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If only there was no war: Russia and the world on the brink of a major war
Material posted: Publication date: 02-10-2019
The first world war (1914-18.) led to the great October revolution in Russia in 1917, which destroyed the statehood of the Russian Empire, the country was plunged into civil carnage, chaos and destruction. The great Patriotic war (1941) began 24 years since the achievements of the Communist revolution, had hardly begun the ascent and revival of the country. After the great victory of the Soviet people over fascism (1945) people really do not have time to move away from the difficult test and survival during the restoration of the destroyed national economy, virgin soil upturned and the BAM, to live in confidence in the future, after 46 years after the war came the liberal-democratic revolution (1991). It led to the collapse of the USSR, ethnic conflicts and social upheaval, anti-people predatory pseudo-reforms, the chaos and collapse, a profound crisis of statehood in Russia. No sooner had the Russian to rise from the knee, and on the Earth again war, the third world, the world has entered a period of threat development. "A war passes. She was again at the forefront of the global war it is no coincidence that this geohistorical predestination one-seventh of the land. At all times Russia emerged with honour from the situation, if relied on a strong state, which was based on the unique qualities of the "deep" (Russian-Slavic), people - patience, willpower, and sacrifice, as well as authoritarian rule and military power of the army and Navy," said Fyodor Pashin, expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy.

Is it fair to draw historical Parallels between different times in the development of the country and the world?

Despite the fact that the world and Russia have undergone a radical conversion and other changes, today it is increasingly clear that the world has entered a period of threat of development, and Russia was again at the forefront of a global clash of interests of world powers. Rapidly growing interstate contradictions and crisis phenomena, increasing the number of armed conflicts and social upheavals. In the press with the filing of Western geo-strategists already have forecast the number of casualties in the war with limited use of weapons of mass destruction, we are talking about tens of millions killed and wounded in the "hot spots" of certain regions of the world.

The "powers that be" in all its branched around the world, "the deep state" are trying to maintain its world domination without which they do not think of the future of planet Earth. With hybrid warfare, including the purposeful subversive activities in the sphere of politics and law, trade, energy, diplomacy, culture (media, movies, sports, art, music, etc.), they tend to rein in rebellious regimes, among which was modern Russia. The world situation is compounded by the fact that population growth and, as a consequence of consumption, leading to increased competition for resources and markets, "life under the sun." In our eyes, degraded habitat, increasing climatic disasters in the world, which, along with man-made disasters, threaten global and regional stability. A considerable danger for the stability of the countries of the world become a mass migration to the United States, Europe, and Russia. They are able to undermine the stability, territorial integrity, sovereignty and national security of countries and peoples.

Of particular irritation "the global financial-cultural mafia" is a figure of the Russian President, who, wittingly or unwittingly, concentrating on his protest of a number of countries have challenged the global dominance of the West, taking chickens to the sovereign development of States. We are talking about China, Iran, Venezuela, etc. Despite the unprecedented demonization of it in the eyes of the international community, the head of Russia competes in external relations with the incompetent, vulnerable and zavisimym puppets and puppets of the "world backstage" at the head of the leading countries of the world.

Today, the Russian President due to the various circumstances, including skillful geopolitical and internal political maneuvering, a lot of support and patience, may the divine Providence and assistance "from above", inadvertently became a factor of global influence, which even the "powers that be" have to be considered. Meanwhile, the Russians to it a lot fair claims and demands, strong frustration of unmet expectations on him, primarily in domestic politics. However, the collective West to the Kremlin makes it even more serious to account for the desire to strengthen the state and the army, to confront a hybrid of aggression and interference in the Affairs of the state and nation from the outside, pressure, and blackmail, sanctions, energy and social security, to take account of national interests in domestic and foreign policy, etc. to ensure that the Russian ruler has long been condemned "international mafia", and in the best case, the "Hague Tribunal", at worst it may suffer the fate of the Libyan Muammar Gaddafi (Cassati), Iraqi Saddam Hussein, etc. just look at how Vladimir Putin ruthlessly slander, demonize, and ridicule in the world media and on the boards of other institutions of mass culture, including controlled Russian media, show business, literature, cinema, etc.

As far as today compared to the last stable Russian statehood, a strong national defense and, most importantly, what is the level of willingness of the people to defend the country?

