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Funded by the Soros Foundation organizations joined the advocacy for secession of Armenia from the EEU
Material posted: Publication date: 25-10-2017
The geopolitical realities of today are characterized by the logic of the unipolar world control – the desire of the USA to maintain world domination and hardline position of the US government. Such a manifestation of the President of the United States was expressed recently during a speech at the UN General Assembly, in which the President of the United States introduced a new concept in the United States against the world. This was during a conference on the “Evaluation of the “open society Foundation Armenia” (Soros Fund), as sponsor of perversion and coups”, said the coordinator of the initiative “For the restoration of sovereignty” Hayk Nahapetyan.

He recalled that, in particular, the President of the United States was put accents in relation to the complete destruction of North Korea, denouncing the nuclear agreement between Iran on the one hand, and the United States, Russia, Britain, China, France and Germany on the other, that the authorities of Venezuela must be put in place, i.e., replaced. And despite the fact that the UN General Assembly not attended by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, however, the media did not fail to remind Putin's words from the speech of 2015: "do You realize now what you've done?". These words were directed to Western leaders who are using technologies of color revolutions attempted to overthrow the constitutional order in some countries.

"In this sense, a remarkable decree of the RF President in 2017 “strategy of economic security of the Russian Federation until 2030”, which has historical significance. In this document, in particular, notes that in the current process of world development clearly looming signs of the collapse of the unipolar world order and a multipolar world order. In addition, the transition to moolanomy the world order is accompanied by geopolitical instability and the unstable development of the world economy, with a sharp increase in global competition. Note that, nine months after the election Trama as President of the USA Russian-American relations from Washington received two serious blows. In August, trump signed a new package of sanctions even, and between Moscow and Washington continues diplomatic confrontation, in consequence of which Russia was expelled 775 diplomats, and the US has deprived Russia Consulate in San Francisco,’ said Koryun Nahapetyan.

According to the reporter, despite the fact that the President of the United States declares that they will no longer interfere in the internal Affairs of other States and that their priority is restoring the greatness of the United States, at the same time, spending on defense reached 700 milliard dollars, and the US army should be the most powerful in history.

"Specialist intervention in the internal Affairs of other countries, the experience of influence on political processes under the guise of charity, for the implementation of color revolutions, the American billionaire George Soros does not fit into the logic of the thoughts voiced by the President of the United States trump the UN. "Open society foundations" or the Soros Foundation and funded by the public organization, after winning the trump in the election of the President of the United States, carried out attempts to destabilize the situation in the United States with the aim of eliminating Presidente from the U.S. government the tools and methods of color revolutions. However, they failed. From the authorities, George Soros gets a deserved counterattack. According to started in August of the petition of George Soros and members of his organization can be recognized as terrorists, and his assets may be confiscated. The number of signatures is sufficient that the White house considered this question. However, the billionaire George Soros is not backing down from his so-called mission, he is unapologetic and continues its activities in other countries. In particular, responsible for the incitement to war and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Syria, the Soros says Russia and the legitimate government of Syria," said Koryun Nahapetyan.

He also recalled that in November 2015 the Prosecutor's office decided that the activities of two non-governmental organizations recognized as undesirable. These NGOs are "the open society foundations and open Society Institute Assistance Foundation". It was proved that the activity of these organizations is a threat to the constitutional order and security of the state. These organizations added to the list of organizations of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation, whose activity is undesirable on the territory of Russia.

Further Nahapetyan mentioned some of the 60 organizations that are the basic unit of the Soros Foundation in Armenia and in 2003 joined the initiative "Partnership for open society". Thus, according to annum, NGO "Women resource centre" and its Director Lara Aharonyan received 183 765 $, OO "women's support Center" and head of the Maro Matosyan received a$ 50,000, "the Association of women with University education" and the head of Jemma Hasratyan got 285 695 $ GS "Pink Armenia" and Executive Director Mamikon Hovsepyan received 23 600$ etc..

"The worrying fact that the government and the Armenian Parliament presented a bill aimed at securing the legal rights of people with perverted lifestyles in all spheres of public life. These drafts are the draft law "On prevention of domestic violence and protection of victims of family violence" and "Against discrimination". The next area of support of these organizations is anti-Russian, antievraziyskaya propaganda and the creation of the country's hotbeds of instability. Another activity is organizations with funding from the Soros Foundation, the so-called military-political analysis aimed at distortion of reality, a representation of the CSTO, as an amorphous organization, Russia as the enemy and often even as an enemy, and the Eurasian economic Union as having future economic Union. These steps, these organizations aim to drive a wedge in Armenian-Russian strategic cooperation. And some of these organizations joined the advocacy initiative of the faction "EFC" on the exit of RA from the EEU",- said Hayk Nahapetyan.

Summing up his speech, expressed concern about the fact that the organizations with funding from the Soros Foundation significantly increases pressure on the Government and National Assembly to force them to initiate legislation and to adopt laws "On prevention of domestic violence and protection of victims of family violence" and "Against discrimination" and to sign and ratify the ' Istanbul Convention "On preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence". And also noted that in addition to "open societies Foundation" protection of the rights of perverts and engaged in propaganda and other international structures, in particular the United States Agency for international development (USAID), and others.


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