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Yuri Boldyrev: "the Leaders will shoot"
Material posted: Publication date: 12-09-2012

Online with well-known economist and publicist.

"SP":- Today we welcome guest — Yuri Boldyrev. Tatiana asked, is there a real worthy candidate. People ask about the alternative.

-I'd recast this question: is there any demand for a shape candidate? We somehow got used to the life that I live, and it seems as if normal. And, to cite an example from the lives of those who more or less successful, works, wants to have children... Here is what percentage of people can now catch percentage in the mortgage?

"SP":- 15-20?

- Yes, exactly. I have a friend living in the USA. He's the son of a young scientist, he now received a place of the scientist, he buys an apartment on credit. Only under a certificate of future permanent income. It seems to me that the overall reasoning does not touch the soul. And to realize how barbaric bondage is man, compared with those conditions which are created for U.S. citizens - 3, 801 % for 30 years fixed rate... This rate will be steadily maintained over the last 30 years. Understand, to begin to seriously demand another piece of the President, people need to realize the bondage they are in.

"SP":- It is also a theme of trust of people to the state.

- I wonder what the logic was, we have no confidence and so everyone is trying to get to the maximum. In fact, from 3,801 % for 30 years is not a matter of trust it's a matter of deliberate state policy, social development policy. In case the overarching goal, the objective.

"SP":- That is, the project Development, which many argue. What needs to be done in the minds of ruling elites, in the minds of society that this project earned?

- Jerome was a wonderful book called "Three men in a boat, not counting the dog". Here's to these dogs was in the same boat with us. So they realized, felt in the same boat with us.

"SP":- ask about your upcoming activities. What to expect from the second wave of privatization?

- Got my fresh text on JV, I don't want to repeat. Object the object of the strife. As well as the absurdity and insanity to all the small Diners were public, as it was in former times, the same insanity and vital infrastructure to translate on commercial rails. There where the need is a commercial decision, where they not apply. Here is an example: I have a cottage near Uglich hydropower plants around, and you pull the gas. Nonsense! Not have near the power plant to pull the gas, because the energy about hydro power plants should be drastically cheaper. Where rational decisions commercial need, they are obvious, visible, - they do not implement. The same hydroelectric power station to transfer to the private sector - it's crazy, because it plays a regulatory role. That is, of course, can be adjusted differently, but this is a more expensive means, each kilowatt will be more expensive. In General, in addition to the fact that written, I would say that privatization is the act of our General orders on our behalf with us. This can be treated in different ways, but I tend to think of it from a position of trust, first and foremost. The key problem here is trust. First, I do not have any grounds for trust: those who committed crimes during privatization in the 90s, in no way punished and even excluded from government.

"SP":- what do you think, is it possible to revise the results of privatisation 90-h years?

- You know, I had 10 years ago was written book, and I gave 6 options to solve the problem. Most likely, this will not, and will do so, just so everyone's on a leash and any one could at that moment either way. This mechanism mafia control. The fact that the mafia control is the natural control possible in human community. Civilization brings artificial mechanism of destruction mafia control. We have in this civilization no, we have not introduced artificial failure mechanisms of mafia control. This means, if the acts of privatization - and the future and past to use in order to strengthen the mafia constructed the power, so it will be done. The only problem: are those who carry it out, a key mafia or they play the tune of others, then decisions are made by different people and other interests. Under the global conflict each other in some way opposed. The mechanism of future privatization - he touches the key, for which we fought. All mechanisms that allow you to deprive us of what he fought our ancestors and to pass it on to those who went to war on us. Here it is necessary to recognize.

"SP":- My namesake Sergey asked you about the book "the Kidnapping of Eurasia". He suspects you that it was published at a time when the relevance of written already heavily eroded. Have you feared?

- Briefly: I'm just afraid that he didn't read the book, which asks. The book "the Kidnapping of Eurasia" describes how a limited number of people, then first elected to the Council of the Federation, managed to successfully resist the attempt wholesale transfer of all of our depths of the global foreign buyer. In this sense, the book is very optimistic. Describes the history of a successful struggle. Is amazingly successful. In addition, I will add that attempts delivery wholesale Russia was much.

"SP":- Many questions in WTO. People ask about whether or not it's Kabbalah or is it, again, just kind of confusion, from which Russia will be able to get out?

Your son is 6 years old. You have rights and opportunities. Suppose, some rights and opportunities, including the right to spend money the right to close the door, close the window and open the window, you have recorded in your family Constitution. Tell me, here's the situation, when a temporary power suddenly has the possibility of voting to take and pass part of these rights to the social worker, which you don't choose, hired by someone to you forever. So, if your son want to open and close the door, the window, then he will have to pay all of the neighbors of compensation. What do you think, is this normal?

"SP":- And in the role of the social worker in this case is which country?

- The role of the social worker acts as a kind of abstraction of the WTO. I have a question: the WTO is a state Association or an international organization? A clear answer even to this question is no. Here the Union of Russia and Belarus is an interstate Association. But the WTO is a kind of organization created by the owners of the present world, the USA, in order to ensure such rules of the economic game that are most favorable to them. It's like the housekeeper.