In 1941, the overwhelming majority of Russian-Slavic superethnos deep and many other indigenous peoples of the country, despite all the just discontent, hatred and anger to the anti-Russian Soviet power, went into bloody war and won, to defend the Motherland and the future of their children, and at the same time have maintained Communist rule of the country. With the coming to power of representatives of deep people, deserved this right by the shed blood on the fronts of world war II, the Communist regime was being transformed into a Soviet, more equitable system, although the Russophobic nature of the regime was not eliminated.

Therefore, in our days, it is no coincidence that the period from late 60s to mid 80s, in contrast to the bloody pre-war years, with the filing of the current generation of Soviet people recall and perceived kindness, it is even considered that, compared to l dashing the Yeltsin era, then people had to live under communism. It is why we waged the cold war against the Soviet Union and Russophobic external and internal forces went on the defeat of the Soviet Union, fearing further strengthening of the Soviet power, strengthen the role of Russian-Slavic people in the Affairs of state and society. And today again the global Russophobic conspiracy intended to restrain and stop the revival of Russia not to allow further strengthening of statehood, national security, defence, territorial integrity, sovereignty of the country.

As before, the main ideological tool against elected Russophobia, so the enemies of Russia are well aware that the last bulwark of the multinational state remains the Russo-Slavic people. Therefore, the flow supplied Russophobic provocation is the inciting other peoples to representatives of deep people in Russia and abroad, attempts to "play the Russian card" in the interests of the struggle with the Kremlin. The problem is that on the background of the external hybrid of aggression against Russia with the support of agents of influence inside the country to break the organic relationship between the head of state and people, Supreme commander and the army to stir up controversy in the entourage of the President, anti-people actions and decisions trigger the sabotage of the Kremlin, mass discontent and protests.

Today comparison of Stalin and Putin are not in favor of the latter, although, following the historical truth, we should admit the fact that Lazar Kaganovich under Stalin Dzhugashvili was much more influential statesman than today all combined yesterday's and today's courtiers in the entourage of the current "owner" of the Kremlin from the late Boris Berezovsky to Mr Kudrin and K. However, people tend to mythologize the past, and so today, in all the polls, vote for a strong and fair authority, and, therefore, the polls increasingly defeats Joseph Stalin. Thus, the people, signaling the Kremlin, sending a direct request to a hard Board, but in the interests of the majority, not the corrupt minority, the current Russian pseudo-elite. The Kremlin will regain the trust, credibility and support, if forced everyone to live in justice – one law for all, despite all the wealth, position and degree of influence on the government, national and religious affiliation, social privileges, etc.

If we talk about the readiness of the people, it is impossible not to recognize the fact that the quantitative and qualitative dimension, the representatives of the "global" superethnos and other indigenous people are much poizmelchal. Today nothing is left from the former crowded Russian-Slavic villages, where chaste women gave birth and worked a large family, as chaste women was born, as a rule, healthy and hard-working offspring, and simple Russian peasants were always willing to silently stand up for the Fatherland. In our day, if tomorrow the war will not be easy to raise the country and get people as in 1941, to sacrifice themselves for the corrupt and unjust power, which have continued to discredit themselves.

However, understanding that the head of state, which, on the one hand, in fact, remains the last Bastion of hope of the masses, and the other has no prospects without popular support, was in the same boat with the "deep people." "world mafia" and the leader and the people sentenced, therefore, it remains to move towards each other, and interested to work together in the interests of self-preservation in an era of global challenges and threats. the Army in its current operational condition and fairly well developed defence industry is a significant and reliable support for the state since they are staffed primarily by representatives of the "deep people" and other indigenous ethnic groups.

How current demographics impact on the state of Russian society, his willingness to overcome the crisis, to act in war?

The history of the world empires suggests that the multinational and multi-confessional States remain prospects, if homogeneous startnewmessage demographic majority is not less than 66.6 per cent of the total population. A marked decrease of this indicator was one of the main causes of the degradation and fall of such great empires as the Arab Caliphate, Khazar khanate, the Roman Empire, Byzantium, Ottoman Empire, UK, Rzeczpospolita, Austro-Hungary, Russian Empire, USSR, etc. Today before this problem are the United States, where it significantly reduced the number of Anglo-Saxon and other immigrants from Europe. By the way, the modern Ukraine, in fact, like Georgia, etc., which is a mini-Empire also now experiencing a strong demographic of deformation and cracks which will inevitably lead to the destruction of its statehood at the metaphysical laws.

