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Boris Kagarlitsky From empires to imperialism: the State and the emergence of bourgeois civilization
Material posted: Publication date: 17-05-2012

The book of a historian and sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky is dedicated the establishment of the modern state and its role in the formation of capitalism. Analyzing the development of leading European empires and the United States of America, the author shows how far from the truth the myth of the spontaneous emergence of the market economy and the government, as a deterrent to private initiative. For centuries the state power with all its might carried out the "forced market".

The book uses a wide range of sources, including British and American periodicals of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Is intended for specialists in the field of history and sociology, and for a wide range of readers.

Publisher: Izd-tvo Higher school of Economics
ISBN: 978-5-7598-0761-2
Series: Political theory
Year: 2010
Number of pages: 677

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