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The collapse of the global elites
Material posted: Publication date: 20-06-2020
According to experts, undermining modern world order put on stream, the world was plunged into a period of threat of development. Today seem to be intractable global conflict of our time – between the unprecedented growth of population (about 8 billion) and mass parasitism (total consumption and the pursuit of pleasure), on the one hand, and habitat degradation, acute shortage of natural resources, the increase in social, technological, natural disasters. Media world (media and Internet) as the most effective tool in the hands of global powers control the planet Earth, put on stream export of subversive meanings, events, processes and trends.

Has not yet completed command and staff exercises to promote coronavirus pandemic and financial crisis in the world as the global media agenda were massive race riots in the countries of new and old world, provoked from the outside.

"The main targets of the current information war elected not only China and Russia, committed to the development of a sovereign, but leading Nations of the world. It seems that the "international conspiracy" no longer considers it possible to continue to develop and equip more recently, the privileged peoples of the so-called civilized billion, including to maintain and feed their idle, pathetic, worthless elites," said the expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy Fyodor Pashin.

The time of disposal

Until very recently, the stability of the world order largely based on the stability and sustainable development of the countries and peoples of the so-called "civilized billion", led by the USA, which served not only the main attractive of the "democratic" showcase successful and prosperous life, but also the guarantor, or rather policeman, the maintenance of an unjust world order. However, currently, the global contradiction of modernity is forcing the world leading shadow clan (Baruch, the Warburgs, the Medici, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.) to go not only for the implementation of the plans of radical reduction of the world population, but also the abolition of the public elites of the leading countries, representative offices of the "global state", which always played the role of obedient puppets. And it's not only state governors and oligarchs, but also their numerous underlings in the face of the officials, workers of science and culture, representatives of show business, journalists, makeup artists, psychologists, designers, etc., etc., their name is Legion – millions. Not to mention the ordinary citizens of Western countries are the silent victims of total consumption and mass culture. It seems that the "international conspiracy" no longer considers it possible to continue "to develop, maintain and feed the newly privileged peoples of the so-called civilized billion, including idle, pathetic, worthless pseudo-elite.

As recent events have shown, in practice, actively experimenting with not only traditional methods and ways of reducing the "extra people" and elites, but the mechanisms are more cost-effective, low-cost management based on active aggressive racial, national, social and other minorities. For example, with the help of activists of LGBT people, drug addicts, religious and other sectarian and perverts, carriers of anti-social phenomena, easy to manipulate public opinion, undermining the basis of traditional and, above all, the family relations in the state, to break the paradigm of the historical-cultural evolution of people.

But today this kind of action is insufficient to build a new world order in the interests of the small minority, for whom nothing is more important than the thirst for the maintenance of global power. So, for example, in Ukraine to the power given aggressive minority in the face of so-called "iodobenzoate", in the apt words of Igor Kolomoisky, one of the ideologues of the coup d'état, 2014 in Kiev. It does not matter that 73 percent of Ukrainians rejected the criminal Board of the rabid nationalists in the face of Poroshenko. Then, being ready to vote though for "Telegraph pole", they izmirli Zelensky. But the possibility is still there – aggressive minority with the blessing of the "powers that be" and with the support of their stooges in other Western countries, continues to destroy the Ukrainian state and to destroy the Russian-Slavic people. Earlier, before the Second world war, this experience was used in Germany, where the authorities with the purpose of "powers" was also given by the Nazis. Then they incited the Soviet Union, the current Ukrainian Nazis are pushing for war with Russia. History repeats itself.

Today interesting things happen in the US, where on the basis of racial the Negro minority, as they call themselves "black", is actively developing a new system of control not only in America but also in other leading countries of the world. With the aggressive minority, as in Ukraine, and earlier in Germany, which the rulers of the world much cheaper you can start recycling, primarily of the white racial majority and representatives of other "colored" peoples, including the elite groups that won't be needed anymore. Subsequently, the "ferrous" probably will have to wait for a similar fate – "the moor has done his duty, the moor can go." In his time the natives of Africa have helped to deal with the Europeans

On the disposal of "superfluous peoples," it is planned to involve other possibilities. Apparently, on a regular basis will be the dissemination of different kinds of epidemics and pandemics on the background of megamari. So, at first glance, naturally, very easily and quickly can help reduce the population. Now tested the withdrawal, which deprives people not only of the "bread" and limits opportunities for healthy reproduction, but blocks protests. When it comes to massive and chipping and the introduction of artificial intelligence, population decline will go much faster. The powerful of this world think big and far, to hundreds of millions.

Russia, as one-seventh of the land, the richest territory, remains the main focus of the world's rulers, who have long been recorded all the peoples of the country, without exception, among the superfluous, even those who are strongly undermines the foundations of national security of the country. According to the plans of metrostroiteley, Russian territory is destined to become the new springboard of global hegemony for the United States, which, experts say, will be "gone with the Negroes" into chaos and destruction.

