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"The Bilderberg experts" are concerned about Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 31-05-2017

In world capitals, with a special look always waiting for the appearance in the press and the Internet the outcome of next this year's meeting of the Bilderberg club, which is traditionally held in early summer. It is reported that the meeting relating to the so-called "world" government, consider key issues, take important decisions, therefore, is secretly controlling the world. Informal annual conference of the Bilderberg group, since 1954, are held in complete secrecy. At the annual Conclave public and nonpublic influential people are invited presidents, kings, princes, chancellors, Prime Ministers, ambassadors, bankers, CEOs of major corporations, top journalists and experts. According to the encyclopedia Britannica, "the conference is an informal relaxed atmosphere in which those who influence national policies and international Affairs".

On the subject of modern activities of the representatives of the "world government" expressed Fyodor Pashin, expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy.

Global agenda 2017

Fearing to be accused of the commitment of the "conspiracy theory", policy experts, journalists try to ignore such informal organizations as the Bilderberg group meetings at which attempts are made to direct world events. However, to include all participants of the annual meeting of the members of the world government is not possible. According to foreign experts, most likely, they discussed the approved agenda, and accept the relevant decisions. The Bilderberg group, like other similar organizations (Roman club, the Trilateral Commission, etc.), serve to divert attention from the true "kitchen of the world policy", which considers "Chaldean sages".

As reported by some media and Internet resources, in connection with the aggravation of the international situation, with increasing global challenges and threats "of the Bilderberg experts" can discuss a variety of topics, not just individual questions. Thus, in particular, a meeting of the group on 30 may 2014 in Denmark one of the main issues was devoted to Ukraine. Immediately after this summit, the new Ukrainian leadership headed for a tough confrontation with Moscow, the persecution of dissidents, began the escalation of the armed conflict in the Donbass.

11-14 June 2015 in Austria in the small town of Telfs-buchen, immediately after the end of the G7 summit (7 and 8 June in ELMAU near Munich), was the 63rd conference of the Bilderberg club. The discussion included the following issues: artificial intelligence; cyber security; threats of chemical weapons proliferation; economic situation in the world; European strategy; globalisation; Greece; Iran; middle East; NATO; Russia; Terrorism; United Kingdom; USA and the American elections. In 2016 in Dresden at the centre of attention of participants of the Bilderberg club have been such topics as: current events; China; Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity; middle East; Russia; United States: the political landscape, economy: growth, debt, and reform; cyber security; geopolitics of energy and raw materials prices; the precariat (a social class of workers with temporary or part-time) and the middle class; technological innovation.

Thus, the annual Conclave considers all of the most urgent issues of our times, discusses the state and prospects of world development, forms his attitude to the events and processes that States and their rulers, contributes to the implementation of the recommendations of the Club. Currently, the increasingly relevant topic of financial and economic crisis, the fate of the world's currencies and, above all, the petrodollar. In addition, the "powers that be" can not disturb the growing chaos and other crises in international Affairs, the problem is the unmanaged growth of the population of the Earth. Not remain without attention of China, the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the middle East and, in particular, in Syria, in Eastern Europe, primarily in Ukraine. On the sidelines of the summits, often the conversation comes to coordinating the activities of the "deep States" ("state within a state), information and political support for the overall international effort.

It is possible that separately at the summit will again be on the unwanted rulers of individual countries (Venezuela, Hungary, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Philippines etc.) that currently do not fit into the accepted scenario for the world events. On the need for targeted delegitimization "the most formidable opponent of the West," who is the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, first began at the famous meeting in Chantilly (Virginia, USA) back in 2012. The main fault of the Russian leader is that he consistently defends and promotes the interests of Russia, and thereby stands in the way of plans for the "world backstage".

In the era of the Internet, many States and peoples and, above all, not only myself felt the full force of aggressive subversive of information weapons, which today includes primarily the structure of the so-called "world government." At the same time have the opportunity to obtain a diverse knowledge and recognize the forces and means, the designs, and the technology of their interference in the internal Affairs of sovereign States. In particular, it became clear that the "world government" in most of the leading countries not only have an extensive network of offices, called in the press – a "deep state". These hidden authorities operate in parallel with the official authorities formed so-called "democratic" way. First of all, we are talking about the state apparatus of the USA, Canada, Australia, the leading EU countries. In addition, is the state of the ability of countries such as India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others, where the structure of the "deep States" merged with the official institutions.