According to official data, in Russia Russian-Slavic homogeneous majority is around 80 %, however, in reality this figure does not correspond to reality and teetering on the level of 65-70 %, which preserves the perspectives of maintaining demographic stability and, therefore, in the foreseeable future, to ensure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. However, no one considers the fact that in modern Russia, according to media reports, every year up to 20 million legal and illegal migrants who do not seek to assimilate, trying to settle compactly live in the country according to their traditions and laws. Allah only knows how much, where and in what quality migrants, today spread through the expanses of Russia.

Given that unprecedented numbers, and Russia is actually second in the world in terms of the immigration invasion, population stability, which provide quantitative and qualitative indicators of "deep nation" is falling, according to official data, up to 65-68 %, and according to other information – 60 %. From a metaphysical point of view, a similar demographic situation is becoming alarming, and the state may enter a period of instability. German strategy in the prewar period was of the Soviet Union – a "colossus with feet of clay", meaning that the Communist regime and the multinational Soviet people, in which the role of the Russian population was effectively reduced to a minimum, will be defeated in no time by the forces of the Wehrmacht and its allies. Today the alarm sounds pre-war to finish off Russia, which will collapse like a house of cards from its multi-ethnic and multi-confessional contradictions, social fragmentation, corruption, political elites, and most importantly due to the deterioration of Russo-Slavic people. Like the times of this kind of evaluation stems blatant Russophobia hybrid aggression against Russia.

The current immigration invasion does not contribute to the consolidation and mobilization of the population in an era of global challenges and threats, it undermines demographic stability, weakens the state, exacerbating ethnic and religious tensions, lead to the growth of ethnic crime. Not accidentally the country's population, unlike those in power, a negative response to the rapid growth in the number of migrants (CA. 75 %), as evidenced by numerous sociological processes. The government often encourages migration processes, as it always has in the history of Russia, using aliens as their social support and in contrast to the "deep people", which the foreign rulers, and of course can't be afraid.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the national-territorial organisation of the country, as in Soviet times, are "a time bomb", which explodes every time when the weakened Central power, comes times of crisis, especially when a big trouble comes – war. This victory has many fathers and the winners, and failure is an orphan. In our days ethnocratic elites often "pull a blanket on itself", hinging on the problems and interests of their peoples and ethnic groups to the detriment of other peoples of the Russian Federation, seeing in the Federal government, as a rule, the source of the extract additional benefits, preferences and privileges. Moreover, in fact, some of them are already in peacetime to lead to isolation and alienation from the national task do not show sufficient solidarity with other ethnic groups and, above all, startnewsession the state of "deep people." At the same time from the Russian-Slavic population actually remained the only Russian language, it has no state and public institutions development in comparison with other, first of all, the titular ethnic groups, and therefore equal rights and opportunities with them, and Diaspora ethnic groups.

It is interesting that in Russia about one third of the Federation is the national education (the Republic, autonomy), which occupy and control much of the territory of strategic importance for national security and territorial integrity of the country. This kind of geodemographic alignment affects the level of consolidation and solidarity of the peoples of Russia, their mobilization and commitment to action in the face of crisis. Overall, the relatively small size of the Russian population (about 146 million people) seriously hinders the control and planning of one-seventh of the land. It's like that one person or a small family to handle 6-10 acres of land and more than 10 hectares.

Therefore, Russia will always blame the "fools" and "roads". Huge open spaces to build roads and other infrastructure is not easy. But the "fools" from much that has become a bad tradition to click the power incompetent strangers, to live not with your mind, on orders from the outside and tips crafty advisers who, as a rule, was always more concerned with their vested interests, than worked for the people and its national interests. Since then, little has changed, as then the elite looked to the West, lived its interests, and Russia is well earned, squandering the country's wealth.

When and how could start a war?

In Russia people have always been afraid of war, from which the country suffered. In Russian history, periods of war, crises, shocks, etc. was probably not less than peaceful times. The real war in the world is, it does not stop since the cold war. In the minds of our enemies the idea to end with Russia and its unruly people live since not only the Crusades. It is no coincidence that people still condemn "just war" and therefore always ready to endure hardship, suffering, distress, anti-national corrupt power. It is no coincidence that our Ukrainian brothers that the insidious West to fight with all the Russian allowed to "raise the head", they call their jedynorodnyj "terpily" and "wool", as if they are from another test. And after tomorrow, and they can at once their mouths close, the hands tie and no longer needed to send to the dustbin of history, as always happens to traitors. But the Russian world, as it was not a time in the last Millennium, once again forced to prepare to go into battle with a common enemy.

