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Imran Khan promises his people a "new Pakistan"
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 25-08-2018
Oh, that the new Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan intends to introduce austerity of public funds, arrived to the ceremony of the oath of office guests know immediately. No lavish reception, nine courses, invitation – only tea. All the triumph cost 400 with a small us $ 50 thousand rupees, a record worthy of Guinness. But recently join to this position and 7 and 9 million rupees for the ceremony were not spared – because the power should look expensive and rich, otherwise where will the respect for her people, right?

However, it is a violation of tradition to lavishly celebrate the moving into the Prime Minister of Pakistan – a mere trifle compared to what has been done and promises to do 65-year-old Imran Khan, former national sporting legend of the country, became a captain in the 1992 world champion cricket team, and now the leader of the party "Tehreek-e-Insaf" ("Movement for justice"). Decades whole "game of thrones" in the country was a struggle between two clans – Bhutto, which included the elite of Sindh, and the family of Nawaz Sharif, for which the mountain was clans of Punjab. And in between the "deep state", the army and the ISI the ISI, which hard, up to the physical elimination and the introduction of a military dictatorship, explained from time to time playing politics a citizen of the viciousness of their activities.

This exciting experience was not up to the socio-economic problems of the country, which, incidentally, is the holder of nuclear weapons. $ 200 million Pakistan gasps from the problems of demography, ecology, unemployment, extremism, poverty, lack of water and electricity. Civilization – it is only in the Central areas of several large cities and towns built up for himself an elite. Around them – "explosive belt", inhabited by the poverty of the slums, and a little further – an outright "end of geography", where, depending on the area of the country, or feudalism, or tribal relationships. If we add to this the conflict with India, the situation in the tribal areas, starting almost immediately behind the Peshawar and stretching to put it mildly, rather conditional borders with Afghanistan, where the Islamabad government is almost nominal, the problems in Balochistan – it remains only two questions. First – as "that's all" function at all and still not exploded war of all against all? Second – how long can survive such a state in the XXI century?

Sensible Pakistani elite and middle class is not entirely happy stagnation "on the side of civilization" and the life surrounded by the poor fellow more listen to the calls of radical preachers. Imran Khan offers them the idea of a "new Pakistan", but only where it can occur? To move to more prosperous countries abroad so not enough at all, there are already about 10 million Pakistanis, half of them in the Gulf States. Natural resources in Pakistan is bad at all, internal sources of filling the budget are almost there. But there is something else that can bring considerable resources and to provide external assistance, there is a unique geopolitical position of Pakistan, which is kapitaliserede.

And, in fact, Imran Khan, if we ignore the inevitable in the speech of any politician pathetic prettiness, stolichnov the country words about the new Pakistan to 208 million citizens, has in mind – with the maximum benefit to use the interest in Islamabad's foreign players, converting it into real amounts. And obtained this money does not take away the pockets of corrupt elites, not to squander on the trappings of power – the five hundred servants in the Prime Minister's residence and 80 luxury cars in his garage, for example – and to allow for the implementation of significant social, environmental and other development projects.

That's so simple, here, now, right before our eyes and starts the main intrigue in the region – the choice is Islamabad's major partners, on the one hand, and attempts by external players to influence it.

Policy of carrot and stick – the status of "leading partner outside the NATO framework", the imposition of sanctions, which Washington has since 1965 conducted against Pakistan – to date, failed almost completely. Americans still need, a big need, in Pakistan – but the big question is whether they are now Pakistani elites. Especially after Washington's rapprochement with new Delhi and the triumph of the concept of the "Indo-Pacific", where India is considered as the undisputed leader of South Asia and a partner of the United States in "containment of China". The China, in partnership with whom Islamabad is building today, "Pakistan-China economic corridor" will cost 57 billion dollars. the mega – project, which is, in fact, the only real chance of the country to integrate into the world economy.

Therefore, it is clear that relations with Beijing will be for Imran Khan is more important than with Washington. Although to implement this course, he will be very cautious. In any case, not less carefully, than to maintain a balance in relations with the Saudis, who are one of the main sponsors of Islamabad and Iran, to quarrel, to which Pakistan is also very dangerous.

Today Imran Khan and his idea of a "new Pakistan" are in great support of the middle class and the poor, who saw in him a real chance at a better life. But for the traditional political elites of the country's new Prime "populist" and "not having real management experience" upstart. It has to have a negative attitude in new Delhi and in Washington, but in Riyadh and Tehran, it seems, have not yet decided how to treat him.

However, the new Prime Minister has a trump card that in Pakistan's conditions, is almost the only thing of importance – support of the deep state, the army and intelligence. But the problem is that trump this one – very willful. And at some point can bet on another player. So the project of building "new Pakistan" issues no doubt exist, make him his chief foreman.

Igor Pankratenko


Tags: security , Eurasia

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