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The results of presidential elections in the United States: a Republican trump won...
Material posted: Publication date: 09-11-2016
Went to the final of the dirtiest in the history of USA presidential elections. The campaign of 2016 will be remembered for his scandalous and ferocity, unscrupulousness and paradox, which has never happened in U.S. history. However, common sense prevailed and the classic working America has chosen their leader, a man who promised to restore the real greatness of America from within and, in fact, not in words, as it was under Barack Obama.

These elections will be remembered for a record turnout, which was not the last 100 years. This shows a high awareness of the American population to choose their future. Campaign 2016 has been highly anti-ratings of candidates, and trump, and Clinton had negative ratings of about 60%. Until recently, they were almost equal with a minimum margin within the statistical error.

According to the latest figures for trump voted in 29 States, where he scored between 45-50% or more, gaining 289 electoral votes. For the candidate of the Republican party voted in Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona and Alaska.

Democrat Hillary Clinton leads in 18 States and the district of Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Hawaii, Colorado, new Mexico, Illinois, Virginia, new York, new Jersey, Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode island and Maine. In total, she received 41% support of the population, gaining 218 votes of the electors.

Recall that under the American electoral law, the candidate, gaining 270 or more electoral votes out of 538 becomes President. Electors – representatives of the party in the state who promise in advance to vote for a particular candidate.

According to American demographers, and by November 2016, the number of U.S. citizens eligible to vote amounted to 225,8 million (+ 5% compared to 2012). The share of white population is 156,1 million (+2%), black – 27.4 million (+6%), Hispanic – 27.3 million (+17%), Asian – 9.3 million (+16%).

The democratic candidate Hillary Clinton actively supported the African American – 82%, Hispanic – 71%, from the time when in 1993 she became the first lady. A classic supporter of Clinton is a woman of 25-30 years of higher education and a degree, colored with Latin-American roots with one or two children. The core of the program, Hillary Clinton was Obama's policy, where the main place is given to the affordable care Act insurance. This law is of particular importance to the colored people and the older generation of voters, the female half of which most of them sympathetic to Clinton. In addition, Clinton advocated a soft enough action in the issue of immigration reform: to facilitate the paperwork, to deal with the separation of families, to attract human resources in the country, unlike trump, which was offered at the expense of the Mexican government to build a wall on the border with Mexico (according to various estimates, the cost of building such a wall will be from $5 billion to $25 billion), to increase the punishment for exceeding the permitted period of stay on the territory of the USA, deport 11 million illegal immigrants and increase the cost of work visas for citizens of Mexico. In one of his speeches, trump has promised if elected President to ban the entry of Muslims in the United States, noting then that meant immigrants from source countries of terrorism.

Election campaign trump was focused on the core constituency of the Republicans – the white population of the United States. Classic supporter trump is a white male, 45-50 years old, without higher education, who have their own business. Media dubbed trump a "spokesman for the angry white working class", i.e. people who are tired of the influx of migrants who dictate the rules, from the prolonged economic crisis, unemployment and the excessive ambitions of the Democrats in foreign policy. Still during the reign of Obama, the white middle-class Americans want domestic stability and clarity in foreign policy, not fairy tales about exclusivity and horror stories about the Russian threat.

Among Republican voters trump supported both women and men, white voters with low incomes, College graduates (50%) and less educated voters (59%).For trump today, are "blue collar", which traditionally vote Democrat and are directly affected by the state of the economy and, as a rule, identify themselves rather to moderate than to the conservatives.

Hillary Clinton is the spokesman for the interests of America "loan interest". For her service during the election campaign was the largest and most influential media, wall street, the bureaucratic Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles. It supported America 1% of the American nation – the home of the emission centers, banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, investment centers, "sellers of air" and the debt that was concentrated in his hands tremendous financial resources. If the real world economy (including services) is in monetary terms $80 trillion. the global financial market is $800 trillion. and derivatives – 1 quadrillion. And the vast majority of these funds are managed and distributed by American banks.

On the side of Clinton was a powerful lobby in the US – this Us-Israeli public Affairs Committee (the Israeli lobby that sponsored the presidential campaign of Obama), this military-industrial complex, and oil lobby, and the most influential representatives of the American elite, outside the club "Skull and bones".

The entire last group of politicians governing US for the last 40 years, Bush senior and Junior, Kerry, husband of Victoria Nuland, the Clintons and their close friends-graduates of Yale University – those who are in this "circle". Interestingly, these people are sponsored and promoted the color revolutions, invest in a coup, new leaders are preparing to organize these coups through diplomatic and educational programs of NGOs. More importantly, these people are is supporters, and some of the founders of the global project of the new world order, which is called the Project of the New American Century (PNAC) – the project "New American century". The founders are William Kristol and Robert Kagan, husband of Victoria Nuland, who essentially oversaw for the Ukrainian "revolution of dignity" and handed out on the Maidan protesters cookies. According to this project, America must impose by force, including military, its values around the world and implement tough and assertive of its national interests.

Clinton initially was associated with the great war, because during the tenure of Secretary of state she demonstrated her stance on foreign policy quite clearly. She was one of the originators of bloody coups and color revolutions, and the blood of the children of the middle East, North Africa, Donbass on her hands.

Trump is the face of America pozdneosennee, or America's corporatocracy, representatives of industries TNC generated by the second industrial revolution. The owners and top managers mainly non-financial and non-high-tech, but production enterprises. For trump is basically the capital employed in industry, construction, services and joined with him in Union the vast majority of Americans have predominantly European ancestors. This so-called good old white America. Those who are interested in the development of real production within the country, not the plunder of other States, as it was the last 40 years.

Trump trump is that it is independent from the key elite groups. He is unpredictable, independent and self-sufficient. He's out of control and this is his strength. For the reason that he has not soiled in politics, he was a cute American voters, precisely because of its unpredictability, he did not like the political circles at all levels, even the Republican party.

Of course, the 70-year-old billionaire has enlisted the support of the Pentagon, and it's important, promising to increase the military budget. However, in America, the weapon does not have the habit of lying in warehouses, it should work. Yes, and the military elite is not peacefulness in the United States. So, time will tell. While speaking to his supporters after winning the election, he promised that he will respect other States and the nation, and intends to solve all international issues is not a war, but by consensus. Trump will have to negotiate.

Donald trump is completely unpredictable President, because of his intentions we can only judge based on his campaign statements. However, we all know that the "promise – not to marry." The Republican party – the party of the hawks, the party's aggressive foreign policy and peace-loving tramp, at first glance, this not quite fit into the red Republicans. The conflict within the party, between the party and President of the trump is not excluded.

The choice of Donald trump for President of the United States is the demonstration that the will of the people and common sense was stronger than the madness of the political elite. However, the American lobby, big business and wall Street have long developed a strategy of obtaining a guaranteed result regardless of the party and the individual occupying the White house. They have a large enough resource manipulation and control elected President. The systemic crisis of American society has been a long time and trump you will need great courage and the will to lead America to a new level of development, so that it does not repeat the fate of all empires – collapse. And the first sign of the imminent end is a gerontocracy in power. Trump – 70. As soon as he takes office, his main objective should be the rejuvenation of the political establishment, as well as balanced political system in the US and the US economy. Whether he will cope with the challenges they face, the problems that left him Obama, time will tell.

Ekaterina Krivelskaya

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