The current hybrid war against Russia is gaining momentum. The flow supplied anti-Russian and, above all, anti-Putin provocations and subversive actions in the diplomatic, trade, energy, socio-cultural and other spheres. A weapon in the fight against unruly Russia is the international terrorism. A growing number of armed clashes and in the world (Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, India, Pakistan, etc.). In the permanent plans of the enemy forces, supported by agents of influence to carry out a color revolution to overthrow the regime, reformat the power to undermine the defense capability, security, territorial integrity, and to deprive the country of any signs of sovereignty, dismember the state.

Thus, the global world, joining in a period of threat of development, is again on the verge of a "great war". And talking about it more and more often in media. The beginning can result in many causes and reasons, which literally teems with contemporary international life. And, above all, in the "great war" very interested "global financial information mafia", which intends to overcome the global crisis, blamed on the war, its disastrous policy, serious crimes against humanity, and most importantly - to keep its future dominance in the world. However, their implementation in a managed scenario for the spin States and peoples, for the umpteenth time in world history to seize global power and to establish a new world order, fraught with the death of a large part of humanity. But it does not stop, they openly go on the exacerbation in the first place, subjecting to heavy pressure and attacks recalcitrant competitors - Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela etc.

Hard breathing of the "great war" is getting closer and more tangible. For example, if Russia was involved its armed forces in the conflict in the Donbass, could begin mass guerrilla resistance, drawing in representatives of forces of international terrorism from Syria and other countries, different kinds of advisers and volunteers from Western Europe, private military company, separate special unit of NATO. Later in the war would inevitably have involved a larger armed contingent of NATO, aviation, missiles. Depending on the development of the situation could be the need of limited use of nuclear weapons.

Russia took a big risk, drawn into 2015 in the Syrian conflict to shift attention from geopolitical opponents from Ukraine, the fighting in the Donbass, to the middle East. Despite the fact that Russia in the Union, first of all, Iran managed to establish control over most of Syria, the threat of being drawn into a large-scale confrontation in the region remains extensive. To the "big war" in middle East can lead geostrategic plans for the "world mafia" referred to by Henry Kissinger several years ago, to close the project "Israel" and implement "New Jerusalem" in five regions of Ukraine (Dnieper, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Odessa) and the Crimea, which should be to gather Jews from around the world and, above all, from Israel. The world press assumes that including for these purposes is destabilizing the situation in the vast territory of the Middle East from Suez to Tibet is provoking conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, the remnants of "ISIS" being transferred to other countries in the region. The main target of external aggression elected the Islamic Republic of Iran, which, however, ready to rebuff not only to Israel and Saudi Arabia, but the US and its NATO allies.

There are other potential sources of increased conflict, which can lead to a major war – is the situation around Afghanistan, Venezuela, North Korea, the Balkans, India-Pakistan conflict etc. Today nuclear weapon has about 10 countries, most of them are directly or indirectly involved in regional conflicts. The temptation to use weapons of mass destruction always increases when increasing the intensity of armed clashes.

As for Russia, the geopolitical strategy of its opponents has the option of undermining the statehood and the partition of the country on known patterns and plans to be limited only to change of government. They, not without reason, fear that if there is a collapse of Russia, then it will not be able to put together one-seventh of the land, which plays a strategic role not only in Eurasia but also in the entire planet Earth. The territory of Russia is seen as the saving ark, the place of the new arrangement to replace the United States and great Britain, gradually losing its former geodemographic value. Here are the main Eurasian communication encompasses one third of the world's wealth, a relatively healthy habitat. It remains only to return under the full control of the Kremlin, by removing from power of Putin and supporters of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, to carry out the final demographic reset, destroying Russian-Slavic and other indigenous peoples, and in return, populating the territory of diverse immigration, devoid of a sense of belonging and responsibility for the historic Russia. Power structures and effective managers on behalf of the new world government will deliver a new diverse electronic and people under police control, will make a tool for the implementation of the global task to achieve world domination. As such, the Russia, and probably one-seventh of the land can get a new abbreviated name, for example, SSEA – United States of Europe and Asia. As such, the country (side light) from Lisbon to Vladivostok could become a reliable "umbrella" to cover the "New Jerusalem", the ideological, financial and information center of the world, where you'll develop the quiet life the representatives of the "world mafia". "Extra people" in the state, from Lisbon to the Far East will be not only the indigenous peoples of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, which preserve historical memory and responsibility for the fate of ancestral lands, but also Germans, French, Italians, poles, not to mention the small peoples of Eurasia. SSAE will lead a relentless struggle against China. It is reported that the future world will belong to natives of India, Africa and Latin America. They prescription effective managers, proteges of the "international mafia", under total electronic, information and police control, perhaps, and equip an extended territory from Lisbon to Vladivostok, the most suitable, according to scientists and experts, for the survival of mankind in the era of global geological change, social upheaval, and man-made disasters. But this is another story of the evolution of human civilization.

