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Published 1-2 (19-20) the issue of "Byzantine heritage" in 2010.
Material posted: Publication date: 10-10-2010

Published 1-2 (19-20) the issue of "Byzantine heritage" in 2010. Chief editor – Robert Hakobyan.

The issue includes the following articles:

  1. Serzh Sargsyan, the Time for ultimatums has passed
  2. Gagik Harutyunyan, The Collapse Of "The System"
  3. Arkady Vartanian, more Dangerous than external threats
  4. Michael agadjanov, Foreign policy activity of Turkey at the present stage
  5. Haykaram Nahapetyan, The Negotiations Yerevan-Ankara
  6. Gagik Terteryan, Scenarios of the destruction of the global financial and economic system
  7. Sergey Grinyaev, Armenia can occupy a unique place at the beginning of the integration processes
  8. Ruben Melkonyan, On the urgent problems of the Armenian community of Istanbul
  9. Nikolay Sorokin, the Art of betrayal
  10. The pioneer Pepanyan, national ideology: Russia's quest
  11. Hrazdan Madoyan, Big East play started
    The order of people's Commissar of defense of the USSR N227
  12. Eduard Polatov, I arrived there, where he was born

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