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The sins of Germany to the UN: started hounding Berlin for its stance on Cyprus and Greece
Material posted: Publication date: 10-04-2013

The UN report, Germany has been heavily criticized. From 22 April to 3 may in Geneva, there will be a review session of the working group of the UN General Assembly on human rights. On 25 April, in accordance with paragraph 5 of the Annex to resolution 16/21 of the Council for human rights, will be presented the national report on Germany.

According to experts, the report will cause a wide resonance, since it contains a lot of data about the violation of human rights in Germany.

The document criticized Germany in all spheres related to human rights. First of all States that the government of the Federal Republic has not ratified the International Convention on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families.

The country has not created the legal base, there is no control, improve the mechanisms for the protection of human rights. Local legal authorities do not conduct any work in this area.

It is noted that Germany has no comprehensive strategy on combating racial discrimination. The local police resorted to the practice of ethnic profiling. The victims rarely resort to judicial intervention.

In employment for migrants, even highly professional, creates artificial obstacles. With them for renting an apartment, unlike the Germans, require a higher fee. Flagrant violations of the rights of their children in obtaining an education, especially if they don't know the German language. These problems particularly affected the Muslim, in particular Turkish migrants.

The position of migrants even worse: they face discrimination, starting with employment and to social services in all spheres.

Received from local human rights organizations information, crimes committed by the police, often go unpunished. Recently increased the number of people, among them minors, faced with the violence in police stations.

In addition there is information about violence and inhuman treatment of prisoners in the prisons of Cologne, Gerfor.

The report States that, despite widespread in all spheres of life in Germany discrimination, the victims rarely resort to judicial intervention. Even with increasing complaints of violence by the police to prosecuted few perpetrators.

The document recommended the German government to stop the funding of parties and organizations that discriminate against Muslims who oppose their integration into German society, as well as promoting xenophobia and neo-Nazi ideology.

It is noted that in recent times has become more extremism, xenophobia and anti-Semitic crimes. These crimes are committed mostly by organized groups.

Another direction is discrimination against women. In Germany women doing the same work as men, are paid 23% less.

In Germany the measures for the rights of persons with disabilities are also assessed on the top three. Persons held in closed institutions in accordance with the decisions of criminal court, are deprived of voting rights. Undocumented persons, fear of deportation, do not use their right to medical care and to legal protection from exploitative working conditions. Victims of trafficking receive residence permit only if you are willing and able to testify as witnesses against the accused.

Children's rights are still not reflected in the German Constitution. A serious gap in the legislation is the lack of a clear definition of "child pornography". The same pattern is attracting minors into prostitution.

The legalization of prostitution led to increased trafficking. To prevent this, measures must be taken. Victims of trafficking are not provided with necessary protection.

Known facts of inappropriate attitudes towards people with psychosocial disabilities who are in institutions.

The country has seen discrimination against people living with HIV. These people are subjected to humiliation in the family, and the doctors in most cases refuse to treat them. Many cases of dismissal of these people from work. In principle, there is no law protecting the rights of people suffering from chronic diseases.

According to the report, due to the reduction of pensions, the level of poverty people in this age group in 2013 will increase from 13.4% to 23.6%. In addition, it is noted that there should be a change in the law on the minimum subsistence level in Germany.

The report contains an appeal to the German government to take urgent measures to resolve all these problems.


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