Against Russia, which could not be brought to its knees financially-economic coercion, the bet is placed on provoking protest and speeches to overthrow the current regime and bring to power the first stage of his proteges from the liberal clan in power. At the same time, as it was not just in history, including communism in Russia, will be organized to sweep the objectionable authorities and political rivals of state-Patriotic camps, the genocide and the extermination of people for ethnic, social or religious grounds. The final elimination will be subject to any manifestations of national-Patriotic sense. It's not just about the destruction of the representatives of the Russian-Slavic people, but also national education and the elites of other ethnic groups and nationalities, title ethnocracy and the Diaspora, etc.

What should I do?

First of all, it is advisable, finally, determined with the ideals and meanings of realization of state and public development of Russia in the long term. However, in order to approach the development of strategy and solution to this paramount task, while not turning the boat Russian ark into the ocean of internal and global challenges and threats, it is advisable to move progressively to adopt priority emergency measures. First, to form a favorable background and prerequisites for further successful development, it is necessary to change the destructive direction of orientation of the Russian media in creative and constructive, uplifting and mobilization of the nature and content. Therefore, we need consolidation of the state and Pro-government media and Internet resources, and drastic reduction of the presence of alien subversive content "mainstream" Western media in the Russian information space. Currently, target setting and the content of the anti-foreign media focuses about 70% of the information structures and journalists, which is unacceptable from the point of view of providing information sovereignty and national security. It is expedient to reconsider the role of journalism in society, increase their social and state responsibility. The issue of ensuring rights of access to information and its free flow must be resolved in favor of the rights of citizens to obtain safe information, promotion of content in the public interest, for the benefit of the people. We are not talking about censorship, and to overcome deceit, depravity and self-interest in media work.

Secondly, it is necessary to take additional measures to address demographic problems, socio-cultural revival of the Russian population. Appropriate multi-trillion funds every year remaining in the state budget, to allocate to the increase in the birth rate, especially in regions where mortality exceeds all acceptable performance, support for large families, motherhood and childhood. Fair would be if a separate "demographic" Buda tax imposed on the Russian oligarchs, which can and should support the birth rate in the country. The demographic revival needs to work a program of recovery of population, development of physical culture and sports. To ensure the renewal and quality of life of citizens, it is advisable to make the necessary changes in the disastrous pension reform. It should not be tied to age restrictions the citizens, but only to the experience of 35-40 years. In this regard, no matter what age - 50, 55, 60, 65, etc., citizen has developed an established state of experience, which should include studies in public schools, military service, care for newborns. Pension should be calculated on the "white" wages that increase the interest of citizens in labor and, as a consequence, obtaining a greater amount. Reform will allow to increase productivity, to restore justice among working and non-working citizens, who for a small experience comparable pension to create the conditions to ensure continuity of education at the family level, to restore the loyalty of the older generation to power.

Demographic revival of the country no less important than the strengthening of the army and Navy, which in itself is inextricably linked, having in mind the national composition of forces. Even anomalist Stalin, as head of state and commander in chief in the Soviet Union, recognized the fact that if military units and less than ¾ staffed by Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians, they are not combat-ready.

