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Kissinger about the phenomenon of trump
Material posted: Publication date: 13-11-2016
November 9, the day after the victory of Donald trump, the chief editor of one of the oldest and most respectable American magazines , The Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg called Henry Kissinger and asked him to share his thoughts about the outcome of the elections. The following are excerpts from an interview with the Patriarch of American diplomacy.

If the nature of the issues to judge the significance of the event, which steepened trump, the responses Kissinger give an idea of what we are dealing with a phenomenon that opens up new opportunities and however, expanding the field of uncertainty for the key stakeholders of the policy. This is a phenomenon that requires focused reflection.

Jeffrey Goldberg: are You surprised?

Henry Kissinger: I thought it would benefit Hillary.

D. G: What does this mean for the role of the United States in the world?

G. K: Well, I think it could help us to coordinate our foreign policy and our domestic politics. There is a clear gap between the understanding of the role of U.S. foreign policy to our community and our elite. I think the new President has a good opportunity to reconcile both. The ability he has, and he will use it, depends on it [...]

D. G: How will China react?

G. K: I'm quite sure that China's response will be the study of his (trump. – Ed.) steps. I suspect that the same will be the reaction of Russia [...]

D. G: That is, there is no chance that in the short term, Russia will benefit from this situation?

G. K: Rather, Putin will assess the evolution of the situation. Russia and the United States cooperate in such areas where none of us controls all the elements, as in Ukraine and in Syria [...]

D. G: there is a chance that the instability will be more?

G. K: I would like to make a General statement: I believe that a significant part of international politics six to nine months, while waiting for the outcome of these elections, was in limbo. All you can say, to keep our inner revolution. Now some time will need to to study it. But at some point events will once again be forced to make decisions. The only exception to this may be a non-state group (nonstate groups). They may have a desire to provoke a US reaction, which will undermine our position in the world.

D. G: the ISIS Threat has now become more serious?

G.: a non-state group may believe that trump would react to a terrorist attack so that it will serve their purpose.

D. G: How to respond to Iran?

To: Iran may come to the conclusion (and rightly so) that the nuclear agreement is now more in question than ever before; at the same time, while Iran will study the trump, the Iranians will stand firm and steadfast even in the face of pressure. No one has sufficient knowledge that would represent him (trump. – Ed.) foreign policy (No one knows much about his foreign policy) so that everyone will go through a period of study of the problem. Even more precisely, it is a kind of "research frenzy ("a frenzy of studying").

D. G: Why You so think?

G. K: the Phenomenon of trump – is in large measure the reaction of Middle America to undermine its values of the intellectual-academic community. There are other reasons, but this is especially important.

D. G. How would You advise Trump to introduce himself to the world?

G.: the First is to demonstrate that he fully owns the well-known problems. The second is to demonstrate that it reflects on their evolution. The President is necessarily responsible for, to specify the direction. What we want to achieve? What we want to avoid? Why? For this it needs to analyze and reflect.


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