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The world is entering the zone of impersonal strategic terrorism
Material posted: Publication date: 09-10-2022
The terrorist special operation in relation to Gazprom's four highways made a lot of noise on the information front of the third World War of the hybrid type. The warring parties began to accuse each other of this strategic-level crime without evidence. As always, we were in a hurry: the head of Foreign Intelligence Naryshkin announced that we have evidence of the involvement of the West in this. However, we have traditionally not presented evidence, putting ourselves in the position of justifying ourselves. Washington suggested that what happened is in the hands of Gazprom, which, through force majeure, avoids paying a huge penalty for politicized non-fulfillment of contracts: reducing volumes for the purposes of political blackmail of the EU. It makes no sense to consider other versions due to their insolvency. But even the main versions, in my opinion, lead us away from the truth.

What "clues" were left by unidentified strategic-level terrorists?

These are forces capable of attracting specialists and equipment of the states developed in naval terms for their own purposes. The terrorist punks are not able to deliver 500 kg of explosives to a great depth, lay it competently, plan the order of detonation, remain unnoticed even in the conditions of satellite monitoring of strategic energy and communication routes and leave in time without leaving material "ears" in the form of fragments indicating the involvement of a particular country.

This is a completely different level.

Further. Any terrorist attack is always a message to someone: starting from presidents and ending with small shopkeepers (arson of a retail outlet). Every terrorist attack is followed by demands: public or confidential. Terrorist attacks are not committed for the sake of terrorist attacks. Especially on this scale.

In this case, no one has made any demands. And the discussion of what happened in the media suddenly stopped.

In principle, it is possible to blow up gas pipelines for the sake of Gazprom's losses, for example, in the interests of companies supplying liquefied gas to Europe. But the motivation is weak. The Russian dreamer is already under sanctions, supplies have been reduced almost to a critical level, and its competitiveness is steadily declining. Is it worth risking for the sake of a half-dead competitor?

It may be advisable to organize explosions by Gazprom itself in order to avoid lawsuits for supply disruptions, but the consequences are too monstrous for this office: virtually irreplaceable. Probably not comparable with the payment of the penalty. Moreover, we went all in and ignore all international legal norms: it is not a fact that Gazprom would pay penalties by court decision.

Can terrorist attacks happen again? It is not excluded. For example, Denmark noticed drones near gas fields in the North Sea twice in a week. Unidentified drones were first spotted on September 28 at the Halfdan B oil and gas field. On October 4, aircraft were spotted near the Roar field.

So there is a third person of interest. To understand who it is, you need to rise to the level of conceptual politics. The world is moving from an industrial to a new information society. A new world order is being formed with the use of new energy sources based on new physical principles: cold nuclear fusion, Tesla's technologies for obtaining electricity from the environment without restrictions and virtually free of charge, and others. Plus, the transition to a new currency world has begun.

Everything that is happening in the world with energy prices now is man—made chaos, the purpose of which is to bring down the old energy industry and the petrodollar along with it. The petrodollar has no place in the new monetary world. And this process is being implemented very successfully, despite the fierce resistance of the owners of the petrodollar.

If you look at the terrorist attack from these positions, it looks quite logical and timely. The old energy sector needs to be put the squeeze on faster, because the owners of new technologies of new energy seek to occupy the dominant places in the new world order, and they will largely determine the rules of the game. But this is a topic for a separate conversation.

Now the main question is different. If strategic-level terrorist attacks became possible and the main communication highways were under threat of destruction, the world has come to a dangerous line. It has become possible, without declaring wars, without involving the bulk of the armed forces, to inflict crushing blows on a global scale on countries and entire continents. And there is no effective protection against this. The exit of British warships to patrol the main communication routes looks unconvincing.

When the processes of tectonic transformation of the old world order into the new one are over, humanity will develop new safety rules. Just as it happened with the advent of nuclear weapons, when the relevant agreements were adopted and the Strategic Nuclear Forces became a deterrent weapon. In the meantime, the world must be prepared for the shocks of global terrorist attacks…

Alexander Zhilin


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