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The admiration for the US as a religion
Material posted: Publication date: 24-05-2013

"The Germans were amputated brains!" These words in the mouth of the brilliant German political scientist Alexander Rahr sound like a slap in the face. Our conversation with him about Russian-German relations is permeated with the bitterness of his disappointment. The Director of the Center. Berthold Beitz at the German Council on foreign policy Alexander Rahr is known in Europe as the preeminent expert on Russia.

His book about Putin "German in the Kremlin" and "Where will Putin?" has done a lot of noise in the West and has caused hailstones of reproaches to the author in excessive sympathy for "those Russian." This descendant of Russian emigrants of the first wave – sober assessments of the European who speaks with sadness about the lost opportunities.

- A strategic Alliance of high-tech Germany and resource-rich Russia (old historical dream of the Russians) did not take place. Arrogant German elite didn't think was possible. But why?!

– The Germans still feel that Europe, which their parents built after the Second world war. Their system won, and Russia lost the cold war, it is not uninteresting. The Germans live in the feeling of triumph of liberal values and the Western democracies, which must not just protect, but also to export any, even aggressive methods, taking root in other continents and alien culture. This beautiful idea of a world of enforced happiness 90 years ago promoted the USSR. If you speak to the representatives of the Western elite and explain to them: "gentlemen! You are behaving exactly like the Soviet Union!" – they don't understand it. Two ideas wholly owned European minds. The first is the idea of transatlantism, born after the Second world war. Worship for US is a deep religious feeling. The Europeans are willing to tolerate even some crazy Republican led U.S. like McCain or MITT Romney. To feel protected from possible enemy in the face of Russia, Iran, North Korea or the Islamic world. They close their eyes to the fact that America has changed, and its geo-political interests of Europe has to play along. It's still closer to Europe than neighbor Russia, not professing Western values. The Russians build their national state, which deters many. The second global idea in the minds – the sacred Europe that guarantees European Nations peace, stability and prosperity.


- Is it even the financial crisis they were not sober?

– People are accustomed to the fact that crises are resolved. The last generation of Germans saw no blood, no wars. They grew up in such incredible prosperity that they have disconnected the instinct of danger. They are not looking for innovative approaches to geopolitics, consider themselves smarter than others and think that they will be able forever to preserve their comfort. So did the Romans, until the barbarians came. The Europeans don't want to learn from others. How many in here was formerly the China scholars, Arabists, specialists on Islam, the Balkans and Russia. But modern Europe is not just a lack of knowledge. This REFUSAL of knowledge. Ten years ago the Russian told me: "You Germans are clever! You avoid to talk with us about strategy and waiting for us to put our cards on the table". It took another ten years, and now I hear: "we Have the impression that the Germans did not hide from us their thoughts. There is nothing to hide. They do not have them! Indeed the Germans were amputated brains".

- Consequently, the idea of the strategic exchange of Russian resources to the German technology the Germans are not attracted to?

– No. I will say more, they are generally not attracted to ANY ideas coming from Russia. Neither energy Alliance, which has offered Putin. Any other idea – the joint development and modernization of Siberia. Remember 200 years ago the first stream of Europeans went to America? But now the Russians offer to open its Siberian and far Eastern the European space for colonists, hard, hard-working and more close to you on mentality than the Chinese.

- Utopia! I come from the Far East, the Russians don't go there, and so the Germans?!

– Two centuries ago, too, argued: who will go to America or Canada? Went people – from despair, from the crises. In Russia the crisis yet. There in the Outback you can buy a cheap house and a huge land, low taxes there. In today's regions, of course, will not go. But will go when in Siberia will create conditions for settlement and otstraivaniya and when Europe will intensify the crisis. Other way the Europeans do not have, they run out of resources.

- It will be a European colonization of Russia?

– Why not? Russia needs Western technology and Europe needs to expand the living space. Just Europeans have not yet matured to the idea that Russia can feed them. How many interesting opportunities would open up the Union of Russia with Europe! Russia may build nuclear reactors to supply cheap electricity to the neighbors. It could pave the way North to goods from Europe to Japan and China went to ten days faster than going through the Suez canal and Africa. Russia even offered to participate in missile defense and thus become a defender of Europe from the East and Asia. And she even didn't tell thanks. No one applauded the fact that Russians are ready to sacrifice their territory to shoot down the missiles the Iranians and Koreans to protect Europe. All took it for granted!

Attitude to Russia over the past three hundred years has not changed. It Is The East. "Yes, unfortunately, you are already richer than us! – shouts the West. But stay where you are. I don't want us to be! We have higher culture. We are the Renaissance, great thinkers and scientists. And you in the Middle ages was selling wood, tar and coats, and now oil and gas. This is not enough to become a great Empire". I'm trying to build bridges, but I think they are not wanted. The idea of a common Europe from the Atlantic to Vladivostok existed twenty years ago but are now dead.


- I'm not surprised. People are indoctrinated with the idea that Russia is evil. All the German press about Russia – this incredible absurdities and spitting in his face.

