based on traditional cultures, but religious beliefs (Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.) and secular ideas (monarchy, communism, liberalism, democracy, socialism, transhumanism, etc.). However, their viability and competitiveness in the long retroperspective existence in the history of such mythological systems have originated in the degree of interdependence with the pagan historical and cultural heritage in the cosmological and metaphysical dimensions of life on earth. The fact that the emergence and establishment of the mythological system is in organic connection with the development of linguistic culture – is a universal means of speech activity, knowledge of the surrounding environment, the formulation and assimilation of myths, sacred meanings and symbols, etc., transmit them from generation to generation. Linguistic culture is a set of interrelated phenomena of culture and language, reflected in the consciousness of the individual and ethno-religious community. This is a set of array information (myths, meanings, symbols, etc.), which received its objectification in language.

The degree of prevalence of lingvoculture depends on the degree of influence of the media on the evolution of global and regional processes. If the multinational and multi-confessional States (empires), which remains the Russian Federation, effectively dominated by the official language and culture of a homogeneous demographic majority (at least 66.6 per cent), this is an important tool of consolidation of the society strongly supported by authorities, would maintain the long-term development and prosperity. Otherwise, it is doomed to internal strife, disintegration, degradation, disintegration and fall, the destruction. This is clearly evidenced by the history of all world empires of Ancient Babylon, Roman Empire, Khazar khanate, the Ottoman and Russian empires, Britain, Austria-Hungary and others who suffered the fate of disintegration. Today in front of such a threat today are the US, EU, quasienergy Ukraine, Iran, Turkey, India, etc.


            What world culture currently show the greatest vitality and efficiency?


Since British rule the greatest influence on the fate of the world and the development of world civilizations provides the Anglo-Saxon mythological system and English linguistic culture. Despite the fact that in the XX century from England, the baton of world domination took the US, the anglosphere, acquiring the features of the "technological civilization" retained its leading position in the world. Metasystem, over time, moving away from a purely Anglo-Saxon values, absorbed the ideals of mass culture, total consumption, conformity and tolerance. With the humankind transition to the era of total Informatization era of transhumanism, equally alien system to all other civilizations and subcivilizations and national and, above all, sovereign States. However, the English linguistic culture, becoming the main tool of the promotion of transhumanism, in fact, exhausted its historical and cultural potential, is largely turning into Technotronic language of communication and exchange of information, a tool for promoting "digital ideals and values." Meanwhile, the examples of other countries and, in particular, China suggests that official language is a powerful tool for the consolidation of society, strengthening of statehood, of sovereignty and of national security, territorial integrity of the country. The Chinese language has a special position in society, protected as much as possible the harmful effects, including from outside, is actively developed and enriched on the basis of metaphysical svoeobraznaya and evolution. Although China is largely a homogeneous country where his ethnic group – the Han Chinese make up about 90 % of the population, in contrast to multinational Russia, the Chinese language is still a subject of special care of the state. The Chinese language is closely interrelated with ethical and philosophical doctrine, developed by Confucius in 551-479 BCE It still acts as philosophy, General ethics, political ideology, social psychology, scientific traditions, lifestyle of most Chinese. Currently, along with the implementation of the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics, as the root idea of the Chinese state advocates the concept of "great unity" (Datong). But it is implemented on the metaphysical basis of the Sino-Tibetan language group, which in quantity is the first places in the world (about 19 %).

            Currently, the Chinese specific mentality and linguistic culture play a leading role in the conceptual design of the process of formation and development of the state and public institutions, mechanisms of social control. Based on their own negative historical experience, China avoids blind

borrowing foreign ideas and concepts, models and traditions of public and of public planning and management, technological development of the country. Chinese society consciously rejects the alien mythology. According to media reports, today around the perimeter of Chinese territory are filters that allow only what does not threaten to destroy it, only what is useful. Even in the world wide web Chinese enters through the characters, their technological filters and politico-legal constraints. As a result, the country moved to an advanced role in the world, competes with US in all sectors of the economy. On the agenda of Chinese society is the implementation of the "social rating" (SCS). It is intended both to protect the Chinese society from the pernicious influence of techno-social revolution and Western ideas of transhumanism and the maximum use of the collective capabilities of each of the citizens to make a tangible contribution to the prosperity of the country.