According to media reports, in accordance with the plans of the Atlantic geo-strategists goal of overthrowing the current government in the Kremlin and take full control of one "seventh of the land" must be achieved in 2018, when will be the next presidential elections in Russia. The bet is made, primarily, at strengthening awareness and political and financial and economic pressure on Russia, provoking anti-government protests and the revitalization of the street opposition. As the main instruments of pressure on Russia elected sanctions, the escalation of the conflict involving Russia in Syria, the aggravation, until the armed conflict of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

The leading role in achieving the anti-goals is given to the international media, international financial institutions, influential non-governmental organizations and representatives of the ruling oligarchic elite in Ukraine, including law enforcement agencies, primarily the SBU and nationalist groups, journalists of leading Ukrainian mass media and the Internet community. The bet is placed on an all-out confrontation with Moscow, the collapse of Russian-Ukrainian relations in all spheres, including the humanitarian field, increasing provocative actions. In ideological and political terms the emphasis is on deliberate hostile propaganda, fake (false) coverage, and aggressive Russophobia of Ukrainian national-chauvinism, the demonization of government and, above all, the Russian President and discredit his supporters.

"The deep state"

In the media and the Internet the "deep" States" is called a branched network of corporations in the national States, acting in close cooperation with international organizations global impact. They try to control the main control mechanisms of the state and society and, above all, organizational, conceptual, socio-cultural, outreach, financial, economic, military, political, legal, diplomatic institutions. The intellectual core of the "deep States" in most dependent countries is the so-called "agents of influence", recruited, as a rule, representatives of national and religious minorities, which are often assembled and has the necessary incriminating evidence. The main forces of the "agents of influence", according to tradition, United and consolidated by the phenomenon of the "old Testament" of solidarity, the circumstances of homosexual preferences.

According to experts, in the conditions of the existence of "States within the state" many of the current rulers of the leading countries to a greater extent are the official newsmakers, rather than relate to direct leadership of their countries. Therefore, their international contacts with leaders of other countries are largely of a formal nature, if the agreements reached during the meetings in advance were not relevant approvals in the "deep state." For example, the recent 2 may the official visit to Russia by German Chancellor Angela Merkel was of a formal nature. From the German side was required not only to proximityout the revival of political dialogue between the two countries after two years of pause. But in the run-up to may 2017 major international summits, including the G-7 (Italy) and NATO (Brussels), as well as Bildebergsky the next meeting of the club, to try to sound out the Kremlin's position on key international issues (Syria, Ukraine, South Korea, the "New silk road", sanctions, etc.). However, we cannot exclude the fact that one of the goals of Merkel's trip to Russia was to use the fact of the meeting with Vladimir Putin to improve its rating in the course of the election campaign In Germany. It is interesting that at the same time, the head of Germany do not miss the moment once again, "to prick" Russia for "prosecution" of members of the society of LGBT people, this time in Chechnya.

As it turned out, was not to be expected any results from the Russian-French summit in Paris (29 may 2017). Moscow makes no sense to rethink the "old new" "present" and promises of the West, who voiced Emanuel macron, totally dependent and manipulated by a political figure. At the same time, the fact of the arrival of the Russian President to Paris and his meeting with the new "owner" of the Elysee Palace was to raise the international prestige of the French President, first of all, in the eyes of the European public. At the same time we can also assume that the patrons of the new President hoped to use the visit of Vladimir Putin for propaganda purposes, including to achieve the victory of the supporters of Macron in the parliamentary elections in France in competition with other parties and, above all, the National front of marine Le Pen. In addition, we cannot exclude that the stay of Vladimir Putin in Paris is the possibility of encirclement of Makron still "feel" the Russian side.

Currently, under strong political pressure forces, which are the major shareholders of JSC "United States of America," was even the head of a great power like the United States, Republican Donald trump, a prominent businessman, a member of the systemic opposition, who came to power without the consent of the "deep state". However, he apparently mistakenly thought that you really elected full President of the country. Today he is in the U.S. give way to understand, so he quickly parted with their campaign returns, which secured him the support of much of the population, and passed to the compliance with the relevant regulations. His recent voyage to the middle East and Europe suggests that the American President is not only capable, but will not be able to continue to act as an independent policy.