Thirdly, the access to public and social ideals and sense of life in Russia should begin with the revival and strengthening of the Russian language and its role in government and public Affairs. Russian language state security remains virtually the only linking of the Plurinational state, the last Bastion of sovereignty and territorial integrity. It can and should be formed by the basic ideals and values of the consolidation and mobilization of the peoples of Russia, mythology of government and society in the age of global challenges and threats. The current task is only to linguistic and cultural and spiritual and historical heritage to adequately inventory and adapt to modern realities and challenges, to effectively put into practice for the benefit of the people, in the interests of the state. State linguistic culture, recognized by all peoples of Russia, as uncontested need help to find a common language in the literal and figurative sense, to provide a consolidation of solidarity and the mobilization of citizens.

The indigenous peoples of Russia have in common and what unites them is a common pagan origin, which was reflected in linguistic cultures, a similar mythology, the meanings, symbols and signs. Therefore, uniting around the Russian language can be a natural and necessary process, because the national idea of Russia today is the salvation, survival, self-preservation and the revival of the unique Russian civilization in the era of global threats and challenges. If in Russia the majority of the country was, for example, Chechen or Tuva, Tatars and Mordovians, and the state were conceived and born on the basis of one of these ethnic groups, it is quite natural linguistic culture must be recognized in state, public and international levels.

Russian language, being the mental-spiritual nature and manifestation of Russo-Slavic ethnic group turns it into a kind of "deep state" which holds society and the state "afloat" in times of shocks and disasters. In times of crisis the most serious test of Russian history he played really saving role for the country and the people. Its special place in national history has repeatedly recognized the well-known Russian and foreign authorities. As he wrote in 1882 the great Russian writer Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev: " alone are my support, o great, mighty, truthful and free Russian language! Not for you, how not to fall into despair at the sight of all that is done at home? But it is impossible to believe that such a language was not given to great people!". As evidenced by the whole history of the world, if multinational and multi-confessional States (empires), in what is still the Russian Federation, effectively dominated by the official language and culture of a homogeneous demographic majority, this essential Toolkit consolidation companies strongly supported by authorities, would maintain the long-term development and prosperity. Otherwise, it is doomed to internal strife, disintegration, degradation and destruction.

To the question about the Russian language state security is closely related the problem of the national state system of modern Russia. It is clear that, if a multinational country, home to about 200 ethnic groups and nationalities, not to overcome the unfair and harmful to divide the peoples on the title and not the title, having their own autonomy, Diaspora, etc. in the country and the state of education abroad, Russia is difficult to count on the long-term prospects. The division of peoples is accompanied by fragmentation of the territories, their isolation and alienation from each other. Crisis, the growing mutual hostility, followed by separatism, confrontation, including armed. In an era of global challenges and threats to avoid negative developments, should begin to discuss the issue of territorial structure of the country. The people of Russia can, and should, in favour of a common future for my children and grandchildren to give up their claims to national uniqueness, to become citizens of a unitary state where all are equal before the law, regardless of nationality or religion. In this regard, you have to take the initiative in some areas to hold referendums on the issue. Moreover, it is necessary to stop deleterious migration. The possible disintegration of the Russian Federation, if he, God forbid, happens, does not Bode well for neither large nor small Nations. Therefore, a strong Russian statehood – is a national value.

Fifth, further strengthening of the needs of the Russian state, which suffers the force imposed the principle of separation of powers, in fact the tool of interference in the internal Affairs of the state. Should be built a system of continuity of government, to be able not only to implement the course "strong Putin", but also to expand it in the direction of the best consideration of the interests of the majority, a society of justice and law. In this connection it is expedient to increase the role of representative government and, in particular, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, in which it is necessary to consolidate the Federation Council and the state Duma under a single head of the Parliament, which could be the head of state. Chamber of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation are formed, respectively, on the majority and party basis. The number of RF is reduced to 150-200 people in each of the chambers is formed by a common unit support the activities of senators and deputies. Of the Russian Federation together with the regional legislative assemblies to form a single vertical of power in the country. The President and his administration abolished. Of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in coordination with the security Council approves the head of the Central Bank, audit chamber, the Russian Academy of Sciences.

An important institution of state is the security Council (SC), composed of former heads of state, the head of the Federal the Republic of Belarus, Chairman of the government and the Central Bank, the power Ministers, Minister of foreign Affairs and the Institute of "soft power", President of the Supreme court. In the scope of competencies included defining a strategy of development, ensuring defense capacity, national security, personnel, external, information, social, cultural, scientific and demographic policy etc. security Council will agree on the appointment of all Federal and regional officials group "A". In order to ensure the succession of power may lead most recent tenure as the former head of state. Strategic security solutions in the form of regulations mandatory for adoption by all authorities take on the form of laws after signing by the head of state, head of the RF Federal Assembly.

