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On the Eurasian continent formed a new strategic Alliance?
Material posted: -Publication date: 12-10-2010

Lately in some of the world's media began to appear information about what the Eurozone's problems are largely related to the fact that Moscow and Berlin have agreed on a strategic partnership. Previously, the Center wrote of the possibility of such a development. Today we turn to one of the publications and try to give your comment.

Thus, in particular, on 10 may, the Agency published a cool article the main theme of which is that the problems of Europe today is the result of an attempt to build a new geopolitical Union of Russia and Germany. Previously we wrote about the fact that such a development is possible (see our material).

The analysis shows that the global elite are unable (and in some cases just Negele) to build new economic relations. This is clearly shown in the completely empty measures in the G20 format, which are at different levels in recent months there have been several dozen. Reuslted one - zero. USA and China continue to play only convenient for them scenario.

It is clear that in these circumstances Germany, whose leading role in the EU, no doubt, could not stay away.

In recent months, German leadership has taken a number of measures aimed at forming new financial and economic relations in the world after the crisis. However, as practice shows, the German proposal did not find support from stony other EU countries who chose to walk in the footsteps of American policy in Europe. It is characteristic that not only N. Sarkozy, but even the "friend Berlusconi" at the last moment refused to go to Moscow on may 9, and Merkel arrived in Moscow...

But Germany decided to go to the end. the leadership of this country decided to turn again to the East - the region with their eternal interests, but not for the purpose of subjugation by force, but by economic integration. And this proposal of Germany, apparently, is customary in Russia. Confirmation of this can serve. in particular, the intensification of works on construction of the Russian gastransport Flows and recent initiatives of Ukraine (the sphere of interests of Germany) and in Russia on merger of "Naftogaz" and "Gazprom".

The apparent success of these projects, as well as the failure of alternative Pro-American solutions policy and eremiticism was the fact that launched the mechanism of "crisis" in the Euro area. The strategy is simple - where are subtly there and tear. And the problems of Greece, Portugal and other EU countries (particularly the Baltic States) were quite predictable.

Today we observe the actual outcome - the creation of a European economic government and the creation of a reserve Fund of nearly a trillion euros - this is serious. About intense fight says at least the fact that the German Finance Minister went to the hospital directly from the negotiations (see).

Succeed today Moscow and Bellino for centuries to make impossible the creation of a single powerful Union on the Eurasian continent? Attempts to create previously led to the First and Second world wars. Had only to improve economic relations between the two countries, as there was power, sought by all means to destroy them. Actually the EU was created as the institution in which it was possible to isolate Germany from its Eastern aspirations. It is possible that today we are facing the final instalment of the Big game?

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