Meanwhile, it is known from history, what happens to the unwanted rulers of the state, particularly in the United States were killed by American presidents such as Abraham Lincoln (1861-65.), James Garfield (March — September 1881), John F. Kennedy (1961-1963) etc. is Known for the unenviable fate of the leaders of many other States and, in particular, in Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Syria. In that moment, when the puppet suddenly started to think and act independently to uphold and promote the national interests of their countries, they were waiting for an unenviable fate. Some were killed - Saddam Hussein (Iraq) and Gaddafi (Libya). Others, like Slobodan Milosevic (Yugoslavia) died in the dungeons of the International Tribunal in the Hague. Today is subjected to unprecedented attack Bashar al-Assad (Syria). Of special note is the figure of the Belarusian President A. Lukashenko, who is independently elected in Belarus. However, despite its current attempts to "flirt" to the West, is unlikely to be able to avoid the "exemplary punishment", "to others it was nepovadno" to pursue an independent course.

In some countries, the "deep state" out of the shadows, such as in Ukraine, and openly merged with the official authorities. While remaining firmly under external control, the official Kiev took a course on the permanent confrontation with Russia, total Ukrainization of the population, genocide of Russian-speaking citizens, the transfer of the territory of the country with its natural resources under the full control of "world government". According to media reports, after the cleaning of territories from unwanted population, including the current nationalists may occur rebooting the demographic of the country, which implies a massive influx into Ukraine of citizens of other countries and, above all, migrants from the countries of the Middle East and Africa. If and further we will talk about moving the Israelis to the borders of the current Ukrainian state, what the press says, the place of their compact residence is the territory of several oblasts (Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhya, Mykolayiv, Odesa, Kherson).

For external designs, subsequently, thus, can be restored Baltic-black sea sanitary gimbal, designed to isolate Russia from Europe and primarily Germany. A "new state", becoming the core area of Eurasia, will be able to control the transit flows through the historical route "the New silk road," "from the Varangians to the Greeks", etc. however, as write mass media, to ensure the safety of such a "key" state is intended to be a major power in the confines of one seventh (one-sixth) part of the world, the current Russian Federation, a foreign recipes with managed leader at the head.

Currently only a few States of the world successfully resist outside interference, preventing the establishment of external control over government and society. Among them is, first of all, the Republic of Belarus, the Islamic Republic of Iran, people's Republic of China, democratic people's Republic, the Russian Federation. These countries will undoubtedly remain the main targets of international subversive forces and in the foreseeable future, inside of them, attempts will be made to the establishment and strengthening of "deep States".

Russia on the agenda of Bilderberg

Against Russia the next global plans for the "world backstage" is dated to 2018, when the presidential elections, world Cup and other mass events. In Russia the position of the "deep state" is especially strong in organizational, conceptual, financial, economic, information and cultural, political and legal spheres of government and society. Its main centers are Moscow and St. Petersburg. These cities in the Russian provinces, and has developed an extremely negative attitude. Moscow, in particular, in the eyes of the population, as in the Russian regions, and national entities, is the source of all ills and evils. By the way, "antimoskalskogo" sentiment and public rhetoric is a significant part of Ukrainians remain one of the main manifestations of confrontation with Russia.

In the depths of the "deep state" represented the interests of the major clans of the world (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Vatican, etc.). Tough, sometimes bitter competition between the representatives of which in the early 90-ies for control of Russian resources, for some time, weakened the capacity of the "state within a state". This has allowed Vladimir Putin and his closest supporters, strongly "flirting" with the forces of external influence, try to get out of a strong addiction, to try to successfully play on existing contradictions, to take a course on strengthening of statehood and the promotion of national interests in the international arena. However, the main resource for the support of the Russian President remains mass support from the majority of the population, which hinders opponents from the more radical measures for its removal from power. In addition, the "world government", to a certain extent, is not interested in the disintegration of the Russian space risks which may arise in the care of the head of the Kremlin has its own plans for "one-seventh of the world".

However, in the organizational-conceptual realm (concepts and programs, personnel and staff structure) remained practically the same detrimental to the country's domestic policy, which has been held since early 90-ies of the Influence of the liberal Democrats retained when making strategic decisions, formulation of development programs. They dominate the key power structures, their strong position even in the entourage of the Russian President. The Federal state structure, the Foundation of which was laid external known principle of "divide and rule", almost no change. The result is unreasonably dangerous to the country, as shown by the recent presidency of Dmitry Medvedev, the competition in the Executive branch between the President and Prime Minister. According to media reports, more than strange continues to look like the main constitutional body of the country, which is the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. It includes the Federation Council and the state Duma with its chairmen and devices, but does not have a leadership, coordinating the work of the chambers, and interaction with other leading state institutions. Such "time bombs" brought under the judicial system, law enforcement agencies and other authorities.

