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Cyprus, Germany, Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 02-04-2013

According to information-analytical portal "Empire", Russia and Germany is extremely beneficial as long protraction of the situation in Cyprus to the capital ran not only from Cyprus, but from the entire Euro zone, the mass of investors and companies themselves provoked the collapse of the Euro zone. In this scenario, the extreme becomes the world's financial institutions, backed by the Anglo-Saxons. The article Yuri little Sheep on the portal "Empire" was read and copied by Alexander Novikov.


Germany in financial captivity

And the reason is simple - both Germany and Russia are in the financial thrall of the Anglo-Saxons. The position of the two countries in the architecture Anglo-Saxon system of world monetary of the coordinates is exactly the same – milk cows. Only Russia for selling paper resources, and Germany – the goods.

The results of the Second world war, Germany was imposed on Americans "Chancellor-act", according to which Germany had all its major political and economic steps to coordinate the regional Committee in Washington. About Chancellor act questions arise – United States for a long time, if not forever, wanted to banish the threat of returning Germany to its position as one of the leading global players, China then the emphasis is not visible.

When Germany thanks to Soviet politicians still was ready to unite and become a global player, which it is not the Anglo-Saxons gave to become from the time of Bismarck, intervened ... France, which (was ready to agree to German reunification only if Germany agrees to the introduction of the single European currency: "It was a goal of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 establishing the European Union.

Germany, which is perfectly lived with the brand, and that quietly for a couple of years would be imposed throughout the European Union brand as the base currency, and still be sheared with coupons issue of their currency, similar to how the United States is doing, instead of a powerful brand got a headache in the form of Euro, as now in Germany, as the most powerful economy in Europe, went not only the emission benefits, but also risks the need to support all EU member States indiscriminately, thus sucking all the juice out of its national economy and the banking system.

It is therefore natural that Germany resisted the introduction of the Euro, arguingthat the first to be formed a complete political Union: "As there were no chances that other countries will accept the idea of political Union, Germany's position looked like a technical maneuver to prevent the establishment of a single currency. Germany is not eager to abandon its mark - a symbol of its economic power and commitment to price stability. In the end, Germany agreed to the creation of the Euro only when French President Francois Mitterrand said that France would support the reunification of Germany only with the consent of the latter to the creation of the Euro".


Geo-economic struggle over the EU

Eventually in 2010-2013, in Europe it ends with what was supposed to end in 1990-1992 year: the German economy is overstrained, carrying stiff-legged all very different in economic terms, Europe (and this experience we also need to take into account when building the Eurasian Union - no common currency, only one existing), the country is maturing the understanding that the country in the last twenty years of rough use. At the same time, the economies of all European countries are stagnating. Elites also begin to understand that all this is happening due to the fact that it is necessary to maintain some kind of fiction – the Euro, while if it is reset, even Greece will very quickly begin to recover, using the available competitive advantages. The same thing will happen in other countries, only taking into account the fact that the European industry has seriously declined, and she'll have a long time to regain its position on world markets.

The main profit of this situation, as always, the Anglo-Saxons learned on both sides of the ocean. Europe it is, in principle, on the drum, even France, which last represents a grave and serious geopolitical value in the nineteenth century with a brief flash of the figure of Napoleon. The main thing was to take control of Germany, which in turn created a geopolitical project to stop Russia in the nineteenth century. After the collapse of the Soviet Union due to the Euro zone Anglo Saxons managed to re-take twenty years United Germany under control. Of course, and Germany realized this alignment, however, tried to do everything in order to reverse this situation and despite her imposed onerous conditions, still pull the entire Eurozone and put it under him, then to wrap a coordinated mechanism of the "Fourth Reich" against the Anglo-Saxons. As soon as it started to turn out, unexpectedly, "suddenly" started pouring in the economies of the southern EU countries, which are also at the insistence of the French entered the Euro zone. In the result, the economy and the Finance of Germany was into the funnel of more and more efforts to support the Euro, whose fate and so decided.

Naturally, Germany does not have the right to bury the Euro, because on this occasion will raise hi "most democratic world media," which will accuse Germany in the restoration of the Empire and begin watering leadership remembering all the well-known sins... This political perspective is not smiling Germans. Once they've already paid for dinner for all and the second time to do not want. How, then, do in this case? The output of one and it is to do it in public scary face and "raise the brow on the forehead" about how the Germans are trying to save the Euro project and the "United" Europe, but in fact it is quiet "empty"...

And the only way for Germany to get out of this situation, "beautiful", ie so that the Anglo-Saxons did not put up all the cats and did not convince the rest that it's, like, all the Germans once again thrown, and they de supposedly still need for this "kidok" all hell to pay "summer in Rome" is to make the Euro project and the Single European bent as if by itself, despite "Herculean efforts of the German elite and the people" in his salvation.

