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Scam with Boeing and the rising price of gas
Material posted: Publication date: 10-09-2014

Today everything has become clear that after effects of the Scam from "the downed Boeing" could not hang on Russia, traces its "innocent pranks" conducted its forces are trying to hide behind a wall of silence. Of the esters of the companies, both Western and Eastern, and also Russian, "the disaster Boeing" disappeared too organized, so that this disappearance could be explained by the loss of interest of viewers, Internet users and readers to this topic.

The behavior of the British authorities, who provided the necessary expert studies tape residue "of the downed Boeing" looks frankly concealment of the crime occurred. Officials of the US Administration, allowing himself to appear at official events in one boot, among the many stupid comments on minor topics do not clarify the situation and silence in the best traditions of the heroes of the American fighters.

The Dutch side, allegedly, lost in "who shot down Boeing" many of its citizens, not insisting on any action concerning the consequences of the disaster and no action leads. We do not see any work of experts-technicians, we have not seen the work of psychologists, common to the situation with relatives of the victims. We also hear statements on the payment of compensation or insurance.

Strange situation. Let it try to understand.

Between death and death

We will remind, the accident happened on 17 July 2014. It is claimed that it killed 298 people on Board "shot down" Boeing. Now our memory is a little "zamylilsya", therefore, refer to the publications made immediately after the fall of Boeing.

Regional human rights group "Crimea" in just 3 days after the disaster on 30 July 2014 ( published an article in which he said: "Before the crash, we were at the checkpoint along with other Cossacks, who arrived to Donbass to support the militias of the new Russia. About 10 minutes before the death of the passenger liner, on our block-a post was made "the call" Ukrainian SU-25 that fired us missiles. After "calling" the checkpoint attack sharply rose to the top and we thought he was gone on the second run. Looking out from the shelter, we saw to our right above the checkpoint falling aircraft of large dimensions, and the attack literally "pours" from the on-Board machine guns and cannons. Ie shoots the remains of the falling Boeing.

We were first on the scene of the crash and the first thing we noticed is the smell of corpses and the smell of formalin, which you embalm the corpses. Saw it on the TV laid out on the ground of the passport of foreign countries, which allegedly belonged to the passengers of the plane. All the passports we got out of the safe that fell near the scene of the tragedy and in the safe were stacked passport. All passports are new. As if they had recently printed in the printing house and distributed right before the flight.

We were also evident. What almost all the "passengers" were naked except for a few people in uniform. I should note another point – everyone has seen on television that the crash site there was virtually no fire. So – small pockets. It turned out that the fuel tanks of Boeing, which still had to overcome several thousand kilometers, were empty. Therefore, do not have any fire. I.e. those who produced the aircraft in flight, at the airport of Holland, knew that the plane was not destined to fly to Malaysia. He simply wouldn't have enough fuel".

Judging by the passports on Board the downed plane, had only a few citizens of Malaysia. The remaining were citizens of countries in Europe, Australia and the United States, that is, people were supposed to have a Caucasoid appearance. However, among the dead were people with Mongoloid facial features. This fact has already formed certain suspicions.

And then suspicion was added. "Left overs question about the presence of relatives of the victims in the countries of Europe, Australia and USA. Here they just had to huddle in the airports of these countries and find out the fate of the passengers on the plane. But none of them, as the crowd "relatives" TV, we have not shown. Silent and Western Newspapers. Insurance companies. No "relative" has not asked for compensation. No insurance company, no country sent their representatives to Ukraine to investigate the accident that provides global rules of life insurance," said one of the militants.

Insurance Scam

About insurance we will pay attention to the Ukrainian publication made just in 4 days after the disaster. This article is entitled – "Downed in the Donbass Boeing was insured in the event of war" (Kyiv, July 21, 2014 it says that the airliner "Boeing 777", owned by the company and Malaysian Airline crashed, was insured in case of hostilities. The aircraft was insured for us $97.3 million

Let's see who participated in the insurance of the aircraft. The pool of reinsurers headed by a British company Allianz SE, according to Bloomberg. The head of the pool of insurance companies to insure the risks associated with military action and terrorism is Atrium Underwriting Group, which has confirmed the fact of such insurance. Atrium said that now is actively working together with other insurance companies, lawyers and other parties on the issue of the payment of insurance for the aircraft itself.

