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Russian-Armenian partnership

Armenia is Russia's key partners in carrying out a balanced foreign policy, not only in the Caucasus, but also in several other regions of the world. Significant role of the Armenian diaspora in Russia's domestic politics. In this context, the question of cooperation between Russian and Armenian experts, exchange of views between them is essential to deepen mutual understanding. This project actually involves a reflection of results of joint research of Russian and Armenian experts on topical issues of modern society.

Armenia will not be initialed in Vilnius, the documents on cooperation with the European Union

September 3, during his working visit to Moscow after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan that his country has decided to join the Customs Union (CU). Moreover, official Yerevan is ready to take all necessary practical steps, and in the future to participate in forming the Eurasian economic Union.

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The conflicting logic of military-political reality: what does the intensification of Russian-Azerbaijani military-technical cooperation

In the last week dramatically increased the interest of Armenian media and the public to the situation around the Karabakh conflict, primarily caused by information about the implementation of a number of large-scale military and technical treaties between Russia and Azerbaijan, the negotiations around which had been carried out since 2011.

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Armenia and Customs Union: from political decisions to the new reality

On 3 September took place the working visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to Moscow. During the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Armenian counterpart said that his country had decided to join the Customs Union (CU), adding that Yerevan is ready to take all necessary practical steps, and subsequently participate in the formation of the Eurasian economic Union.

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The sorrow of Europe and the salvation of Armenia

Europe is in mourning, the West in the dark, the normal citizens of Armenia triumph, "Westerners"-Russophobes and their agents are tearing their hair, because yesterday something happened that demanded common sense: President Sargsyan in Moscow has actually refused to initial the Association Agreement with the EU and Agreement on deep and comprehensive trade. To exaggerate the importance of this event is difficult, because under the threat turned out to be a giant operation of the West – to cut off Russia from its potential allies, they deployed more than one year. In the Ukraine, which, most likely, to escape from the West will resort to referendum. And in this regard I would like to speak on a range of issues related to the so-called "European integration" of Armenia.

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Putin: Russia for Armenia's accession to Customs Union

At a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan made an important statement. He announced the country's decision to join the Customs Union. The Russian side has responded that the connection of Yerevan to the customs Union will give a powerful impetus to the mutually beneficial economic cooperation.

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