In the bowels of government continue to multiply and advance for foreign recipes and technologies for unpopular decisions, which have devastating consequences for the economy and social life, multiply protests. Flawed policy of the Central Bank is holding back financial recovery of the Russian economy, the development of the real sector of the economy, GDP growth, expansion of business ties. Contradictory, and unnecessarily congested often changing legislative framework, formed government with the filing of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, also hinders the process of strengthening the statehood, national security, territorial integrity, economic revival of Russia.

As it was more than once, in particular, the last time in 2012 attempts to destabilize the socio-economic situation in Russia can be taken from the outside, with the contribution from representatives of the financial-economic bloc of the government. According to some, as a result of currency manipulation that time the Russian economy was "degreased" about 1 trillion rubles, and to overcome the crisis started only by the end of 2016. This kind of destabilization of the situation extremely dangerous for potentially explosive regions, primarily the North Caucasus republics. There is very high youth unemployment, weak socio-economic base, a strong extremist national-religious sentiment. It is no coincidence that in the "non-stop" on the territory of the North Caucasus are anti-terrorist operation. On the other hand, Moscow "appeasing" national Republic permanent considerable financial effects, strongly encouraged by the actions of the Caucasian business beyond national enclaves that causes discontent, especially in the Russian lands of Russia.

Subversion is most purposeful in the information sphere. Special effect information causes related to corruption in the upper echelons of power, unpopular decisions of the authorities, political scandals, mass protests, terrorist acts, etc. In Russia Pro-Western media and Internet resources, social networks and a blog sphere actively involved in ensuring the presence of alien zaideologizirovannogo "mainstream" in the national information space. Newsmakers among the "agents of influence", with access to leading media, manipulate public opinion, forming protests, put pressure on the government.

In the information and cultural sphere, special attention is given to the interaction of media and non-governmental organizations operating in the interests of the deep state. As leaders of public opinion today have positioned themselves representatives of show-business, the creative intelligentsia (artists, art, literature, film, etc.) that do not descend from screens of TVs, the Federal radio and the press. Most of these opponents of the current government and the institutions of statehood, supporters of Western values of consumption, rabid Russophobia and advocates of unbridled passions. If we are talking about the annexation of Crimea to Russia, support of compatriots abroad, the protection of the rights of believers, the revival of domestic agriculture, the "agents of influence" naturally whenever you find yourself on the side of the values of mass culture including sexual minorities, geopolitical enemies of Russia, enemies of President Vladimir Putin.

Russian "agents of influence", primarily intellectuals, historically formed from immigrants from the Soviet outskirts, very jealously monitors the preservation of its dominant position in the Russian society and sharply reacts to any attempt to infringe upon any of this privileged cohort of citizens. To cite an example of ostentatious opposition musician Makarevich, who continues to remain in the media spotlight because of their Pro-Ukrainian position. Recent high-profile or newsworthy, associated with the questionable activities of the artistic Director of the Moscow "Gogol-center" Kirill Semyonovich Serebrennikov, is seen not only in the homosexual predilections. In his defense together made the most famous figures of culture and art, previously seen in many anti-Russian actions.

The active part of agents of influence, along with the puppets in the government, made up of experts, netmaker, journalists. The analysis of the nature and content of the leading media suggests that they largely have devastating focus. We are not talking about the newscasts and analytical programs, where there is a positive content, primarily associated with the positioning of creative Affairs of the President of Russia. Other rating programs (music and other entertainment shows, scandals, artistic TV shows, political discourse, etc.) on the TV are defective. In particular, many hours of political shows on national TV channels with Ukrainian and other foreign representatives nothing but alienate the audience from thinking of the ether is not given, and in fact implanted in the Russian audience of the Ukrainian mass hysteria, intolerance and hatred. A similar situation takes place on radio and in the national press. It is no coincidence that first of all the young people out, looking for answers to the most pressing questions of the time, gets the opportunity to speak on a variety of topics but fall under the influence of aggressive alien fake traffic.

