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Russian-Armenian partnership

Armenia is Russia's key partners in carrying out a balanced foreign policy, not only in the Caucasus, but also in several other regions of the world. Significant role of the Armenian diaspora in Russia's domestic politics. In this context, the question of cooperation between Russian and Armenian experts, exchange of views between them is essential to deepen mutual understanding. This project actually involves a reflection of results of joint research of Russian and Armenian experts on topical issues of modern society.

About some problems of integration in the context of a value system

Today, the problems of Eurasian integration are discussed often enough. Specifies the geopolitical necessity – and rightly so. Are very good economic analyses: why it is beneficial, etc.

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Who makes the shadow on the fence, or on some publications on the topic of Russian-Armenian relations

Information "support" of Russia's policy in the South Caucasus and Russian-Armenian relations in particular, as is well known, very contradictory. In principle, it was okay in the end, we have freedom of speech, and each probably free to write whatever he pleases within its own perceptions of morality and decency (as well as current legislation).

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To the issue of global economic competitiveness of the Eurasian Union

The transition from a unipolar to a multipolar world is accompanied by different political and economic shocks. The global financial crisis and the various attempts of "color" revolutions outside of Western civilization – just a few examples of attempts to spread their spheres of influence.

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Eurasian integration: pragmatism and the realities of

A sober assessment of what is happening in the world of global processes leads to the unequivocal conclusion: to confront alone objective globalization processes, albeit with some subjective focus, unreal. It is obvious that the prospects of involvement of countries in integration processes there is no alternative.

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Political notes

Unfolded after the presidential elections in the Republic of Armenia processes bring not only threats, but also new opportunities for the Armenian public-political life. Armenian's future has once again become multivariate, when we can talk about some of the many possible future scenarios, both optimistic and positive, and pessimistic.

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