            Respect of the Jews and of the Jews to their linguistic and cultural traditions contributed to their millennial competitiveness in international Affairs, the ability to decide the fate of the world in countries and on continents. Their representatives are active in all international structures of power, play a special role in world Finance and media. They are able to ensure the survival of the Israeli state and actively promote the ideals and values of the Bible and to a large extent Islamic civilizations in the world, consistently carry out three-thousand-year "Plan of Solomon." Today in the press talking about the fact that in the foreseeable future Israel can move to the South-East of Ukraine, where it is planned to create a New Jerusalem, which only attests to the growing role of the Jewish people in international Affairs.


            In an era of global challenges and threats, what else can you expect from "the collective West", firmly welded Anglo-Saxon linguistic culture?


            In the modern world an international force of influence, which are concerned with preserving, at all costs, its global power world, based on the subversive possibilities of the Anglo-Saxon sphere, aimed primarily at the further promotion and adoption of world's ideals of total consumption, transhumanism, and progressivism. They aim at a radical reduction of 2-4 times the population of the Earth about 7.5 billion people, the reformatting of the geopolitical landscape, global robotization of humanity. Today, due to the fact that, in their opinion, the ideology of global liberalism has exhausted itself, as in the material world are the pain is not left to economic and financial growth, they initiated a process of "beginning of the end of the old world order and building a new world reality, mostly in the virtual, digital measurement. The liberal way of life, as the American cycle of accumulation, financial-economic and ideological system, especially in such countries as USA, Israel, France, England must give way to a new development model. Russia, which, despite the recognition of the evils of the liberal Russian President Putin is still in thrall to a pernicious dogma.

            The transformation of the world order under the auspices of international power is inevitable on the background of increasing global crises and further deterioration of the international situation in the world (Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Venezuela, etc.). In recognition of Pope Francis, 2013 the world has started a "Third world war". A period of threat for world civilization development poses serious challenges and threats to the modern world and, above all, the Russian Federation. IN the West do not hide that the new world order under U.S. hegemony is created against Russia, at Russia's expense. The main thrusts of Russia elected as the political sphere, provoking anti-government protests, and external. We are talking primarily about Syria and Ukraine, Georgia and the Caucasus, Afghanistan through Central Asia to Siberia, the Volga region, densely populated by Russian Muslims. Modern war against Russia is in a hybrid form using the entire Arsenal of force and humanitarian action. However, information measurement, which has turned into a phenomenon geopolitacal rank, acts as the integrating factor of influence on the development of events in the world. In the "hybrid war" without the enabling effect of the use of force and the types of "soft" power" (the reason, diplomacy, cinema, literature, art, etc.), usually not achievable. Today lawn tool virtual impact is increasingly becoming the language of the Internet, forming virtual reality in combination with digital diversity. Against this background, the Russophobia of a hybrid war against Russia is gaining momentum and is taking unprecedented forms, threaten the existence of the Russian civilization.


Can we say today, say that the new technetronic world carries the threat, first of all, national cultures and their carriers?


            Paradoxically, the first victim of the techno social revolution has become the English language, Anglo-Saxon linguistic culture, the current main tool to promote the virtual world-digital and digital reality. English, becoming a technical tool of communication primitive peoples of the world, is rapidly marginalities, simplified and depleted, loses its connection with the unique Anglo-Saxon mythology, archetypes, symbols and signs.

However, techno social revolution of the XXI century, aimed at the transformation of the world public opinion, his discipline and control in the interests of international forces influence, reformatting the habitat represents the main threat to humanity on Earth. According to many experts, the modern world is moving towards a new concept and practice of peace, the language of communication. When modeling the new status of the world devalue not only the historical meanings and words, but even of modernity, formulated in a categorical apparatus, somewhat similar to the language of quantum mechanics, its principles of uncertainty, complementarity, entanglement.

The advent of the world wide web of the Internet, which covers most of the earth's civilization, cultivates in the global public consciousness fundamentally different images, messages and myths, symbols and signs, creates new psychological and behavioral algorithms of behavior. Today, virtual mythology is heavily used, especially in information and hybrid wars in the clash of the "soft force" of the leading powers in the world. When this occurs the deification of the "numbers" and the emergence of the prerequisites for totalitarian "digital religion." In turn, the digital virtual reality that forms the generation of biotechnolog, which are intended to be carriers of TRANS humanism in the figure, the precursors of the new artificial race. To counter the "digital obsession" can only be spiritual mobilization on the basis of traditional historical and cultural values. When an excess of fake information, of different kinds of innuendo, false interpretations, the destruction of logical mechanisms of information processing, and acquisition of the strain images, signs and symbols, mythology remains the only structure of thinking, which is able to explain the world, to formulate ways to overcome the crisis.

