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The head of the Jewish Congress appreciated the contribution of Putin in the "revival of Judaism"
Material posted: Publication date: 22-04-2016
Vladimir Putin is interested in the "revival of Judaism" in Russia and good relations with Israel, which is home to a large Russian-Jewish community, said in an interview with Der Tagesspiegel, President of the world Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder after the meeting with the Russian leader. Israel, in turn, needs the support of Russia, primarily in the fight against Islamist terrorism, said Lauder.

The President of the world Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder held a meeting with Vladimir Putin, reports Der Tagesspiegel. As Lauder said in an interview with Der Tagesspiegel, they and Putin discussed a variety of topics, including the situation in the middle East, the threat of Islamist terrorism, anti-Semitism and the Jewish situation in Russia.

"Putin is a careful listener and very well informed", said Lauder. According to him, the head of the Kremlin was really interested in the"revival of Judaism". Under communism, Jewish community in Russia suffered "oppression", so in 1980 1990th years many Jews left the USSR and moved to Israel, Germany and other countries. However, today in Russia "Renaissance of Judaism", including in its Orthodox form, said Lauder.
Judaism officially recognized by the state. Russian Jews make a significant contribution to cultural, economic and political life of the country. "Putin knows that the Jews in Russia act as a stabilizing factor", said Lauder.
According to the head of the Jewish Congress, the Russian President "is very interested in Israel", not only the political situation but also in all spheres of the Jewish state. The reason for this interest is that currently Israel is home to a large Russian-Jewish community, supporting contacts with Russia. "Israel needs support, particularly in combating terrorism, and therefore it is hoped that relations between Moscow and Jerusalem will become even closer", summed up Lauder.


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