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Russia - Germany: a new alliance?

Analysis of recent events shows that in Eurasia events occur that can lead to a fundamental change in world politics. We are talking about the possibility of forming a new geopolitical alliance between Russia and Germany. It should be remembered that in historical perspective such attempts have been made more than once, but each time they ended tragically: union opponents did everything to prevent such a union. What is his fate today?

About changing political and economic situation in Europe

The analysis contained in the media shows that in recent months begin to show the trends forming the new world order, as well as significant changes in the global financial system.

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Who is the owner of the world?

Both world wars took place on the same scenario – the brunt of the war fell on Russia and Germany, and the fruits of victory reaped the Anglo-Saxons. All the problems faced by both countries throughout the twentieth century, were somehow connected with their opposition... To the early twentieth century relations between Russia and Germany were quite friendly. After a short clash with Alexander Nevsky and the Teutonic order, the only military clash was the Seven years ' war, when Russia first took königsberg (resulting in Immanuel Kant some time, was listed as a Russian citizen) and the first to enter Berlin.

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