Technological civilization that is rapidly growing before our eyes, aimed at the creation and dissemination of virtual reality, the erosion of natural and, above all, human nature, increasing the artificial space of life to the detriment of the natural habitat of mankind. Today it serves as the material-technical base of the emerging new world order under the auspices of the international forces of influence. In this context special importance is the role of traditional national culture in the management of the state and society, ensuring national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity.


What is the fate and prospects of the Russian language, and with it Russia?



Currently, Russian is the language of the Russian people, the official language of the Russian Federation, one of the largest languages in the world, the most widespread geographically and by number of native speakers (though significant and geographically also a large part of Russian language area is located in Asia). Russian language, being the mental-spiritual nature and manifestation of Russo-Slavic ethnic group turns it into a kind of "deep state" which holds society and the state "afloat" in times of shocks and disasters. In times of crisis the most serious test of Russian history he played really saving role for the country and the people. Its special place in national history has repeatedly recognized the well-known Russian and foreign authorities. As he wrote in 1882 the great Russian writer Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev: " alone are my support, o great, mighty, truthful and free Russian language! Not for you, how not to fall into despair at the sight of all that is done at home? But it is impossible to believe that such a language was not given to great people!".

Today, it is not about Russian nationalism, and the objective reality, as the Russian-Slavic nation still accounts for the majority of the population, Russian language is an official tool of international communication. If, for example, the Chechens and Ingush accounted for most of the population, and the Vainakh (vanchsky) dialect of the Nakh branch of the Nakh-Daghestanian languages were the main means of communication in Russia, then a subject of special care of the state could be the Vainakh linguistic culture and historical-cultural values, and the members of this "deep people" would prevail in government agencies and public institutions of governance.

Historical Genesis and evolution of the Russian language directly linked to sacred meanings, symbols and signs, oral folk art, rich mythological heritage. The myth, which represents the dictates of emotion over logic in the collective consciousness of ethnic groups, of individuals United by "the world" is people's view of themselves, their environments and "higher unity." He evolyutsioniruet within a particular community in linguistic and cultural context, creates a sacred archetypes of society, as at the stage of archaic explains the origin of the world, the principles of social order, receipt of material and cultural goods. Myths nourish the national dream – the guiding star which leads the nation in its historic journey, it helps not to disappear in times of mistakes, upheavals, wars, invasions, captivities, disasters and catastrophes. In modern terms, "all the classic mythological plots come to life in full". In our days continues hard and at times bitter competition and even confrontation between different national mythological systems.

Currently, along with the conservative wing of the Russian society, the ruling, including the liberal elite also largely forced, comes to the realization that without overcoming the alienation of power from the interests of the Russian-Slavic "deep people" Russia has no prospects in the global clash of geoculture, politics and Economics. Even the recognition of influential Kremlin official Vladislav Surkov, a known liberal Democrat, "his giant supermascot deep people creates an irresistible force of cultural gravity that connects the nation and pulls (presses) to the ground (his native land) elite, from time to time trying to soar cosmopolitan...

Thus, today, in the face of global challenges and threats, "Russian-Slavic (from the word – ed.) issue" the issue of revival of the Russian language once again in the country's history rises to his full height, from its successful solution depends not only the destiny of one seventh of the land, but also the perspective of the whole world. Meanwhile, as rightly considered by experts to Russia to leave everything as is, and further, without fundamental changes in power structures and elites, the "patient and silent deep people" no more "forces and resources", and the ruling elites of the resources of power, and most importantly time.

Despite the fact that the old Slavonic language, and later the Russian language, having undergone numerous significant transformations in the cyclic process of the evolution of mankind was very "muddled" from a metaphysical point of view, he still maintains its presence and the sacred character encoding, contains a lot of disparate knowledge and understanding of the nature of the relationship between human

century and nature in the coordinate space of the Universe. Being a element of the subconscious, Russian language, constantly transforming according to the laws of cyclic evolution and under the influence of the social vector of development of peoples, however, continues to serve as a unique means of maintaining the natural organic connection with

the macrocosm (the metaphysical foundations of life on Earth), permanent natural satellite of life and a kind of track Navigator in worldly Affairs. It largely continues to define linguistic culture, ways of thinking and behavior of Russian-Slavic people, which is the supporting structure of the Russian state and social relations. Due to the Russian factor, the viability of the web forming the super-ethnos of the country has survived and remained

for many centuries during the wars with revolutionary turmoil, hard times and disasters, and today confronts unprecedented pressure from the outside, the new subversive info and cogno - attack. Today the revival of Russian-Slavic culture, and its speakers become a top priority of the state and society, the national idea of the unique Russian civilization.

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