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Black sea strategy: the plans of Washington on creation of "a single geopolitical front"
Material posted: Publication date: 26-09-2014

Experts do not exclude the possibility that the processes taking place in the middle East and Ukraine, will have an impact on wider geopolitical space. In the modern period the regions are in a particular field in close connection with each other.

Although there is no single front line, still talking in General about the confrontation between Russia and the West. In this respect, analysts noted the importance of developing the United States a clear concept of operations. So, Washington needed to bind the Syrian-Iranian and Ukrainian events in the security dimension of the black sea-Caucasus space. In both directions we must pursue a coordinated policy. This is a manifestation of the fact that the South Caucasus is involved in any geopolitical games. And it is worth considering the potential consequences.

The existence of a geopolitical connection between the Syrian-Iraqi and Ukrainian events attracts the attention of political analysts. Common between them is the issue of security of the black sea basin, which opens the door to additional thinking. It is evident that it is about creating in a wide area of a single geopolitical "front". What are the signs that can be considered remote from each other geographically and culturally, the middle East and Ukraine in a single geopolitical context?

Founder and Executive Director of the analytical center "Stratfor" George Friedman, in his analytical article holds in this regard, an interesting comparison (see: George Friedman. Ukraine Iraq and a Black Sea Strategy / Stratfor, September 2, 2014). The article stresses the geopolitical importance of the black sea basin in terms of ensuring the strategic interests of the United States. When considering the Syrian-Iraqi question in this context revealed hidden aspects of the problem. It becomes obvious that what is happening now in the middle East is more wide-ranging geopolitical goals. What otherwise is the connection between the Syrian-Iraqi and Ukrainian issues?

The strategic interests of the West in the middle East have prevented radical religious groups. And in Ukraine the role of Russia. At first glance, the fact that such a power as Russia, put in one number with the terrorist organization "Islamic State of Iraq and sham" (ISIS), is surprising. But maybe that factors in the geopolitical plane connecting them, similar. Therefore, it is about ensuring the specific interests of the West in a vast geopolitical space.

However, J. Friedman recognizes that, in the future ISIS could become a threat to Russia (this probability is considerable). Today, however, from the point of view of U.S. interests, they play the same role. For this reason, Washington should link these two issues and on this basis to give the concept of security of the black sea basin specific content.

Following this logic, when considering the geopolitical landscape of the black sea-Caucasus space, you can find a number of relevant security factors of Azerbaijan. In his article J. Friedman took this issue a separate place. He writes: "the black sea strategy would define the significance of Georgia – Eastern Black sea coast. More importantly, it will raise Azerbaijan to the level of importance that it should occupy in U.S. strategy. Without Azerbaijan Georgia weight small. With Azerbaijan in the North Caucasus will be opposed, or at least a buffer for the jihadists (is meant primarily ISIS – - Azerbaijan, logically, the Eastern anchor of the greater black sea strategy" (see: previous source).

You can trace the meaning of the subscript. First, Azerbaijan is perceived in the context of the middle East and Ukraine events. When it comes to the security of the black sea basin, the largest in the Caucasus is given to Azerbaijan. Secondly, the geopolitical value of Georgia directly associated with Azerbaijan. This means that if Baku will not be included in the geopolitical plans of the USA, Tbilisi will not be able to play in the region a special role. Armenia is not mentioned. Apparently, Yerevan is considered only as an Outpost of Russia. Third, J. Friedman believes that a radical religious group headed ISIS can seep to the Caucasus. In this case, the path may block only a joint activity of the West and Azerbaijan.


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