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The disappearance of the journalist could cost Riyadh allies
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 22-10-2018
Young woman day 2 Oct waited patiently for her groom near the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. "An hour, and a half – he told her before stepping over carefully guarded, barbed wire and stuffed with systems of tracking the perimeter. And we'll go to our new apartment, tomorrow there will bring the furniture, it would be necessary again to figure out what and where we will fight."

She waited until almost midnight, more than twelve hours, but he never came. His phone was off, and to her questions the security officer did a surprised face and replied that the person that she asks has already left the premises. Exactly in the middle of the day and not just anywhere, but in the building of the diplomatic mission of Saudi Arabia disappeared 59-year-old Jamal Khashoggi, one of the most famous Arab journalists, columnist Washington Post and consistent critic of the heir to the Saudi throne, "the little Prince" Mohammed bin Salman.

The Khashoggi clan in the Kingdom is not just a few families, kinship and friendship relations associated with business and political elites in the Middle East and the United States. Its Patriarch, billionaire and one of the largest international arms dealers Adnan Khashoggi, was named "man screen". Screen, behind which was hidden the most exciting mysteries of the political history of the Middle East, 70-90-ies of the last century. Background of the relations of Saddam Hussein with Washington scandal "Iran-contra" war in Afghanistan, coups and high-profile contract killings in those years, the death of Princess Diana and the rise of Osama bin Laden, everywhere nearby was someone from a clan Khashoggi.

When your grandfather is the king's personal physician, a great-uncle – Lord of war and of man, clothed with the trust of the key figures in Riyadh, Washington, Saudi intelligence, the CIA and the Pentagon, and the other "romantic friend" of Princess Diana, a brilliant career and rich life you provided. 59-year-old Jamal Khashoggi had visited the editor of al-Watan and Saudi TV channel, which was created as a response to Riyadh by the Qatari "al-Jazeera". And personal assistant to the legendary Turki al-Faisal, head of Saudi intelligence and one of the most influential in the middle East people. And one of the Trustees of the several princes of the Saudi dynasty and other highly influential figures in Washington. And not those who lights up in public, and those who in reality makes American politics.

In fact, this closeness to the secrets of the Saudi dynasty and played a tragic role in his life. Up to a certain time he was able to successfully maneuver in this "terrarium relatives." Exactly to the moment when the actual ruler in the Kingdom was young and ambitious, the little Prince, the beloved son of king Salman Mohammed.

The paradox is that both he and Jamal Khashoggi, in fact, are like – minded people- supporters of large-scale reforms in Saudi Arabia, to overcome inertia, archaic, inefficient management and dependence on oil. The difference between them consisted only in the one who will participate in these reforms. Jamal Khashoggi believed that in working out ways of further development should involve as many members of the Saudi elite. "The little Prince" I am convinced that this should be dealt with a small group of people, whose main feature is the absolute personal loyalty to the heir and the unquestioning execution of his commands.

With this approach, Mohammed 90% of the members of the Royal dynasty, it is not going to admire the adventure of "the little Prince" in Yemen, the conflict between Qatar and a number of his others, to put it mildly, highly controversial move, automatically become "enemies of reform". To fight that a young and ambitious heir began in a completely radical – conspiracy charges, mass arrests, confiscation of property, mysterious disappearance and other usual for such mass sweeps of the elite events.

Moreover, close ties with the Americans did not give the members of the dynasty and their agents immune from falling under the press of the Royal guard. The close friendship of "the little Prince" with his son trump, Jared Kushner, gave him the opportunity to present their actions to the U.S. President in the most favorable light – "fight against corruption", "dubious ties" arrested with Islamist radicals, and in General, date palm chop wood – chips fly. Donald trump then this version of the duet "son-in-Saudi heir" adopted, especially Mohammed bin Salman managed to do in record time. But the American deepstate, deep state associated with the Kingdom by a thousand invisible threads, such performances of two young "upstarts" just pull that they were not intended.

In this scenario, Jamal Khashoggi became "the little Prince" is not just one of the dissidents who managed to escape from the just punishment and criticizing the successor of the American Turkish or far. With his knowledge of Saudi "behind the scenes" and the real motive of many taking place in Riyadh on events, with his connections in Europe, USA and the middle East – he became a carrier of information, concealment of which bin Salman and his entourage were very interested.

But it would be so bad. The main problem was that Khashoggi was a man who, based on their knowledge of the Kingdom could, if necessary, to expose any attempt of "the little Prince" to enter Washington astray, and to act not in the interests of the United States, and as beneficial to Riyadh. And behind him, and the monarchs of Saudi Arabia were seen repeatedly. "They are ready to fight Iranians to the last American," said one of the most famous politicians of America, and this is just one of the episodes of Royal above against its main ally. Mohammed bin Salman was offered Jamal Khashoggi put aside their differences and become his Advisor. He refused. After that, his fate was sealed...

In fact, details the mysterious disappearance on 2 October in the Istanbul Consulate of Saudi Arabia do not matter. Was Khashoggi killed right there and then the team arrived in Turkey the liquidators took out his remains, or he shot up specreports exported for use in some kind of combination of Riyadh is not that important. The main thing is that "the little Prince" has crossed that red line, which is tacitly accepted by the elites in such situations. Killing is allowed – but subject to certain "decency", which in this case was cynically violated.

In a Grand public scandal occurred, interestingly, nobody is interested. Neither Washington nor,for several reasons, Ankara, or clan Khashoggi. But Mohammed bin Salman easier this becomes. For those elites who really makes policy in the middle East, "the little Prince" as a partner now toxic. He is still in power – but he was an outcast, serious cases with which to conduct unsafe – making a mess. And the consequences of that unspoken sentence Riyadh remains protestati.

Pankratenko I. N.


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