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Fergusonii events: the break point in the political-ideological system in the United States?
Material posted: Publication date: 03-09-2014

This city in pieces of Missouri have until recently been characterized by economic problems. Since 2000, wages here have dropped by 30%. Industrial enterprises in the city a bit. Many of them ceased operations. Now mostly operates the company "Emerson Electric". At its expense the situation in the city has stabilized somewhat.

But the murder of a white policeman Darren Wilson a Negro Michael brown on the street during the prosecution again reminded the world about Ferguson, showing this time the availability here is not economic, as serious criminal problems. Experts appropriate to the issue on a larger scale, analyze it in the context of the deficiencies of the political and ideological system of America as a whole. And for good reason.

6 bullets on black youth: the U.S. political system shaken

It turns out that in America there are problems connected with the protection of human rights. In the country trying to give lessons to the world about freedom and democracy, is racial discrimination. Developments over the last few days in Ferguson Missouri pieces, once again confirm what has been said.

Black boy, accused of a robbery at the store on August 10, was shot, police open. 18-year-old Michael brown was shot at least 6 times. Very soon the city was engulfed in the protests. Demonstrators against the U.S. government brought out the national guard. It is noteworthy that while American society and the whole world was discussing the murder, another police officer pointed a weapon against a protester, coarse language, even threatening to kill him. Even colleagues evaluated this act guards as unacceptable.

The PCs Missouri Governor Jay Nixon in an address to the population said, "...It's a test. The whole world is looking at us." J. Nixon declared the state of emergency for one day.

Immediately after the incident, a number of centers of sociological research in the country have studied the opinion of the people. Americans have shown in different positions in relation to the murder of a black man. Most whites justified the actions of the police. Americans of African descent also have the opposite opinion. According to a survey conducted by "Pew Research", 37% of whites see discrimination occurred, whereas 80% of blacks believe that Michael was brutally killed without trial due to the fact that he is black.

The faith of the citizens in a fair investigation varies depending on their race. So, 52% of whites believe in an American court, and only 18% of blacks believe that the investigation will be objective.

Attitude to fergusons events in the world of sufficient interest. Almost all European countries condemned the incident. The British newspaper "The Guardian", "Daily Mail" and "The Telegraph" has described the events as "racial tragedy". The German edition of "Zeit Online", "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", "Spiegel Online", etc., the French newspaper "Le Figaro", the Chinese news Agency Xinhua, Turkish, Russian, canadian printing went about the same. They stressed the weaknesses of the American political system, the partiality of the police action in specific situations.

UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon called on official Washington to recognize the rights of people to peaceful Assembly and the treatment of demonstrators in the framework of international standards. The fact that the police arrested more than 30 protesters.

Accusations against the other: first, look at yourself!

The adoption of processes similar turnover due to the killing of a person at first glance might seem unnatural. But for the modern world it is a state of understandable, because, firstly, in America, even the most insignificant events in various regions of the world are evaluated on the basis of its own criteria. The US accuses the country of violating human rights, applying sanctions against them; secondly, the life of every single person is valuable. All people, regardless of their race, have a right to life. For this reason, the murder of Negro boys also deserves strong condemnation.

In this regard it can be noted that fergusonii events expose weaknesses in the political system of the USA. Democracy, opened the way to the presidency of such a black citizen, as Barack Obama, can protect in the street ordinary citizen. This is a serious contradiction. A murder committed in the street, negates the fact that the head of state is Barack Obama. It seems that the election of a black President – rather political-ideological move. In reality, the problems in American society have deeper roots. And they still have not found their resolution.

In this aspect, it can be argued that American society is in a state of polarization. Against the background of economic and legal problems of racial discrimination is increasing in intensity. In this scenario, the country may find itself in a very difficult situation. Washington received political lesson. Once again it is clear how unreasonable interference in the internal Affairs of other States. Each country has its own national peculiarities that must be taken into account.

Washington, which accused during the events in Gezi Park in Turkey, authorities, one policeman brought to the streets thousands of national guard troops are used against demonstrators violence, they use tear gas, conduct mass arrests. Due to small incidents of crime in China, the West is trying to foment a major tragedy. He expresses protest about the arrest in Azerbaijan of people who have committed crimes.

Armenia commits military provocations against Azerbaijan. Our soldiers have become martyrs, but Washington is not particularly reacts to it. Against the aggressor action is taken. And for the death of Armenian in Azerbaijan provocateur, who died by his death, Washington was making a statement, expressing their concern.

Such comparisons provide the opportunity to understand that fergusonii events is not accidental. Thus, in particular, shortcomings in the political-ideological system in the United States are growing. Biased actions of those who govern the country, most clearly began to manifest itself in the internal environment. It should be noted that in America before it happened and the events similar to fergusonii. It is enough to remember the uprising in the Waltz in 1964, the events in Detroit in 1967 and Los Angeles in 1992. In each of these events of racial discrimination played a role. It is obvious that in the intervening period America in these matters was not seriously advanced.

What does this mean? The U.S. needs to pay more attention to its own internal problems, to refrain from provoking problems in other countries. Because of the economic difficulties the us has deepened social contradictions. Severe criminal incidents that have occurred in this country in recent years, indicate that the process can achieve even more intense level.

Now a number of political and information technologists trying to focus on Barack Obama. This can be, and there is a certain truth to it. But to think that question is limited only by the personality of Barack Obama, it would be wrong, because we are talking about the political system, the mechanisms of governance in the United States and tolerance in the society as a whole. Deficiencies in each of these areas of life in American society is evident.

By the way, the issue of tolerance has a lot to learn from Azerbaijan. The state does serious work. About racial discrimination in Azerbaijan cannot be considered. The police will not shoot anyone on this basis, but not even hurt. Authorities are extremely hard to respond to offences in relation to racial and religious affiliation, immediately punishing the guilty.

In the U.S., it is still unknown whether the arrested police officer who shot a young black man or not. Officials have remained silent. The country's Prosecutor General visited the scene, but it did not change in this situation. For comparison, in Turkey authorities immediately react to any extremes in the actions of the police against the citizen. Sometimes even the impression that the police in the brotherly country defenseless against the criminal.

It is possible to predict that a number of major powers will try to use fergusonii events against geopolitical clout of the USA. And this can be seen as a normal phenomenon. But the important thing is, do these countries themselves racial differences or not. In our view, this issue is worth considering. For example, what specific measures did the major powers towards ensuring the rights of Azerbaijanis expelled from Nagorno Karabakh and surrounding regions?


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