And here is another post on the same topic (, published in the morning, on the 5th day of the crash on July 22, 2014: Boeing "downed" on July 17 near the village Grabovo in the Donetsk region in Ukraine, was insured in the amount of 97.3 million. in case of war and terrorism. This amount will be paid only for the ship itself. The total amount of all payments by the crash of an airliner can vary from 600 to 1000 million.

That's how it happened: insured in the event of war – war and destroyed this particular Boeing. Now, I think it is clear why Boeing changed course, moved closer to the theater of operations...

About the bodies we will note that August 24, 2014 ( was reported, which States that the second special flight with the remains of victims of the crash "Boeing" near Donetsk arrived in the international airport of Kuala Lumpur. It is reported by national news Agency BERNAMA. The bodies of the victims of the tragedy will give them to relatives.

How many of these bodies? Calculate. The day before the flight was taken in Malaysia body 20 passengers. The plane was met by Malaysian king Abdul Halim muadzam the Shah's family and representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers. August 24 was the second plane and the transport Minister of the Kingdom of Liow Tiong Lai said one more plane with remains of the passengers and crew of flight MH17 will arrive on August 30.

Not many flights 45 for citizens of Malaysia were on Board? Recall that among the passengers were 192 citizens of the Netherlands, 45 citizen of Malaysia, 27 – Australia, 12 – Indonesia, 9 – great Britain, 4 – Germany 4 – Belgium 3 – Philippines 1 – Canada 1 – New Zealand (; 08.08.2014).

What about payments?

Malaysia Airlines, which owned the "downed" Boeing, intends shortly to pay 5 thousand dollars. relatives of the dead passengers. The total amount of compensation with all the insurance payouts can reach up to 150 thousand dollars. All insurance companies will pay to relatives of victims of approximately $ 50 million. These are encouraging statements, designed to appease the public – a pier, all is proceeding normally.

But after 23 days since the disaster, August 9, 2014 ( reported another "Malaysian airlines" has already transferred, but only 5 thousand dollars to the family of victims in plane crash "to cover initial expenses". That is, insurers promised almost a billion dollars, and has cost "a penny"!

But at the same time continued to disseminate false promises. The same article States that "Malaysian airlines" will pay 50 thousand dollars to the relatives of the victims of the plane crash in Ukraine. On 8 August announced the publication of "Dutchnews" with reference to the lawyer of the carrier Jan van Zuuren. The same information distributed by ITAR-TASS.

"The decision on the final amount of compensation will take quite a long time, he said Souren. – So the company pays 50 thousand dollars in the preliminary order." This statement from a "competent" person was intended to reassure. But now a new question: to appease whom? After all, the relatives of the victims never showed up.

Meanwhile, the same Zuoren said that, they say, "all relatives had been notified about the decision". And the problem with the lack of relatives began to play with renewed vigor. The same media in the same news message to remind that the day before, i.e. on 8 August, the Ministry of security and justice of the Netherlands said that for the past week had identified the body only 21 victims of the crash, and currently identified a total of 23 people.

How managed insurers to pay insurance premiums and to notify ALL if the identities of only 7 per cent of the victims? Detective, and only...

But "in the insurance business it is accepted to compensate the damages associated with air travel relatively quickly. Some policies even specified deadline from the date of the incident, which is supposed to pay back the money. It is important to add that the threat of terrorist attack, as a rule, not among the ordinary risks to be hedged passenger liners. This insurance is optional. Report that in the case of the Malaysian Boeing, it was concluded not by Allianz, and other company – Lloyd English. If it turns out that the disappearance of the Boeing is effectively connected with terrorists, to pay the British, and to pay Allianz, which now is calculated with the airline and relatives of the passengers", – told the correspondent of "Kommersant FM" in Germany Oleg Zinkovsky.

For example a healthy relationship in the insurance business here is an example, as were made insurance payments in Russia. The disaster occurred on the evening of November 17. The Boeing-737 of airline "Tatarstan" has fallen on the runway. All are coming on Board, 50 people died. After 5 days (22.11.2013) RBC ( reported that the Ministry of labour and social protection of RT has started to pay compensation to the relatives of the victims of the disaster Boeing. The first 11 families received 1 million roubles, have informed RBC-Tatarstan, head of the press service of the Ministry of labor of Tatarstan Raphael Giniyatullin. In addition to this amount the families of the deceased passengers will also receive another 2 million compensation from the insurance company SOGAZ. The press service of the company "SOGAZ" has reported that on the next day after the plane crash case admitted insurance.