The racial lessons of the crisis

Bloody clashes on the basis of race in America, protests in other countries involuntarily compel us to extrapolate events in the current Russian reality, there are Parallels that suggest themselves. Lessons from an American tragedy can prevent a negative scenario of development of events in Russia, where a growing protest due to existing internal contradictions and crisis phenomena. To avoid this, the authorities must adequately and timely respond to natural expectations, the demands and needs of the majority of citizens, not only minorities.

As shown by the events in the USA, crisis in the Federal multiethnic and multi-religious countries, with a high level of external migration is much higher than the threats, dangers and risks to national security and territorial integrity higher than in a unitary state form a homogeneous population. The mere existence of "motley" of the American population already generates mutual hostility and tensions, conflicts and many contradictions in society, sowing discord among citizens who worsen and break out in the periods of aggravation of the situation. The US, which represent a closed joint-stock company (ZAO) that are controlled from the outside forces of the "deep state" based on so-called "country elite" was built on flawed national and state basis, starting with the total destruction of the Indians-the indigenous population, the mass use of slave labor, primarily from Africa, and subsequently to the present time – an unprecedented discrimination of the representatives of the "white race", who still make up the majority of the United States. Famous policy of tolerance really means support, encouragement, preferential treatment, especially for ethnic minorities. The result was a new phenomenon of "colour" and above all "black" racism against the "white majority."

The situation is compounded by the fact that in the US, a growing class conflict between the rich minority and the poor majority, which is associated with the "colored" population. Despite the fact that the American elite hide behind the inclusion of their representatives in its membership, including African-Americans, in American society there is a growing understanding that the Republicans and Democrats are two wings of one closed clan's "deep state", which is currently something not divided among themselves. Most lobbying, financial and information features so-called "country elite", but rather "cross-national elite" that is closely connected with the international centers of global policy, its strong position in many countries around the world, including in Russia. Because of this, they actively influence the development of racial crisis in the United States, oppose the supporters of President trump, incite mass protests in Europe, Hong Kong, Russia, etc.

To successfully overcome the crisis does not contribute to the current system of government of the United States, which to the maximum extent implements the well-known principle of external management "divide and power." The result is the lack of any unity in the power vertical, which is aggravated by the split of the political elites. The impression that not only the private control is fed, but also the individual organs of the U.S. government. Extremely fragmented power structures, individual members of which are already moving to the side of the protesters or kneel in front of them. Governors ignore the President. Pervasive interference in the internal Affairs of the States members of other clans global and, in particular, the infamous "philanthropist" Soros. American fire and vengeance poured gasoline so-called "independent media", which is managed from a single centre of influence.

Russia facing a racial challenge

In Russia there are influential racial "black minorities", although their representatives over and over again, remind myself its solidarity with the "fighting for their rights" blacks in America "Black Lives Matter". Today, the Russian Federation and the United States remains a Federal, multinational and multi-confessional state, with a high level of external migration, where he developed an influential ethno-religious Diaspora, which enjoys support inside the country and abroad. Approximately one third of all subjects of the Federation is the national-state territorial entity with special status, where politics, Economics, culture, information and other fields dominated by the titular Nations to the detriment, above all, representatives of the Russian Slavic population, similar to the "white majority in the United States.

It is impossible not to admit that a policy of discrimination against the peasant (Christian) majority did not appear today it has its pre-revolutionary (1917) historical and political background, when the Russian elite was represented largely by foreigners, immigrants from other countries and peoples. In Soviet period there was a legislative recognition of the privileged position of individual national republics and their peoples, to a lesser degree of national autonomy in their composition. As you know, the Soviet Union was broke and destroyed by ethno-political patterns and preferences. Unfortunately, our Russian Federation inherited the national-territorial state structure of the country that, according to experts, not without reason, is a bomb under the foundations of a multinational state.

The enemies of Russia not casually call her "a thousand years of slave", meaning that the reconstruction of the country was to the detriment of, at the expense and on the shoulders of "deep people," and, above all, the Russian-Slavic population. Therefore, his exclusion from power had taken place for centuries. The authorities always referred to the "deep people" in a time of hard times and hardship, like it was in the years of the great Patriotic war (1941-1945), when the Soviet regime was forced to confront Nazi Germany, which nurtured global forces influence. Under Stalin quickly reminded of the glorious Russian army, the role of the Orthodox solidarity, other historical and cultural traditions.

Representatives of the "deep people" a few perked up and raised during the reign of Vladimir Putin, primarily due to the opposition of the Georgian aggression in 2008, the annexation of Crimea to Russia (2014), protection of Russian-speaking population in the Donbass. Recently, however, thanks to the efforts of the West and its "agents of influence" in Russia, including in the entourage of the head of state, the number of supporters of the President among the representatives of the "deep people" was noticeably reduced. Like the words the President says the right, decisions need, in joy and in sorrow he is with the people. However, in his eyes, when all honest people of the liberal oligarchy minions in the government, information mafia and street protest punks always continue to act on lawlessness to the detriment of the country and the people. How much you can tolerate! How long?