So it took Cyprus. Before that, of course, there's a lot – and Greece, and the American rating agencies by filing the legs on the chair, on which sits the European currency and so on and so forth But the last three factors become, apparently, an attempt to knock Britain out of the European Union before its collapse, i.e., to hang the whole film on Germany, the outcome of the elections in Italy, which gave a clear reflection of the fact that will fall in Germany, and the collapse of industry in France – its main competitor in Europe, Germany.

After these events, the entire future of the Anglo-Saxons solitaire reset economic and financial potential of Europe, read Germany, became clear as day. The Euro zone broke any, under its rubble was buried the German industry and financial system, the European capitals are displayed on the markets of the Anglo-Saxons, where they came under full control, and under the incentive program dollars, American funds, banks, etc. started buying up the remaining European and German industry than would put an end to German sovereignty has for a long time. And all this complex technical process would occur under the slogan of forming a single economic and trade zone of the USA and the EU, which has been dubbed the "economic NATO". All the Germans bit by bit created the last sixty years after the war, in one beautiful moment could not be them. They could not allow.


Germany-Russia: strategic partnership

And finally – why Germany, the Euro area, which she still can't control the Anglo-American-French control? Instead, fake "happiness", isn't it easier to conclude a new Pact with Russia on the division of spheres of influence (while in Europe) and take what's yours without the slightest consideration of the opinion of the Anglo-Saxons and the French? Of course, Germany and Russia may hold joint military parade and show everyone, especially the Eastern European "partners" where and how to stand at attention. Just why? In modern times, it does not need, it is necessary to act thinner and feel deeply. "Money" Europeans need to be stored in Europe for the benefit of the bonds, around which everything should revolve is the axis Berlin-Moscow, and more – Istanbul-Tehran-Beijing-Delhi, and if the Japanese manage to jump in last car, then Tokyo, if not, then Seoul. Here is the "steel brace" of Eurasia, which should cement the Eurasian continent together. Then the Anglo-Saxons in the two geopolitical Islands can "relax" to the accompaniment of traditional British "aristocracy" ringtones to legalize gay marriage and smoke on the sidelines.

"A common foreign policy means transforming Europe into a single player, which is much better and easier to deal with than thirty large and small countries with their ambitions. For Russia this process is important also because it means an end to endless attempts in Eastern Europe to prevent the dialogue of a United Europe and Russia will be much easier to have a relationship with the EU as with the same Empire as she is. In this context, it is obvious that the completion of projects in North and South stream, and Nabucco has no alternative, because they will largely provide the raw material independence of Europe from the United States as a single geopolitical and geo-economic organism.

Getting a new energy back up and completing the process of political unification, dreamed of continental European elite from Napoleon to Bismarck and later, Europe will re-position themselves in the world's political relations that will serve as another serious constraint to rolling US to one-sided power tactics in addressing global issues, because a United Europe will be its interests in the Central Asia, and the middle East, and Africa, and especially in Russia."

"Nord stream will enable Germany to become not only the ultimate recipient of Russian gas, but, in fact, the main transit country, which will significantly strengthen the geopolitical conjunction of Russia and Germany and will contribute to the real unification of Eurasia into a single financial and economic organism. Similarly, Nord stream, South stream will bring a similar order to the transit of gas through Ukraine, the transit significance of which will fall sharply and will match the real geopolitical weight of Ukraine.

As a result Russia and Germany would economically break the emerging transit-limitrophe triangle Belarus-Poland and Ukraine and to bring the elites of these countries, which currently stand at the head of this process to a more realistic understanding of the balance of power in Eastern Europe. The result of the North and South stream will be a sharp decline in the geopolitical role of Eastern Europe in the context of Eurasian integration processes that may contribute to the refusal of the United States from enhanced economies of border States and facilitate productive dialogue with key countries in the region." I.e. after the collapse of the EU and the Euro zone, Europe is not going anywhere and will be forced to accept the Russian-German terms of the formation of a new "European identity", for this purpose (subdue unruly Poland and Ukraine), Germany the chief distributor of Russian gas in Europe.

Therefore, Russia and Germany is extremely beneficial as long protraction of the situation in Cyprus to the capital ran not only from Cyprus, but from the entire Euro zone, the mass of investors and companies themselves provoked the collapse of the Euro zone. In this scenario, the extreme becomes the world's financial institutions, backed by the Anglo-Saxons. That's their way and will be facing the wrath of the ruined once again by the machinations of ordinary Anglo European workers and the middle class. Then will be absolutely beautiful. Cyprus in the oil painting had a happy fraction of stones that roll from the mountains and bring down the entire Anglo-Saxon project control over Eurasia. Greece to do so could not, was too large. Blame the global financial Goliath had the role of "geopolitical mouse."

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