Under the control of the FCS of Russia is an Executive power. The head of the government and its members are elected exclusively from among the senators and deputies, in consultation with the security Council of the country approved of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The heads of regions are appointed by the Prime Minister on the presentation of candidates of regional legislative authorities and with the agreement of the security Council of the Russian Federation. The government is formed based on the sectoral principle, no more than 7-8, ministries (demography and labour; economy and Finance; industry and agriculture; energy, transport and communications; health, physical education and sports; natural resources and environment). The number of officials in the centre and regions could be reduced multiples, thus freeing a significant number of skilled workers that may be in demand in the economy and business.

At the first stage of governmental reform it is advisable to carry out the consolidation of power structures within three main blocks – the defense, security, law enforcement. Along with the security forces and the foreign Ministry, the special place in system of public authorities is the Ministry of education, culture and information (the Institute of "soft power"), which implements the ideological and socio-cultural setup of the RF. Power structures, the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Institute of "soft power", the Central Bank functioned under the auspices of the security Council of the country.

Transformation in the structures of the state would require amending the Constitution, which is morally and historically obsolete. The important thing is that she, being a product of external borrowing, is not in the interests of the country and people, serves as a tool to promote foreign intervention in the internal Affairs of the state. The question of the content of the new Constitution must immediately be submitted for a referendum.

What can we expect in the period before the presidential election 20224 year from the current head of state, who for twenty years the authorities have done a lot to strengthen Russian statehood, national security and sovereignty of the country?

Vladimir Putin no doubt has left a noticeable trace in the Russian history. Therefore, it is extremely important to go to the end with dignity such a thorny path Chapter great country. Today its main task is to prevent the manifestation of destructive internal processes that can lead to the undermining of the multinational country, keep the country in the face of external aggression hybrid, to create preconditions to ensure continuity of government in the long term. Him with an unprecedented experience in the management of a great country (20 years), able to build effective institutions and mechanisms of governance and society (linguistic and cultural, organizational, conceptual, information (soft power), financial-economic, political, legal, foreign policy), to bring to power people with moral and spiritual qualities, the patriots among the professionals. In addition, to give greater stability of the state and society, it is expedient to initiate the creation of a network of community safety at the place of compact residence of citizens.

The first step towards increasing the authority and credibility of presidential power should be fundamental changes in government which could lead the "technical President". Professional in the respected age, a patriot of his country, that is, with God in the soul and the king in the head will be able to act more decisively, purposefully and responsibly and strictly in the public interest and for the benefit of the people. He can do that, for one reason or another, doesn't the current head of state, bound hand and foot by the corrupt environment. The cleansing power in the center and on the ground of incompetent officials, corrupt officials, various kinds of saboteurs will be the main contribution of the "technical Chairman" in the creation of conditions to ensure continuity of government in the public interest, for the benefit of the people.

The fact that the strategic task of national Renaissance will be realized, if we can revive mechanisms to ensure public safety. We are talking about the creation and development of a network for public safety, mutual aid and support, solidarity on the basis of neighborhood communities (CO), generated at the place of residence on the basis of socio-cultural experience of survival and self-preservation, traditional ideals and values. WITH could contribute to the organization's collective against illegal migration, the imposition of alien values and traditions, the fight against street crime, drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and other antisocial phenomena. The neighboring community will naturally be interested in preserving the surrounding environment, approval in society of ecological thinking, carrying out measures for the arrangement and preservation of the territory. They are able to contribute to the formation of a special order of relationship to the woman as the source of healthy procreation, revival of traditions of family relations, and the revival of masculinity in the teenage environment. WITH clearly not remain aloof from the Patriotic upbringing of the younger generation, strengthening of inter-ethnic relations, interfaith dialogue.

In General, the formation of network communities at the place of compact residence will not only successfully solve problems of survival and self-preservation of a unique civilization, but also to lay the grounds for sustainable and stable development of the country, the revival and strengthening of Russian statehood in the long term. Russia will no longer depend on the temporary, which will not be allowed in the power active and influential national community in the centre and in the field. Against such social forces will not dare to go to war external and internal enemies of Russia.

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