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Material posted: Publication date: 22-03-2022


GLONASS does not receive any data about receivers, although sometimes even congressmen in the United States do not understand this. But it is profitable to support more than one satellite positioning system. The more of them there are, the more accurately the location will be determined. And in the city, when around the house, it's not at all a fact that there will be the right number of GPS satellites on the remaining piece of sky. And with GLONASS, the chances of this are twice as high. At the same time, in its pure form, the GLONASS service does not require money, does not collect data.

GLONASS, GPS and the like are the most widespread example of the application of relativity theory, as we already noted at the beginning of this article. To determine the exact location, it is necessary not only to receive a signal from the satellite and its location. It is necessary to calculate how long the signal was going, and here the speed of light (with which radio waves move) turns out to be not so fast. The time difference between the observer and the reference system associated with the satellite generates an error in determining the coordinates of ten kilometers per day. That is, without taking into account the effects of GRT, GPS satellites would be useless.

You have no idea how much GRT is connected to GPS. One of the concepts of the theory of relativity is the interval, in the formula of which coordinates, time and the speed of light are connected. As a result, in practice, we can not only measure coordinates, knowing the speed of light and the time of propagation of the signal, but also vice versa. In cellular base stations, their exact coordinates are known, and their location is used to count time very accurately by satellites. This is necessary in order to properly synchronize the information flows in different channels and prevent their overlap. That is, again, it's about speed, performance and bandwidth, which is necessary for our world — GPS on cell towers was not needed for voice communication.

So global satellite systems are guides to the world of the future. And peaceful.

Ten kilometers for an object that is one and a half million kilometers away from us. The pursuit of precision goes beyond the limits of the Earth!

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