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The FSO estimated depression scale in monotowns
Material posted: Publication date: 25-02-2016
For 60% of residents of monotowns economic and social situation "intolerant" or "tolerant hardly", testify given the closed sociological poll of service of specialcommunication and information of FSO of Russia. Nearly 60% of residents of monotowns call economic and social situation of the city "intolerant" or "tolerant hardly", testify given the sociological poll of service of specialcommunication and information of FSO of Russia which is carried out in December, 2015. I managed to examine results of the closed poll RBC.

This value is an average on the basis of data of poll in 201 settlements, 55,6 thousand people took part in it. It was offered to participants to choose some versions of the answer to a question: "What, in your opinion, present social and economic situation in the city, where do you live?" As "favorable" it was estimated on average by 3,9% of respondents, as "normal, tolerant" — 31,3%. "Tolerant hardly" it was called by 42,4% and as "intolerant" estimated 17,4%. Found it difficult to answer a question of 5% of respondents.

In the press service of the FSO didn't respond RBC to the request, but authenticity and an order of data were confirmed by a source in the government. The representative of the Ministry of Economic Development reported RBC that he knows of such poll and that results of polls of residents of monotowns of times in half a year come to the ministry.

"This analytics prepares for reference of monotowns for categories — "red", "yellow" or "green" — the representative of Fund of development of monotowns explained. Earlier the deputy chairman of Vnesheconombank Irina Makiyeva who directs the working group at the government on modernization of monotowns, in interview of Bloomberg said that the group is guided by data of the FSO.

In total in Russia 319 monotowns are, in them live 14 million people. Only in 71 cities "it is possible to call economic and social situation stable", the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev at government meeting in the monotown of Usolye-Sibirskoye in July, 2015 spoke. In a year since 2014 the number of monotowns which belong to category crisis, increased with 75 to 94, the Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev recognized in the same place. "Those means which at us are budgeted for four years, will be enough on 20-30 monotowns, on 20-30 projects …" — he warned.

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