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International round table "1945 – 1990 - 2010. The past and future of Russian-German relations in a globalizing world"
Material posted: Publication date: 22-11-2010

Institute "just World" in cooperation with the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation organized and held the international round table "1945 – 1990 - 2010. The past and future of Russian-German relations in a globalizing world".

In his work, in particular, was attended by State Duma Deputy T. Moskalkova Russia, the head of government of the GDR in 1989-1990 H. Modrow, the famous German historian B. Malov, Counsellor of the head of the last government of the GDR T. Steinbach, the Soviet Ambassador to Germany in the years 1971-1978 V. Falin, foreign policy adviser last head of government of the GDR L. De Maiziere; Director of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences V. Belov, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences V. Dashichev, Deputy Director of Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. Fedorov, Russian and foreign experts in the sphere of international relations.

Co-host of the roundtable were the head of the Center of international projects and programs of the Institute B. Guseletov and the head of the Russian branch of the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation P. Linke.

Representatives from both sides were unanimous that we should continue to study outcome of world war II, the complex causes and consequences of German unification. They expressed their points of view on the causes of the Association. The availability of Steinbach, East Germany has demonstrated economic ineptitude. According to his opponents, East Germany was actually "delivered" the leadership of the USSR.

Member of the faction "FAIR RUSSIA", Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and relations with compatriots T. Moskalkova drew your attention to the critical importance of cooperation between Russia and Germany, both bilaterally and multilaterally, emphasized the need of careful attitude to history.

A discussion of the current state and development prospects of Russian-German relations is indispensable for the development of good neighborly relations and cooperation as stated in the conclusion, the participants in the discussion.


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