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Geopolitics in the modern world
Material posted: Publication date: 15-11-2013

Geopolitics, as a science about control of territory, is the most interesting and studied in our day science. This science includes many other and is also the most important in establishing contacts and relations with each other.

The geopolitical situation in the modern world is a changeable factor. There are several reasons why there are these changes:

  1. The growing influence of one superpower;
  2. The globalization of the world economy;
  3. Strengthening (weakening) of third States;
  4. The attempt of the U.S. and its NATO allies to pursue its geopolitical interests by military intervention.

Most of the wars and international conflicts in the world occur because of the characteristics (differences) of culture (religion), history of the peoples of the conflicting countries.

During the second half of XX-th century the whole world could observe the confrontation between the two superpowers: the USSR and the USA. The rest of the country was a third world. The U.S. had to reckon with interests and opinion of the USSR.

An example is the conflict when in 1961 the U.S. and the Soviet Union are unable to reach a compromise over the deployment of medium-range missiles in Turkey that could reach the southern USSR cities, including Moscow, as well as to strike at important industrial centres. In response to these actions, in 1962 the Soviet Union deployed military personnel and units, the arms of which had both conventional and nuclear weapons, including ballistic missiles and tactical land-based, on the island of Cuba, in the immediate vicinity of the coast. On duty off the coast of Cuba were placed Soviet submarines of the naval forces, equipped with missiles and torpedoes with nuclear military warheads. The adequacy of the response of the USSR and the political wisdom of the leaders of the USSR and the USA did not allow this conflict to escalate into world war III.

However, the balance of power in the world has changed rapidly, and in early 90-ies of the socialist block fell apart, losing in the cold war capitalist. As a result, the winners were only one superpower - the US, the world becomes unipolar. This is evidenced by some facts:

  1. Strong and sustainable American economy, on which depends the economic situation in the world as a whole;
  2. The United States has one of the most powerful and equipped armies in the world;
  3. Technical progress in most parts of developing on the territory of the United States;
  4. American propaganda have a huge impact on shaping ideas about American society, as dominant;
  5. Obama called America an exclusive society.

Huge economic power and political influence of the USA let them alone to make important decisions, particularly without consulting with the international community. Plenty of examples of this: they bombed Yugoslavia and Libya, went to war in Iraq and nearly caused an airstrike on Syria. As for Syria, the question is still open.

Looking at U.S. history, we will see that this country has never waged wars on its territory, with the exception of colonial or reflection of the Japanese attack on military bases in the Pacific. Wage war in a foreign land is very profitable for her. Sun Tzu wrote that it is always profitable to wage war not at home, and to contain the army by the enemy on 11 September 2001 was the beginning of a new stage of development of geopolitics. It is the collapse of two twin towers was an event, Perelmuter consciousness not only of Americans but also the entire population of the planet. Prior to 2001, the USA was considered the most secure, most equipped with weapons of a country that could dominate the world for many decades. Space laser weapons, high-precision ICBMs, stealth aircraft and other advanced weapons – why is it, when several people armed with knives, hijacked two planes and blew them up in the middle of new York?

But don't be the US superpower, if disaster and human grief did not know how to extract dividends!
Hydrocarbons remain the most accessible and valuable source of energy. About 65% of all proven oil reserves located in the middle East. The U.S. couldn't miss an opportunity to remind myself again in this region, and the terrorist attack of 11 September was a good opportunity. And it does not matter that more and more evidence that the collapse of the world trade center towers was staged by U.S. intelligence, and not from the Middle East. The war in Iraq brought US extraordinary profits. Iraq, Libya, Syria – it's all just part of a huge plan that the US is plotting in the middle East. The plan, which will bring fabulous profits to the U.S. and a great loss for Russia.

Vasin I.

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