Why "downed" Boeing international practice of payment of insurance is stalling? Is that because there is simply no one to pay? And is it not because originally to pay anybody to anybody nothing is going?

The origins of the fraud

Now back up the timeline a little bit ago and go back to the "missing" last spring, the Bing, the same Malaysian company. It was never found.

The last time the crew of the hijacked Boeing was in contact with controllers at the moment, when the plane was above the South China sea over the territory of Vietnam. Soon after the beginning of search operation it became known that the plane changed course, in this connection, the search area was expanded. March 15, Malaysian investigators concluded that the aircraft could have been hijacked.

The Minister of defence and acting Minister of transport Malaysia Hishammuddin Hussain said that the communication system was disabled manually for 40 minutes before losing connection with the liner. After 14 minutes was off the transceiver used for the identification of aircraft by radar.

The Washington media ( published March 19, 2014, passenger plane Malaysia Airlines changed course "at least 12 minutes before co-pilot Buffoon Abdul Hamid made contact with the Manager and said, "all right, good night"".

One of the versions (17.03.2014; RSN shows that the "missing" Boeing could overtake in Holland or even in the same Ukraine.

Discussing the "loss" of a Boeing, Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the airliner with 227 passengers on Board "just destroyed". "It is the Americans did everything as in the construction of aircraft are incorporated into the management system required sensors and equipment, and some naval bases the U.S. can influence the course of the aircraft, to expand it, to block normal governance", he said.

On the subject of controlled flight Zhirinovsky is not far from the truth: Lockheed Martin is already building a prototype capable of remote controlled flight with passengers and weapons on Board.

Prime Minister Najib Razak spoke by telephone with Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambaev. One possible route of the aircraft passes through the airspace of Kyrgyzstan, Razak said. He during a press conference about the disappearance of the liner said he believes that the Board has been hijacked "highly unknown".

According to the publication Reuters, the liner was noticed in Afghanistan, after which his fate became unknown. The former Manager of the Royal air force of great Britain Sean Muffet suggested, rightly noticing that the plane was hijacked by unknown persons, and the passengers on Board intended was killed by decompression. Then, the Boeing landed in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is not so far from the second place of the tragedy, that is, from the territory of Ukraine.

Most of the passengers of the missing Boeing were citizens of China. Also on Board were one Russian and two Ukrainians. Relatives of Chinese passengers of the missing Boeing threatened to start a hunger strike if Malaysian authorities do not give them more accurate information about the fate of their loved ones. They are sure that officials know more than they say. And we can quite confidently say that they are missing the relatives of the victims "shot down" over Ukraine Boeing. While they await the results of the search from Malaysia, their bodies dropped over the Ukraine.

But there is another version of events. Hijacked Boeing returned to Malaysia. 19 March 2014 ( sounded a message from Bangkok: after the disappearance of the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines in Thailand, the radar has detected an unknown aircraft, according to "" with reference to Agence France-Presse. Radar spotted the plane six minutes after the disappearance of the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines, which was over the South China sea. Air the court moved towards Kuala Lumpur. This was stated by the representative of the air forces of Thailand Monton Suchookorn. According to him, available data suggest that the radar in Thailand got exactly the missing Boeing.

Why was returned to Boeing? And then, then under the usual form of flight to overtake him in Holland, and there to make it a ship with dead bodies and running to "hit" him over Ukraine.

About the passengers

The fact that Boeing was hijacked and the passengers killed and remained in the cabin, indicated by the following "oddity". Le Figaro from March 9, ( ... nit-90356) gave the Chinese live, March 8 phones even prozvanivatsya. However, someone's reaction was strange: Figaro was made to delete this article.

Commentators on the Internet says: "there is a feeling, not was it all prepared?" And lead to the reasons numerous photos with many times of such symbols as "missing" flight. And she's on t-shirts, and more complex types of clothing. For all this PR-action is viewed by the able hand of the organizer. Think about it: nobody, for example, did not paint on an industrial scale plots of the plane crash in Kazan.

Make you think about bodies in "downed" Boeing repeated attack of Ukrainian law enforcers in the Donetsk morgue (7 August 2014 The journalist, Jim stone, believes that "disappeared" in March and the plane "downed" over Donbass Boeing – same vessel.

