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What Argentina is prepared?
Material posted: Publication date: 18-02-2011

On the bright background of the events in North Africa, the news about the arrest of military transport aircraft the U.S. air force in Argentina threatened to get lost in the news. However, we consider it extremely important and particularly focus on it the attention of our readers. What hidden processes are trying to run on the South American continent the United States?

If you recall the fate of Panamanian President Noriega and years created in the Western media image of Latin and South America as a "world house", the presence of the drug in this story is understandable. Also not so far from Argentina and "sworn friend" of the USA – Venezuela.

A serious diplomatic row erupted between Argentina and the United States due to the party's undeclared weapons and drugs that were confiscated on Board a U.S. air force Argentine customs officials at the airport of Buenos Aires. The Argentine authorities claim that the arrested goods was not specified in the Declaration provided by the Embassy of the United States.

In a statement from the Argentine government States that the illegal cargo was revealed and withdrawn after inspection of American military aircraft C-17, which arrived at the international airport of the Argentine capital to participate in joint exercises to free the hostages.

"The confiscated materials were not mentioned by the state Department, from weapons to different drugs, including various doses of morphine", - said in a statement the foreign Ministry of Argentina.

Strange they, these Argentines. Don't understand the most elementary principles of democracy. How can you learn to release the hostages, morphine was not properly refreshed? It's not the exercises will work, and explicit profanity.

After removing cargo us plane had been in Argentina for almost two days and last Saturday returned to the United States. Choose joint exercises "somehow" have been cancelled. It is not excluded that the Argentine command were afraid of the exchange of experience and informal contacts between their subordinates and their advanced narkodel American counterparts.

In Buenos Aires asked Washington to cooperate in the investigation of the us air force attempt "to violate Argentine laws and secret cargo to import on a government vehicle." A striking naivety. Now the Americans will rush to find out who's violated the laws of Argentina. Yes they did not care about these native laws with whistling. And in General, the best defense is a good offense. The Americans themselves to blame the Argentines began.

In response to the U.S. State Department said that they were surprised the plane survey, "conducted without warning by Argentine authorities". Department spokesman Philip Crowley said that the plane was carrying "the standard equipment for joint exercises with the Argentine police, including drugs, guns and radios".

What these arrogant Argentine authorities. Took and cynically, without notice, in its own territory the inspection is arranged, morphine and undeclared weapons were found on Board the American aircraft. But if warned in advance, then the American pilots had drugs to popytat properly or quickly cook up some "supporting" materials. For example, a certificate stating that morphine is absolutely necessary to the commander of the crew in flight, without "dose" he's got the sniffles and hypochondria begin.

Philip Crowley admitted that part of the cargo "could be" without papers. "But this issue could have been solved with the customs officers and not to escalate the situation", - explained the spokesman U.S. Department of state.

Well, why would Argentines needed to "escalate"? Think of it, the morphine, of great importance. How much of that was morphine? It would be because of what trouble, the noise on the whole world to arrange.

There, in the process of "democratization" of Afghanistan, Americans this country into a giant heroin factory was turned, citing the fact that without the production of this valuable substance Afghan villagers economic difficulties will experience. On the role of the family of Karzai (Hamid Karzai leads Afghan servants of the Americans in Kabul) in the protection racket of drug trafficking and all of Asia not only knows. And this progress in the democratization process of Afghanistan less impressive look?

No, it is time for the White house and Argentina to take a closer look. Is it part of the "axis of evil"? As there is with human rights and individual freedom fared? There is not a totalitarian regime, isn't it time "tolerantie" Buenos Aires at the Baghdad version?


Maxim Capinov


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