According to experts, a typical example of the blatant "overdose" the Russian audience is the Ukrainian subject in the mainstream media, primarily on Russian Federal TV channels. To the naked eye is visible to registered political show, designed to impose on society a scandalous destructive agenda, at least to disorient the audience, to relay information and in the Russian public space fake Ukrainian reality, to sow the seeds of alienation, enmity and hatred, to provoke a new wave of protest.

Non-governmental institutions of influence set the tone and in the political sphere, lobbying anti-Russian laws, promoting destructive social initiatives, organizing massive street protests. Judging by the experience of the opposition "belolentochnye" movement, which aimed to avoid in 2012 to power the current President, technology of mass demonstrations will be the main tool for achieving the change of power in Russia in 2018. As experts believe, along with prominent opposition leaders (A. Navalny, Alexei Kudrin, Dmitry Gudkov, etc.) that have support in the government, in the struggle with the Kremlin can be used and other policies, including the higher establishment, previously unnoticed in his public opposition.

Media write that in the mass protests timed to the presidential election, along with the Russian opposition, may be involved in anti-Russian forces from the Ukrainian refugees and migrant workers. Their actions will be able to manipulate the Ukrainian intelligence services, and to support relevant global, Ukrainian and Russian media and the Internet community, as it was not just and, in particular, March 26, 2017 during the mass anti-corruption performances of young people led by A. Navalny in many cities of Russia. This kind of anti-government initiatives will undoubtedly acquire a special danger for the Kremlin and the whole political stability in the country in case of involvement in the protest movement Russian national forces. Today the Russian protest the environment is under total information and cultural, political, legal and security authorities ' ban and the crime control and other national and migrant communities, primarily Caucasian groups. However, in the case of interest and needs support from outside "Russian factor" can be used to overthrow the current regime in the interests of global anti-Russian forces.

Tool of external influence in the calculation of the destabilization of the situation should be considered a different kind of terrorist acts, like the explosion in the subway 3 April in Saint-Petersburg during the meeting of presidents of Russia and Belarus. Noteworthy is the fact that the explosion was preceded by mass protests on 26 March in many cities of Russia. It is interesting that they stood in one row with other anti-an episode of that period - the promotion of anti-corruption movie "He's not Dimon" another aggravation of the situation in the Donbass, the mass opposition protests in Minsk and other Events of the time clearly demonstrates their explicit srezhissirovannyj, coordination with outside forces of the "deep state" in Russia.

In this regard, you can also recall the largely anti-Russian information world media reaction to the crash of the Malaysian Boeing over the Donbas in 2014. Considerable resonance in the media caused the crash of the Russian aircraft over the Sinai Peninsula in 2015 in Sochi in the end of 2016, which for a long period largely destabilized social and political situation in the country. According to estimates of experts, these events had no relationship to foreign intelligence services, without which terrorists would not be able to achieve the desired result and, above all, the strong information effect. This kind of resonance newsworthy aim not only to destabilize the country and call for more protests. We can assume that in connection with the upcoming presidential elections and the holding of the world Cup in Russia in 2018, would be made active attempts to employ terrorist tools in the anti-subversive purposes.

According to experts, the increase of terrorist threats in Russia is largely associated with the growth of mass migration, much of which is illegal, which leads not only to deterioration of a criminogenic situation. It is not conducive to improving the business climate, paralyzes innovative entrepreneurship, reduces the investment attractiveness of the country, in General, hinders the development of Russia's economy. Encouraging the influx of foreign masses is not only significantly complicates the indigenous population access to the labour markets, but also aims to strongly constrain the socio-political activity of citizens of the country, to channel the energy of the protest to the side of the aliens. As the experience of other countries, the growth unmanaged migration processes threatened by demographic and socio-cultural security, and when negative developments of the territorial integrity of the country.

Either sink or swim

As you know, the history of the Russian "deep state" stretches back centuries. Rus (Russia) very rarely get rid of direct, indirect or hidden yoke (according to Wikipedia, in a broad sense, oppressive, enslaving forces; while the narrow yoke of the conquerors over the vanquished). If you ask the representatives of the "deep state", in varying degrees, dedicated to anti-Russian plans of the "world backstage", they can talk about that erefii (Raschke) it is better to remain an appendage of the West and to serve his interests as "butt whipping do not destruct." Therefore, the external appointees have long been made to each "strong ties" with leading foreign powers, live there with their families, mistresses and lovers, they have a property stored livelihood.