After 10 minutes at the crash site were the first eyewitnesses of the disaster – the militia of the Donetsk national Republic. Most of the militia shook the characteristic putrid smell, flowed over the site of the accident. The Minister of defence of DNR Igor Strelkov (this was reported by The Washington Times) reported that "according to the people who collected the bodies, a significant part of corpses – "stale" – they died a few days ago."

Other bodies, according to witnesses, were "quite bloodless" – as if the blood has clotted long before the disaster. The other part was in a stage of decomposition, when the smell becomes unbearable.

These corpses has started a real hunt. For two weeks the morgues of Donetsk 12 times subjected to attacks from secretly penetrating into the city the Ukrainian military. First to storm the morgue sent national guardsmen and men of the volunteer brigades, and the last three attacks made by the professionals, Polish-on contract from private armed groups, ex-special forces.

Igor Strelkov also said that "the plane was found a large number of medicines, blood serum and other things, which is not typical for conventional liner. It seems that there has been "medical spargus". Yes only medical?

Here's what else eyewitnesses noted: almost all the passengers bodies were naked, the clothes were only on some of them. Most remarkably, the clothing was identical, one of the company – Hugo Boss. Schemers don't bother – they just bought the clothes in bulk.

Part of the bodies as a result of falling from a great height was literally torn from the inside out. This would lead to a huge loss of blood. But there was not a drop!

Any expert will confirm: this pattern can appear in a single case – in the event of damage to the dead, stiff body. Later Donetsk and forensic experts established that subcutaneous fat at ripped bodies had an unnatural yellowish tint. Such tone characteristic in the oxidation of adipose tissue body as a result of long-term storage.

But it's not all oddities. Documents confirming the identity of passengers were not in possession, and were collected in several places and folded in bags. In this part of the passports were brand-new, freshly minted, and the other part was deliberately damaged by punches in a few places – in the Netherlands, thus "extinguish" invalid documents of dead people".

Most of the carcasses according to the militia, had the traits of Asian, and not European appearance. The plane was carrying a huge amount of blood. For what? Not to fall when that blood is spilled, giving the appearance of an air crash that happened with real people?

The mechanism of the Scam

There is a technical condition to fly to Malaysia, Boeing would not have enough fuel, its tanks were empty. Crimean human rights activist mark Ben-Naim, who conducted his own investigation of the incident and who interviewed a few dozen of the militia, told about the crash of Boeing, which in addition to the putrid smell and the smell of formalin, which you embalm the dead, rushed into the eyes that the crash site there was virtually no fire. It turned out that the fuel tanks of Boeing, which had to fly several thousand miles, were empty.

And another strange thing, says mark Ben-Naim: "No insurance company of any country of the world has sent their representatives to Ukraine to investigate the accident, but in case of such incidents, the insurers of the bones lie, in order not to pay the full amount of the insurance, because we can talk about hundreds of millions of dollars."

Experts restored the following picture. In the passenger seats of the aircraft (this is confirmed by the examination made by the specialists of Donetsk) fly naked naked dead. Passports are collected in packages, fly separately in the safe. Passport pictures mostly of the Dutch (Europeans), but the body is obvious Asians. Part of the found passports deliberately damaged by punches in the Netherlands so "stub" documents of dead people.

Journalist Jim stone showed some pictures. They prove the absolute identity of the two different sides.

The scenario disaster like this. Stolen in March, Boeing lands on one of the American air bases in, say, Diego Garcia, although the plane could stand and at the airport of Malaysia (more likely). Passengers (most Asians) are sacrificed. Their bodies are frozen in refrigerators. Before the surgery, recovered and are seated in the cabin and the aircraft flies in the direction of Ukraine, where the plane with corpses of murdered Ukrainian fighter.

The perfect provocation. Isn't it?

No. Not perfect!

In this brutal crime was attended by the authorities of Malaysia and the Netherlands. They knew exactly how and why "disappeared" Boeing in March and who flew from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur in July. Malaysia is a former colony of Britain. The United States could find leverage. And the Dutch have a reason to stick it to the Americans. The Dutch produce their own gas and sell liquefied fuel. If any way to achieve disconnect Russian pipe from Europe, the gas price will rise profitable.

Here are just a few quotes. "Ukraine gets gas, Europe shot": " No, still not over the summer. No, Kiev is not yet frozen. And Europe is not frozen. And Gazprom has restricted gas supplies to the EU. But now gas has risen sharply. Delivery scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2014, soared in price by 21%".

