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Rastorguev S. P. "Introduction to the formal theory of information war"
Material posted: Publication date: 05-01-2011

The aim of this work is to develop the reader's skills for creating mathematical models in the field of information warfare involving deliberate large-scale, put on the conveyor, the operation of the senses. Programming the behavior of such entities strictly connected with their world models, which are based on information self-learning system solves the problem to achieve an acceptable future. She tries to prevent undesired events and to satisfy causing its existence needs, such as by adjusting the surrounding world and itself, to the best of their ability.

When speaking about the correction of the world, refers to the adjustment of both physical environment and self-learning models of information systems. In the case of a targeted adjustment of models of information methods it is, depending on the scale, or about the information war or information operations.

Soft cover, 120 PP.
ISBN 5-9502-0039-X
Circulation: 1000 copies.

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