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The struggle to determine when artificial intelligence is a "high risk"
Material posted: Publication date: 12-09-2021

The period of discussion of the proposal ended on August 8, and now it will be considered by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, which includes heads of state from EU member states. The AI Law is one of the first major policy initiatives around the world aimed at protecting people from malicious AI. If passed, it would classify AI systems by risk, more strictly regulate AI, which is considered a high risk to humans, and completely ban some forms of AI, including in some cases real-time facial recognition. Meanwhile, corporations and interest groups are publicly lobbying lawmakers to change the proposal to suit their interests.

She said that the rhetoric of some companies about the Law on Artificial Intelligence reminds her of when she heard colleagues from large technology companies before the publication of the GDPR claimed that they would be forced to leave Europe. But six months after the GDPR was adopted, Bryson says, the same people called the privacy legislation amazing as a single API for dozens of European countries. Over time, she expects to hear similar things about the Artificial Intelligence Law if it is passed.

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