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Queen Elizabeth was placed under "house arrest" after a sensational Christmas Message
Material posted: Publication date: 28-12-2016
Queen Elizabeth was placed under “house arrest” by the Royal family and she is not allowed to appear in public places, after her attempts to open a global network of “dark forces” during the recording of her Christmas Message, according to the source of Bi-bi-si.

In this Message the Queen listed the names of prominent figures who are guilty of “the worst crimes against our people and our children.” The Queen asked forgiveness for what hid these facts and did not tell me this before, and asked his subjects to understand and forgive her, because she hid it just to ensure their own survival.

Senior shooting group bi-Bi-si and the Palace advisers interrupted a recording of her Message after the Queen said 2017 will be “the year of slaughter, the likes of which we haven't seen since the Second World War“, because the evil forces of the global elite got it all planned out to achieve their goals in this war.

Employees of bi-Bi-si was in shock

The Christmas Message was interrupted and senior shooting group bi-Bi-si immediately got in touch with the Director. According to the insider, the Director after talking with the leaders of Bi-bi-si has told them that the Queen “lately, too often opens his mouth” and that “we should forget everything we just heard, and get this over with.”

“He said, to avoid scandal.”

Senior Manager Palace have contacted Prince Charles and the heir to the throne said that now “solve the problem.” It is clear that the solution to the problem involves the capture under “house arrest” of Queen Elizabeth, deprives her public appearances.

The heirs of Elizabeth placed her under "house arrest"

A few hours after lunch, the crew announced that Queen Elizabeth will record a “clean” second take of the Christmas Message.

After recording the second "clean" double the Message, it canceled all of its traditional public speaking.


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