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Karyakin, V. P., `Military policy and U.S. strategy in the geopolitical dynamics of the modern world`
Material posted: Publication date: 17-07-2013

The new US nuclear doctrine, released on 6 April 2010 , defines nuclear strategy, which will have a direct impact on global strategic stability and security.

Monograph is prepared based on the work performed by the author at the Russian Institute of strategic research in the period 2009-2011 , according to the materials of the press and reflects the author's point of view. The revolution in military Affairs, the main content of which is the emergence of high-precision means of destruction in combination with the use of information technologies in command and control, intelligence and navigation, identify ways and forms of transformation of the U.S. armed forces. Scientific monograph devoted to defense policy and military strategy of the United States the beginning of this century, which is one of the factors that determines the geopolitical dynamics of the modern world. In the work a comparative analysis of the role and place of strategic nuclear and conventional offensive and defensive weapons and their capabilities to protect the national interests of the United States of America, as well as the nature of wars and military conflicts of the early twenty-first century. Formulated by the American approaches to the problem of reducing nuclear arsenals and their impact on the military security of the Russian Federation.

Publisher: Border

Year: 2011

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