Indeed, in the national, which to a greater or lesser extent are able to pursue an independent policy in the country and in the international arena. However, the chances to gain independence is, and Russia is once again in its history has already passed a certain cut on this difficult journey. However, today, as before, the country was again at the fork of paths-roads, where is the "prophetic stone", and the inscription on it: "go Right – lose your horse, yourself save; go to the left – lose yourself, the horse will save; right go – himself and the horse will lose". According to experts, in Russia a lot of people, including President Putin himself, who in mind and heart choose the last way - either sink or swim. In Russian history there are examples when leaders of the country, relying on the support of ordinary people willing to sacrifice for the salvation and survival of his people. Thus, in particular, in 1612, the warriors of Minin and Pozharsky, despite the betrayal of the Moscow elite, took responsibility for the fate of the country and freed it from Polish invaders.

In this context, maintaining and even increasing the social base of mass support by the official of the Kremlin is a priority of the political agenda. This is not enough for the former activity and initiatives of the Russian President, since the supply of its political strength at the end. It is therefore necessary to proceed to the gradual dismantling of the mechanisms and instruments of influence of "deep state", which means taking full control of the major institutions of government and society: organizational and conceptual; sociocultural; advocacy; financial and economic power; political-legal and diplomatic. Unfortunately, in addition to a military and diplomatic structures, and all other instruments of power, to a greater or lesser extent, are in external dependencies.

In the organizational-conceptual realm there is a need to develop effective action strategies, coming from national interests, and make real progress in personnel matters, and, at the highest level. The country must make social mobility, opening the door to power the next generation of citizens – patriots and professionals. It is necessary to give impetus to the development of innovative but nature - and resource-saving enterprise. Appropriate at the constitutional level to implement the reform authorities, which would be focused not on the separation of powers, and their consolidation and close cooperation with civil society, constructive activity in the national interest, demographic, preservation and increment of the peoples of the multinational country.

To solve these and other problems, first of all, we need to take control of the operation of the information management vertical, to fully recover the information sovereignty of the country. Today, it is essential to change largely destructive harmful the vector of direction of the leading Russian media on positive inspirational context, the use of linguistic and visual possibilities for peace and healing for the citizens in direct and figurative sense of the word. Thus it will be possible radically to improve the spiritual and moral atmosphere in the country, to withdraw most of the population of aggressive-depressive States, to release the creative energy of the masses for new businesses to the full revival of the country. At the same time, you will need to provide socio-cultural independence of Russia, a return to the ideals of building a society of justice, to traditional values.

The subject of special care of the state and society, one of the main instruments of national security, consolidation and mobilization of Russian citizens around positive ideas and leadership of the country, committed to the revival of the Russian state, Russian should become the language. Closely associated with the "umbilical cord" Russian-Slavic people, forming the core of Russia's population, it can and should be considered as the metaphysical core of the state ideology of survival, self-preservation and prosperity of the country, strengthening its credibility in the international arena. In this context, it is crucial that the government closely followed the preservation and enhancement of a homogeneous majority, which today presented the Russian-Slavic population. For metaphysical evaluations in a multicultural and polyconfessional States the number of ethnic core of the population should not be less than 66,666 %.

Under the condition of taking control of the institutions of government and society the first level (organizational, conceptual, socio-cultural, outreach) is much easier and simpler to solve other problems and, in particular, financial-economic and political-legal. Further the agenda of strengthening of the Russian statehood can and must be included a paragraph about moving the Russian capital to another city. The implementation of this solution will change the nature of power in Russia, a radical improvement of the elites, reducing the cost of the state, to eliminate antimoskalskogo sentiment.

In addition, in order to reduce the threat of undermining the territorial integrity of the country related to the growing centrifugal tendencies and dangers of migration, especially in the crisis periods of development of the state and society, it is advisable to return to the question of the gradual transformation of the Russian Federation into a unitary state. Because the topic is a fair equation of all peoples and nationalities of Russia regardless of their nationality and religion remains of great importance and requires immediate resolution. On this depends the very future of one seventh part of the world.

According to media reports, at present, the forces of the "deep state" before, especially after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, pushed to the periphery of public and political life, openly liberal dream of revenge. They slowly and steadily recover, carry out a regrouping of forces and means, begin to contract in the most vulnerable areas of the development of state and society, dealing blows aimed at the most "painful" centers of power. In these circumstances, it is important not to succumb to the temptation to join the protests, largely fair, not to forget the lessons of the last great upheaval that led to the disintegration of the country, untold disasters for the people.

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