"SP":- do I understand correctly that in this case, the key people of the country USA and Western Europe. The question is, to what extent it is necessary to share, if our homeland, our child to prostatitis?

- Here is a great example that came up at the conference on may 31, and there is a specialist on Africa told me that there is a WTO court, it examines national laws on expediency. Show me 15 people in Russia who know how this question instructs the WTO. Okay, done. To avoid illusions, go to the website of the WTO, not at our Russian and at the WTO site, and see that there are a lot of documents, but only with the note that these documents are not authentic.

"SP":- what does this mean?

This means that to refer to them in the court you can't. Authentic texts are stored somewhere in Geneva. The system is designed that over the 12 years of the WTO and the WTO court, no African country has been unable to submit any claim, but African countries continually lose and are defendants.

"SP":- And they pay some fee?

- Of course! Here's your question who key? Those who invested in this mechanism. I'm concerned about the key issue: these rules are created for the leaders of the modern world, the interests of the leaders of the modern world in a number of key issues absolutely oppose the interests of Russia as the world's largest States, as States, possessing the world's largest territory and the largest natural resources in the world. This rule is essentially against us. And second, this rule change your son can't. Government turnover - and turnover separately, of course - separately.

"SP":- And change of course not?

Revolutionary. Why I think it crucial to recognize the candidate who took second place in this presidential election, the outcome of these elections. Because to get out of this loop, the WTO can only be achieved by unwinding loops back fraud, corruption and non-recognition of the decision on the transfer of the sovereignty of Russia who do not understand In Russia you can't find 15 people who really understand what the WTO and to whom you have delegated part of their sovereignty.

"SP":- by the Way, the question of legitimacy. Here are a few comments regarding your article about the Constitution. How relevant now talking about the fact that the present Constitution does not correspond to the maturity of society, nor the wishes of the people that should change, simply put.

- There are things that we can try to plant, as in the garden, but what will grow - do not know. We can deal with weeds, but in our situation, weeds are deliberately planted by others, those who are stronger than us. What will grow as a result of our efforts and their efforts is unknown. There is a big difference: one option - we are on the boat, in the ocean, we need to swim, everyone knows that he alone can not cope. Elections on such a boat will give a good result. If given a bad result, then quickly hold a second election and choose someone who is capable for a common cause to mobilize all and lead. And another thing, when we were lost on a barge loaded with something valuable at some shore, where neither order nor law and you can pull as much as possible and to disperse. Now, elections on such a barge will give a completely different result. The original is not only a mechanism of fair elections, the morale and sense of self. I have a feeling that those who we conventionally called elite, you feel like the barge, where anything can Rob it and escape. Any write the Constitution, they are not going to change, because there is no subject that would call them to order.

"SP":- what you lack in the current Constitution?

- What you lack in car Zaporozhets?

"SP":- Shakes.

- A lot of things. The Constitution is the Declaration and mechanism. The Declaration is generally good, and the mechanism is viable in principle, the second Declaration is absurd and harmful to the modern world. Since the Declaration of the primacy of international law. Russia is impractical to recognize all that will be without its participation. In the WTO the Russian language at all. Not in the interests of Russia to recognize the priority of international law in modern conditions.

"SP":- And yet, what form of government you personally think is preferable for Russia?

- When I was under 30 years old and I have had the perception that we are a strong, healthy society, which would only reset the chains, because we generally represent to aspire to. I had unconditional performance: just give us the opportunity all together in a civilized way to solve it. The process of restricting the right to ourselves in a civilized manner to solve it have led to tremendous degradation of the society. And the question today is not only in the mechanism of elections, the question today in the spirit of the society. In the mood of society. If the majority is able to a common awareness of being subject to a common sense of purpose, then there is nothing better democratic procedures. But if unable, if the process of decomposition has reached a certain level? In dens that will give democracy? I mean, we should not simplify the world, don't have to an idol. We must understand that we need to work simultaneously not only with the procedures but with the spirit of the society. And who will succeed, we don't know. Maybe you, as a writer, will manage to influence so that tomorrow they themselves will take in stride. And maybe someone else.

"SP":- What can we expect in the future? Will he keep the power of control over the situation?

- The main problem is this: the power will be isolated only if she tries to conduct national oriented course. Here from all countries of the world, prepared us, fat, eat, she will be complete obstruction and complete isolation. And the authorities will be very hard for its population to explain it. In the case of opposition on minor and secondary issues, involving the systematic delivery of the key national interests of other world players, no isolation will not. We will, as people, who care for the country, no foreign allies. The allies will be in power.

"SP":- the Conversation is not only about external forces, the internal conversation about the situation. Do you think is happening in Russian society kind of change of attitude towards the authorities?

To sit and grieve that people are weak, people are subject to temptation, or that people are filled with the illusion that they are strong and independent, that they alone of his life to build - and this is the greatest misconception. Men are strong and alone something done successfully only if on global issues they agreed and if they will exist in the context of civilized, strong, national oriented state. But we have conditions suffocating, but people do not realize this. I grieve because people EN masse don't understand how merges country, and then merge opportunities for their children and grandchildren.

