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Chinese threat: preparing the "great robbery" 251 billion dollars
Material posted: Publication date: 30-01-2019
American billionaire and influential political activist George Soros used his speech at the forum in Davos to hold rigid media attack personally the President of China, XI Jinping, and all the Chinese leadership as a whole.
Numerous comments published in the global media, drew the attention of the audience primarily on the geopolitical aspects of this "glove" that the American tycoon has publicly thrown the leadership of the Chinese Communist party, but the conflict between Soros and si has not only political, but also a very serious economic motives. It would be extremely naive to look at the situation solely from the point of view of ideological confrontation, while the deeper aspects of the conflict are clearly related to the struggle for the major financial flows. At very conservative estimates, the "issue price", which raised the Soros in Davos, is a lot of money 251 billion dollars. And that's only if we restrict the planning horizon to 2025.
But if you look at the situation in the longer term, the amount obtained is absolutely astronomical. Especially considering the huge earning potential that will open up for those who win in the competition for control over key technology and infrastructure projects referred to us by the oligarch during his speech.
Президент РФ Владимир Путин и председатель КНР Си Цзиньпин во время посещения выставки в рамках ВЭФ Улица Дальнего Востока на набережной Дальневосточного федерального университета на острове Русский
The us media warned of the formation of the "Eastern Entente"
Speech by George Soros at the forum in Davos was devoted to criticism personally President XI, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese technology companies. A key difference from previous angry philippic by American tycoon lies in the change of priorities: if earlier the main enemy and threat was Vladimir Putin, now the attention of the Soros switched to the Chinese leadership and Chinese technology companies. Along the way, and went to the President of the United States: trump was accused in the fact that he leads a trade war with the world, and the need to focus on winning in the trade war with China.
Main quote from the speech of Soros that drew the attention of all world media, only at first glance, seem political: "China is not the only authoritarian regime in the world, but he is the richest, strongest and most advanced in terms of technology". Having said that, Soros addedthat these circumstances make the Chinese leader's "most dangerous enemy of open societies", as "instruments of control that are developed using artificial intelligence", let "authoritarian regime to advantage."
The key word in this case is not "authoritarian" (in the sense of mode), and "benefits" (in the sense of technological benefits).
In fact, the most important quote from the speech of the oligarch is quite different and it is linked to his personal grievances and economic interests: "last year I still believed that China should be deeper involved in global governance structures, but since the behavior of President XI, in my opinion, changed <...> My position now is that instead of holding a trade war with almost all the world, the United States should focus on China. Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei lightly, and instead, the US needs to push them. If these companies will dominate the market 5G network, they will be an unacceptable risk to the rest of the world."
It should be emphasized that the only specific and actionable demands made by the oligarchs in Davos, was that Chinese technology companies was used completely non-market methods of administrative pressure and restrictions of competition.
Президент РФ Владимир Путин и председатель Китайской Народной Республики Си Цзиньпин во время осмотра выставки в рамках IV Восточного экономического форума
Russia and China reached features: hundreds of billions
You have to be very naive to seriously believe that Soros professional financial speculator, known for the ability to earn economic problems of different countries, really care about the struggle for freedom of ordinary citizens of the planet from state control, carried out by means of high technologies. Moreover, the attempt of the American oligarch to draw the line between "authoritarian Chinese supervision" and "open Western societies" it looks ridiculous, for the level of total online surveillance, the so-called free countries of the West in some places surpass the wildest imagination of George Orwell. In this context, we can recall information as Edward Snowden, and more recent incidents: for example, a recent case in the UK, when like left under the politically correct poem, immediately led to the fact that its author was the police.
A much more rational explanation of the position of Soros is because, according to the research firm Netscribes, the market size of the network standard 5G by 2025 will amount to 251 billion dollars, and this is not the most optimistic estimate. Moreover, as he confessed Soros, last year he was actually a lobbyist for China, in favour of broader access to China to various international structures, and then the American tycoon had no questions, and claims to Huawei or ZTE. It is quite obvious that the policy of the Chinese leadership over the past year has not been any radical changes that are complaining about Soros, and that leaves only one logical explanation: he wanted and now he's just getting revenge, and is trying to make it a favorite under the pretext of fighting for freedom and human rights. But still impossible to escape the conclusion that billionaire speculator probably bought shares of those American or European companies which earn tens of billions of dollars in the case of the world market under the slogan of struggle against totalitarianism will be removed from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE. Given the biography of Soros, it would be strange if he acted any other way, especially considering the fact that standard network 5G is a kind of "keys" to the Internet of the future, to a full "Internet of things" and many other digital services that is now impossible, and in the future will bring huge profits.
Unfortunately, at least in Western countries Soros has all the chances to succeed: he and his allies really be able to squeeze out of trading platforms, the Chinese high-tech companies, and it is obvious that Huawei and ZTE rink will not stop. For Russia, this has an important consequence: all projects, including the national level emanating from the possibility and desirability of creating high-tech companies that are supposed to make money in Western markets, in fact a fake and completely unrealistic. In the West, now would be banned not only China's Huawei and Russian "Gazprom", but can't do due to the fact that the Russian gas (and oil) can be put under embargo without severe economic consequences. You need to consider that the era of global markets ends up, and over the next few years, our Western partners finally finish off the global markets. This means that the European and American markets, no one is waiting and will not wait and that we should participate in the construction of alternative global trade systems, despite the fact that all the Soros of the world will put a spoke in the wheel.


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