"Gas prices in Europe rose sharply": " according to Bloomberg, amid concerns that tensions between Russia and Ukraine lead to disruptions in fuel supplies, the price of natural gas on the European steel market to grow."

"War gas": " gas Prices on the EU market steadily climb up. From mid-June, after the cessation of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine natural gas at auction in London has risen by 21%. On it informs Agency Bloomberg".

We all realize what a destructive role played by "both" Boeing in international tension. And, of course, gas prices its growth not only compensate for all costs associated with the handling of the airplane, but will literally bring space profits gas companies.

But that's not all. Schemers, as always, used with a "deal" to remove multiple gesheft. And this re-gain brings us back to Kazakhstan – "downed" Boeing was reinsured in JSC "Insurance company "Eurasia", writes (; 21 July 2014, "In this case, in the past, our company is a reinsurer of these Malaysian aircraft", – said the Director of Department PR and advertising company "Eurasia" Shakir Iminov.

Of course, this does not mean that "some" of Kazakhstan was so powerful to manipulate the international market by air and gas, and corpses. The Kazakh insurers have their puppeteers. They are marked in the official documents of "Eurasia".

It turns out that the main reinsurers of JSC "Insurance company "Eurasia" are: British Marine Ins. (London, UK); Hannover Reinsurance (Germany, Hannover); Sompo Japan Insurance (Japan, Tokyo); "Ingosstrakh" (Russia, Moscow); CJSC "Capital reinsurance" (RF, Moscow), OJSC "Moscow Re" (Russia, Moscow); JSC "Rosgosstrakh" (Russia, Moscow); JSC SOGAZ (Russia, Moscow); Hannover Reinsurance (Dublin) Ltd (Ireland, Dublin E+S Reinsurance (Ireland, Dublin); SR International Business Insurance CompanyLimited (London, UK); Tokyo Marine And Fire Insurance Company Limited (Tokyo, Japan); Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.5000 SPL, London, Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.0190 FRW, London, Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.0510 KLN, London, Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.0033 HIS, London, Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.2987BTR, London, Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.0570 ATR London, Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.2020 WEL, London, Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.1206 GER, London, Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.2001 AML, London Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.1243 EUL, London Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.2003 SJC, London, Lloyd's Underwriter Syndicate No.1096 RAS, London, (London, UK) (kase'

Now, I think it is understandable why London plays the fiddle in the manipulation of "the study of the remnants of "downed"" Boeing. British reinsurers simply conceal the traces of their crimes.

The habit of killing

Of course, someone may say that it is very scary to be true. But let's remember the situation with the demolition of three buildings in new York on 11 September 2001. Then, too, the American security services easily managed to hijack some planes, and then they Trombetta about the demolished skyscrapers. The spectacle turned out to be heartbreaking, so much so that ordinary people believed in the attack. Very few people versed in the technical intricacies of the demolition of the buildings and thinking that the skyscrapers as if really you can shoot down aircraft.

But the fact remains: the U.S. has caused the whole world to believe that was a terrorist attack. For this crime the Americans earned inside the country, on police business, and out of the country on military operations of oil and gas.

But building owners also have earned decently. For example, as appreciated live radio USA this situation Rabbi Abe Finkelstein: "Yes, we received a call from Kehily (Kehilla) [community, quasi-governmental authority in Jewish communities of the middle ages] that Ariel and some of the boys from Mossad. They gathered together, and they did the wiring in these buildings mined, and they failed. It was pretty hard to take them down anyway, because we wanted to build some new structures, and the buildings were getting old and it's time to bring them down. Thus, we will make a few shekels, destroying the building. Ah, Silverman (Silverman) [unintelligible] was a good friend of mine. They have Larry. He got two, he got two for one, and he doubled the insurance, as if by magic, only three months before it happened, and he got a double benefit in this, so he made four times their money. I would have had to participate in this deal. He asked me but I said: Oh, I have to think about it. It took me too much time that I think about it, and they, as they say, pulled the plug, and filled up these buildings. But at least I went to [birzhevy] market and I sold, I sold to American Airlines, I United Airlines sold, I sold the insurance company Lloyd's of London, because for them it was a big hit, the insurance company Alliance (Alliance), I was sold. So I made a few shekels".

Yes, and in the cases of 11 September 2001 in the USA, and in the case of the Malaysian Boeing we see all those "cute" faces insurance companies, Alliance and Lloyd's. Hear and quite clear explanation of a Rabbi. And it's just business. It's nothing personal.

Andrew Tyunyaev


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