– Write about Russia or bad, either way. For local journalists, the eternal whipping boy – Schroeder, who retired in Gazprom. No one understands what it is thanks to his efforts, Germany has cheap gas. And what is hysteria in the press began after the election of Putin! They're just mad that can't do anything! But Putin is viewed as a germanophil. I even wrote a book about it "German in the Kremlin". He really wants to make friends using Germany and converge with the West. But he has romantic notions about our country. He does not see how the things go here actually. He comes here with a pure heart. This is his beloved Germany, where he once drank a beer in the pub and made friends with the Germans. And now many are set to enmity. They shouted to him: "Stop the war in Chechnya!" They do not know that the war is long over. Germany makes a stupid strategic error. In the Kremlin sits Pro-German-minded politician, and he is constantly spit upon in the German press.

- We repeat a historical mistake by holding out the hand of friendship to Germany? Maybe we should talk from a position of strength?

– Force the Germans like. They bow to American power. And before the moral force of Israel. This is the main thing here is taboo, and second religion, which is very well-built.

- There is a strong opinion that the Germans need to hit the moral Mace of the Holocaust, or the beast of fascism is awake again...

– Some people think that the Holocaust was on the Germans should hang another two hundred years, that they constantly need to poke your nose in the fact that they killed six million Jews. Look how quickly gagged günter Grass. (In 2012, the German writer günter grass, Nobel laureate, published a poem "what must be said", in which he criticized Israel for the threat of a preemptive strike on Iran because of its nuclear program. He recalled that Israel has secretly developed nuclear weapons, is not available to international scrutiny. In response, Israel declared the writer persona non grata. – D. A.) grass at 85 understands that the world is on the brink of a third world war. If Israel strikes Iran, Iran, unlike Iraq, will defend. Start the terror all over the world. Remember September 11. The video "al-Qaeda" was clearly stated: our actions – the revenge of the Palestinians. The Israeli factor played a huge role in the attack on America.

- Speaking in the Knesset, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany's historical responsibility for Israel's security is part of the legitimization of its country (literally – the Foundation of its existence). If Israel starts a war, Germany should automatically support him, right or wrong.

– What is the conflict? On the one hand, to take Israel to its fate Europe will not be able. Still the only democracy in the middle East. On the other hand, and to restrain them I can not. They do not give the Palestinians to establish a state. Provoke tensions against Arabs. In fact, Gunter grass said that it is time for Germany to muster the courage to criticize Israeli policy, but the German ruling elite rejects such an approach.


- Jews managed to inspire the Germans a guilt complex. Why nobody remembers about twenty million Russians killed in world war II, the genocide of the Roma and Belarusians?

– The Germans don't feel guilty in relation to the Russians. They think so: Yes, it's scary, what happened the Second world war. But the Russians won and got good loot, took the Germans a third of the territory. The winner took a historic part of Germany – Prussia and raped her. Russia is so punished and tortured Germany...

...that Germany declines all moral obligations? Winners do not mind?

– That's right. Many believe that it is Russia's fault in front of Germany, and not Vice versa.

Unheard of! We from the entire breadth of the Russian soul forgive the Germans of their crimes, but it turns out, no one needed our generosity!

– Understand, I'm taught in school than you. The whole story of WWII in the European consciousness is either the Holocaust or the story of two gangsters-the bastards of humanity Stalin and Hitler, who climbed on each other, because they were not able to divide the world. And, unfortunately, one villain defeated, Stalin. And it just had to kill, like Hitler. We were taught that Russia was not defeated in world war II. It is the Americans saved Europe from the red Army, as aggressive as Hitler's, which came to the Atlantic ocean, if not for brave American soldiers. And so teach our children. East Germans and poles also learned the Western point of view. They see themselves as victims and seek compensation from Russia.

In Western media I see a new demonization of Russia. The preparation of the Western population to think about the legitimacy of the intervention against Russia on the grounds that "these barbarians" illegally own resources! Remember the phrase of U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine Albright about how unfair that one country manages the wealth of Siberia?

– Well, you this quote on the Internet will not find. She just quoted some American philosophers who claim that in the future mankind can survive only under the condition that resources will be shared and above them will establish international control. If mankind could use them.

But isn't the whole point of this change? I see in the Western media intensive bombing of public opinion, a vulgar idea of: the oil pipe in the hands of Russian barbarians, which open and close it without reason. You just have to take the pipe.

– Feeling your interesting. If the world is as you describe it, Putin of the rights, insisting that only nuclear weapons terrifies enemies and keeps them under control. But the West does not want to capture territory. He wants to win the spiritual space.

- But it's too dangerous! The so-called "humanitarian intervention" is not far removed from the middle Ages. You take human souls as the devil, and through the soul take their gold!

– I agree with that. My Saint – Alexander Nevsky, Prince of Novgorod. Then the Tatars controlled the whole of Russia, and Novgorod paid tribute to them. And came to the Alexander Nevsky crusaders, envoys of the Pope, with the sentence: "We will help you to cope with the Tartars and expelled them from Russia, and you will forget his Orthodoxy and accept the Catholic faith. Accept our values and become part of Europe". And while Europe was closer to Alexander on Christian grounds, he sided with the crusaders. On the contrary. Defeated them and expelled from Russia. He judged as follows: Tatars lesser evil, because they did not destroy the spirit of the people and did not touch his Orthodox traditions. But without Orthodox spirit, in his view, the Russian people dead.



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