Fortunately, events in the old and new in the light of today cause politicians to revisit the issue of Russian life – Russian question. Even staunch Communist Gennady Zyuganov in a recent article, "the core of Russian power" spoke about the people, the existence of which in today's Russia is not accepted to remember. However, the likelihood and other street clashes and conflicts on ethno-religious basis, just as is happening today in the cities of America and Europe, makes everyone tremble. Maybe that's why liberal street punks in no hurry to mass protests, because maybe there is to meet with representatives of other illiberal nationalities.

Power began to be proactive, but with great delay. New amendments to the Constitution, which, among others, aimed at supporting Russian language and constituent people, overcoming social divisions, etc., of course, necessary, but they do not fully resolve the main contradiction of modern Russia – flawed polity of the country, the lack of justice and equal opportunity, truth, law and order, spirituality and morality. Is it possible to implement a stable, progressive and harmonious renewal and further development of the country. It is impossible not to recognize that, as in the United States, the presence of "motley" of the Russian population generates a lot of controversy, acrimony and tensions, conflicts, provokes discord among citizens, which is fraught with unpredictable consequences in the crisis periods of development of the state.

To experts say that Russia, unlike the USA has a longer history and it is not the practice of the colonization of the Borderlands, a long period of promotion by the authorities of parochial nationalism and chauvinism was initially flawed, as it is fraught with unpredictable consequences for the fate of the state. As a result, in Russia the most influential ethnic and religious minorities based on their national-state formations, many of Diaspora, national-cultural autonomy and religious institutions, other non-governmental organizations merged and consolidated, can be quickly mobilized to action in a crisis. As you can guess, with such developments inevitably increase the Russo-Slavic solidarity. As you know from history, "senseless Russian revolt" is not only fraught with the escalation of the conflict.

As in the US, the situation in Russia is aggravated by deep class conflict between the rich minority, is closely associated with its Western backers, and the poor Russian majority. Despite the fact that with the former the time of the Russian elite, traditionally divided into the Vikings from among nationals of other countries and their "sons of bitches", have publicly covered include in its membership representatives of other nationalities, including Russian, in the Russian society believe that this is one "bunch lake", gnawing power. In our days the greatest lobbying, financial, and cultural control over the society have Pro-Western liberals, who are closely linked with international centres of global politics, including "cross-national elite" of the United States. Because of this, they skillfully manipulated the effects of coronavirus pandemic, and the economic and financial crisis, actively influence the provoking of the crisis in Russia, oppose the supporters of President Putin. Today, they threw all their forces to disrupt the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, which can greatly limit their subversive possibilities.

As in the United States, a serious threat to the country presented by the cities. Moscow has long been turned into a state within a state, in the eyes of Russians and citizens of neighboring countries - is the source of all ills and evils of Russia. The Moscow liberal establishment lives by its unwritten laws dictated by external powers. In coronavirus the crisis of capital violates the rights and freedoms of citizens, manipulate the Federal and regional authorities, in fact, publicly opposed the incumbent. About 70 percent of the subversive infopotok Moscow is controlled by the liberal media, which operate in line with alien subversive "mainstream" of Western origin. Only in recent days in connection with the upcoming vote on the Constitution on Russia collapsed real fake the pouring rain with a barrage of absurd accusations of the authorities of all sins. According to experts, actions of the Moscow elite groups in the interests of the global predictor unwittingly provoke a split in government, set a bad example to the regional establishment, provoke destabilization of the situation in the country. To cite an example of attempts to disrupt the President's initiative on mass payments to citizens funds in connection with the coronavirus.

Now in the aftermath of the pandemic coronavirus, events in USA, Europe and other countries, the external and internal enemies of Russia are actually once again trying to turn the country to the edge of the abyss during the time of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, which at the time dragged Vladimir Putin. In connection with events in USA, Europe and other countries of the hostile forces in Russia aimed to strengthen their inflammatory, provocative and subversive activities against the state and society. Unprecedented attacks exposed the head of state himself, who, unlike trump, Merkel, Makron, Johnson, Zelensky and other puppets of the deep state, is not a puppet of global forces influence, confronts them together with XI Jinping. Meanwhile, Russia today is actually hanging on "single nail", the name of which is Putin. Unplug it, and the country will collapse with all the attendant negative consequences, the collapse of the Soviet Union "seem flowers". I hope that the vote of July 1, 2020, amendments to the Constitution will create conditions for the resettlement of Russia on new principles, in the interests of Russia, for the benefit of the Russians, strengthen national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

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