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In addition to the Eurasian Union's chances for a breakthrough in Yerevan no
Material posted: Publication date: 27-08-2012

Ex-Minister of internal Affairs, adviser to the first Armenian President on national security, Ashot Manucharyan in an interview with "EC" assesses the prospects of creating the Eurasian Union and Armenia's membership in this organization.

- August 8, in Moscow the presidents of Russia and Armenia spoke about the participation of Yerevan in the Eurasian Union. What, in your opinion, prospects of Armenia's participation in this project?

- Today sharply increased the new geopolitical processes in our region. In this regard Armenia is extremely important for Moscow, especially considering that in recent years Yerevan makes a very effective drift toward the West. However, in many ways, this drift is performed by stimulating by the West. Against this background we have to admit that the West is in this respect much more successful than Russia. Under this logic, for Moscow has come a moment of truth. Against this background, the issue of Armenia's joining the Customs and later the Eurasian Union is a litmus test that says "Yes" or "no" to the Russian presence in Armenia. Therefore, the project on creation of the Eurasian Union is Russia's key value, and Moscow will use to implement and create a tightly integrated community of all the opportunities in the post-Soviet space.

In today's confrontation on the global level, the project on creation of the Eurasian Union is an important component of Russian policy in the framework of the philosophy of the existing world. On the other hand Armenia has always been an important geopolitical point, and for other global players in terms of fixing their positions in the Caucasus, many of which until recently was called the Eurasian communication corridor. It is important that the Caucasus is a neutral corridor in Eurasia outside areas of global players – Russia to the North and Iran to the South. The possession of a neutral corridor remains a dominant feature in the view of global players with interests in Eurasia, allowing them to dose the economic development of many countries.

- What role in these processes you give to the United States?

- For Washington, of great importance is to strengthen its position, up to full and unrestricted philosophical and administrative control over Armenia. The world today is in a state of intense turbulence, old systems of control are crumbling and there are many such examples, but many countries, primarily the United States, want to preserve, although it's not easy to do in terms of General world crisis, which includes not only economy, but also a value component. As part of this crisis is hard enough, manipulate old tools to try to respond to the realities of today's challenges. It is often necessary to reassure his people: presidents, Prime Ministers, etc, involves them in the implementation of its goals and objectives, which are as widespread strengthening of U.S. positions.

- You said that the West has been operating in Armenia is much more successful than Russia. What is expressed, given that Russia is for Armenia remains the number one investor, and a number of Armenian enterprises, including strategic importance, are in the hands of the Russians?

- The West is more successful thanks to its high technology, philosophy, concept of life. You are right, Armenia is manifested in the possession of Moscow the strategically important objects. However, in all that concerns the material, the West is by definition more successful than Russia, in whose hands it is to be material. In addition, in the hands of the West, there is another important thing – the printing press. Against this background, everything else is just pointless to discuss, as a result Russia's influence in Armenia is rapidly approaching zero, and all the political field of the country is under the control of the Anglo-American forces. This, of course, polemical exaggeration. The fact, however, is that Moscow's position in relation to the challenges looks indifferent and beget confusion of the Armenian society. So if Russia really wants to compete with the West, it is necessary to go beyond the field of play, where she bit and be bit in a different political dimension. The political and state elite of Armenia in the past 20 years has adapted to the Western system of values.

As a result, Armenia today is under the influence of alien system of values, which must be removed. Philosophy, which today are guided by our authorities, is also borrowed and adopted by all members of the ruling Armenian elite. Meanwhile, we had a pretty effective own form of self-organization, which was carried out 1988-1990. The basis of the same mechanism of today's economy in Armenia is even greater enrichment of oligarchs who like a Hoover taking all the money from the population, and then invest these funds in foreign countries. Naturally, in the conditions of the existence of such a mechanism, the economy cannot develop.

- You noted the presence in Armenia and other CIS countries politicians involved in the implementation of goals and objectives, namely in the widespread strengthening of the position of the United States. Russia's attempts to create a Eurasian Union with the participation of post-Soviet countries originate from specified processes?

Political and state elites of post-Soviet space thoroughly permeated Western civilization. He became the agents of the West, certainly not in the sense that they recruited, and the bearers of Western ideas. Man lives in order to do more, and get more Bang for the buck. The society of consumption and power, based on financial power, are the mechanisms of the West. Accordingly, all people engaged in the management of the post-Soviet countries, Westerners in its essence and definition. Russia is one of the most amazing formations in the world today. On one side of the Russian elite, not related to the essence of Russia itself, of course, Western. In its essence the same Russian people remains a carrier of a different civilization, being the largest reservoir, is able to point the way for mankind to get out of the hole we are all in a result of life according to the recipes of Western civilization. Western civilization has already played its role in which in addition omissions were registered serious achievements. However, she is exhausted, and must inevitably be replaced by another. The fundamental question is whether the Eurasian Union action in the spirit of logic of today's world, where everyone tries to organize the group in order to snatch for themselves more than others. Or is there an alternative way of human development? We successfully ditched one possible alternative. The collapse of the USSR was not a geopolitical disaster, it was a much larger disaster, because the USSR was a real possible alternative for mankind, but so it never became. In the USSR tried to make this alternative socialism, but failed. The USSR collapsed not because of a conspiracy, the activities of the Freemasons, the CIA, conspiracy, and similar stuff. None of the body does not die because of microbes. The first thing that kills the body is obessolivanija the immune system, in the case of the USSR the idea of maintaining the unity.

All statements in the spirit of what socialism is evil nothing more than talking for the poor. However something from all this we have left. We, the people of the post-Soviet space continue to be the bearers of very important principles, ideas, ways of life. The standard, Western people, but for now we're still others. So if we manage to develop something completely new within the idea on the Eurasian space, we will find ourselves ahead of the whole planet. And not necessary to do this exclusively for ourselves. Good practices already have in the United States, Latin America, China. None of what we do in the framework of Western philosophy to such a breakthrough will not lead us. Orienting the person to the constant growth of consumption and cash, he is forced by any means to obtain large income and to consume, consume, consume and have fun. That's the simple essence of life today.

- Provision of Armenia's security through membership in the CSTO and military-technical cooperation with Russia can be considered a precondition for the Republic's participation in the Eurasian project of Russia?

- Security system we derive in cooperation with Russia. This is the first option for today. Again, in terms of development, Armenia has problems, but unacceptable and the development plan, which offers us the West. What has the West? Eat more, and be able to eat more. We won't be able to have more science, more powerful industry, better education. The USSR was in terms of high level unattainable by any of the countries, not only post-Soviet and post-Soviet space. That is, the same catastrophic situation is observed today in the former countries of the Warsaw Pact. The choice of security Armenia is already done – this, of course, Russia and I do not see anything approaching the parameters of this choice. Of course, there are a lot of problems, but there is no alternative, anyway, today. As regards the economic and global component, the Eurasian Union for all of us is the chance of a breakthrough. But to ensure that we are able to use it, you need to transform this project into civilization. Other chances of a breakthrough for Armenia today, I don't see, including integration into the European space and, thank God that this is so.

Interviewed By David Stepanyan


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