"SP":- do you think you may receive such a national oriented force that responds to the aspirations of millions of Russian citizens?

- We would like? Yes. Will there be? Unknown. Attempt to eat. What is the key problem? The weakness of the regional entity. Here in Moscow, can sit down and understand. And the conditions are not such as to bring about a revolution. Public, social objectives need to be above someone else's benefit.

"SP":- so, you think that big public-policy demands to expect from the country?

- Here were people who were on the crest of history. Let us say, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini.

"SP":- Yeltsin...

I on the other. As far as I know, Yeltsin was not an underground revolutionary, who sat and discussed whether a revolutionary situation or not. These people could not know exactly, no one ever predicts, will reach the situation to something, will there be conditions to change or the country will rot and not a trace will remain. I'm not inclined to be light-hearted optimist, and can rot away so that no trace will remain.

"SP":- Gennady Savelyev asked in connection with future expansion of Moscow, and maybe it would be more logical to move the capital closer to the Urals? And following the example of Astana to create his new capital? The mafia will be too lazy to go after them to Siberia. Behind them there because the money will go back to the regions. What do you think about this?

- Three times although you move the capital to Vladivostok, if you don't break free from the shackles of the WTO and what the global mafia dictates from the outside, it doesn't change anything. You should make a rail fare discount, to do a lot of things that do not relate to where the capital is located. If you are ready to conduct national-oriented policy, then the 25th issue can be discussed national oriented policy. And the current expansion of the capital is just some vulgar nonsense. Normal life is not life in the skyscrapers and the asphalt of the street, normal life — a life in nature, among 2-3 storey buildings, normal life is not when everything is concentrated in Metropolitan areas, and when everything is evenly distributed. This is a non-economic concept, is the concept of a normal life. When you organize your child's life, you are driven not by economic categories, you are driven by organization categories of normal life.

"SP":- can You run a country? And can we expect from Yuri Boldyrev, a new book?

- One book in publishing house "Veche", the cycle Chronicles a muddy time out of three and the fourth is due out. Muddy ran out of time, some masks were removed. Under his time I understand a half-hearted notion that there is a team of patriots in power and that there is a team of liberals. Here they murk-murk us, fouled, beat, played on you orange threat, and now peacefully calmly drained the country so as to any orange and not a dream. This book should be in September to get out. And I still form of their materials on the WTO, also by September... This is not a tutorial, it is rather my attempt to tell people my opinion. And I hope that a whole picture for the reader is revealed.

"SP":- And travel around the country?

I came from the provinces, now came from the North and soon I plan to go to the South, a thousand and a half kilometers. To the sea.

"SP":- Inga asked about how you assess economic and political situation in Belarus and possible there any alternatives, can I see some examples on fighting corruption in post-Soviet space?

- All the stories that corruption is invincible is the tale in the interests of preserving what we have. Corruption is not something unknown, unexplored, about what nobody knows what prescription to write. All all know. It is solely a question of political will. You gave examples of countries in which leaders have the political will and the most. Where there's a will, there is a need everything to work on achieving the goal. If you want everything to work on achieving the goal — break the corruption. And everyone knows how to do it. There is no scientific problem of corruption, there is a problem exclusively of the subject and will. In Belarus, the main problem one is the subject. As far as it is able to provide continuity, how round it is, in the positive sense, the elite, which would have created a mechanism for the peaceful transfer of power. After all, government turnover is also not an empty phrase, it should be. Maintaining consensus on key issues. Now here is something to hold the Symposium. No prescription not invented. I identified with them when necessary - I feel sorry for them.

"SP":- do you think there may be impetus to it development, the momentum changes of the country and society. Where can it come?

- Wonderful and at the same time talk about how can. I like a man who planted many Apple trees and cherry trees... Here's one with a miraculously started to grow and the apples gives. Here are cherries, they are somehow more stable, and Apple-something here not so. Our task, if we are able to think and for people to bring something, our task is to try these sprouts to plant. Where Napoleon was born (I'm carefully choosing names that are not on the country will go, and the civil code will create)? Where will be born the one who decides to end class society? Unknown. After all, life is an unpredictable thing, completely unpredictable. We are in the fight. We are weak, but the truth. For us is not the economic calculation, we desire. We want our children to live in the country that still makes sense, if you happen to die. Who wants to be not one person wants to feel the elbow of the companion, and to feel the elbow of the whole country — it is generally a great thing. I Magomayev was a song of solemn: <<I'm everything I can, if you are with me.>> It's a great feeling, it is a great happiness - to live. If there's a critical minimum of people who wants to live, among them necessarily there will be a leader, and not one because the leaders will shoot. There will be leaders. There's a chance.

"SP":- I sincerely hope that such an opportunity exists. Thank you for the conversation. Will wait for your new articles on our website.

Interviewed By Sergei Shargunov


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