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NATO changes strategy: how the "new Armenia" not to fall under the millstone of the Alliance?
Material posted: Publication date: 28-05-2019
NATO is changing its military strategy, explaining this step by the need to respond to the growing "nuclear threat" from Russia. Moscow retorted by stating that in fact NATO will now proceed to the formation of a new Union of countries around Russia with the possibility of establishing military bases close to Russian borders. What to expect in this context, for example, Armenia? Ready Transcaucasian Republic to withstand hard pressure, if you are in the area of priority of the military plans of the Alliance?

22 may in Brussels at the meeting of the Military Committee of NATO at the level of chiefs of General staff adopted a new military strategy of NATO. Secretary General of the organization Jens Stoltenberg in an interview with German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, published on Saturday, 25 may, said that experts from NATO adopted a new military strategy of the Alliance in connection with new challenges, among which the "Russian nuclear threat". According to him, referred to in the document is that "in the future to be fully prepared to defend and be able to provide stability." This requires partial renewal, and military concept of the Alliance, Stoltenberg added.

In his opinion, has been for many years the dialogue between NATO and Russia in regard to bilateral deterrence is stagnant in the state. The reason for this is, say, the use of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the factor of nuclear weapons as part of its strategies in the global political arena.

It is noteworthy that when, on 22 may in Brussels has adopted a new military strategy for NATO, assigning Russia the main enemy, at this time in Bishkek, the foreign Ministers of the countries participating in the organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) in an open letter to foreign Ministers of States—members of NATO has offered to establish direct contacts between the coordinating bodies of the organizations and joint participation of observers in military exercises to de-escalate tensions in the Euro-Atlantic area and Eurasia.

In fact, the dialogue between Russia and NATO in no way included in the plans of the United States. As for Stoltenberg voiced the reasons for stagnation of relations, rather, they are designed for a European audience, since not correspond with reality.

Interesting are the words of Stoltenberg that the new strategy will allow NATO "to fully prepare for the defense" in order to "ensure stability". In this sense, the South Caucasus, in particular, is for NATO interest, because it gives the opportunity for the Alliance to "prepare" in two areas: in the South against Iran and in the North against Russia.

As for the "stability" posed by NATO, e.g. in Serbia, which, by the way, the Alliance is trying to take "starvation", believe that the policy of the Alliance destabilizie entire Balkan region and is focussed only on the rupture of historical Russian-Serbian relations. Therefore, similar to the NATO action should be expected in relation to the South Caucasus. The Alliance to achieve its goals, is configured to apply the whole complex of available measures, with all the ensuing consequences.

Russia responded to the adoption of a new military strategy, NATO is only a review. So, the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Franz Klintsevich believes that "NATO is a very dangerous game started to shape public opinion against Russia." According to him, none of the nuclear powers will not behave in the current environment of aggressive, because it will be "the end of the world".

"Everything is made to create conditions for the implementation of their plans. Namely, to form a new pool of countries around Russia with the possibility of the establishment of military bases close to Russia. I recall the statements by the representatives of Estonia. Pay attention to the situation in Ukraine, which, I believe, in spite of the standards of the Alliance in the near future will be in your composition. Then there will be Georgia, Armenia," — says the Russian Senator.

According to Klintsevich, in connection with the approach of the military infrastructure of NATO to Russia's borders, the Alliance has begun the practical implementation of the concept application of the prompt global strike without nuclear weapons.

"However, they do not consider that Russia in military-technical terms self-sufficient and will ensure the security of its borders. And NATO's actions can be regarded as a agony, during which first of all Americans will lose Europe and create difficulties in relations with other countries," — said Klintsevich.

We can assume that, before "Americans will lose Europe and create difficulties in relations with other countries", they will create difficulties for other countries, and substantial.

Will it be possible for NATO to involve Armenia in their adventure? Recall that the cooperation between Armenia and NATO is built on the basis of Individual partnership action plan (IPAP), which was signed in December 2005. Official Yerevan has repeatedly stated that membership in NATO does not seek.

Indeed, Armenia holds the balance, keeping the priority of military cooperation with Russia. Yerevan refuses from cooperation with NATO, apparently, continuing to rely on has acquired in recent years "the skills of a tightrope Walker". While it is clear that Armenia still "not see", allowing you to stay, but only up to a point, in a state of "equidistance". However, past years, the situation may undergo rapid changes. And here's why.

The fact that the immediate neighbor of Armenia in the region adheres to the uncontested Euro-Atlantic course. Georgia is considered by the Alliance as an important strategic bridgehead in the Caucasus. Of particular importance to NATO represent the Georgian ports on the Black sea. There you can go on the U.S. ships. Recently the Minister of defence of Georgia Levan Izoria , said in an interview with the Georgian service of "voice of America" that the cooperation of his country with the United States provides the basis for this cooperation has expanded, and in the future, Tbilisi will welcome an existence in the Republic of American military bases.

It is obvious that the expansion of American military presence in Georgia combined with increasing NATO presence in the Black sea will lead to increased tension with Russia. In this situation Armenia can put before a hard choice. Is Yerevan ready to such turn note, extremely unfavorable, given the neighboring Azerbaijan and Turkey, which also can be further complicated by the potential entry of Georgia into NATO? Think about it in the "a new Armenia" to bring the country under the millstone of NATO and the start here of the famous "Georgian scripts"? I hope so, because otherwise this could be the beginning of the end of Armenia.


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