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Bent on: Nazarbayev became a friend of America
Material posted: Publication date: 20-01-2018
During the visit of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev tried very hard to please the head of the White house, but the outcome of his trip may finds out much later. It is possible that they will follow in the form of independence — as a thank you for selling Americans Kazakh resources.

After the working visit to the United States, Nazarbayev congratulated the American leader Donald trump "a huge success in the economy" and said that "supports the great work" carried out by States in Afghanistan. He also suggested Americans visa-free entry to Kazakhstan, and now, apparently waiting for a response for his countrymen.

But it was the repeated mention of Nazarbayev, his status is representative of "the interests of all Central Asian republics." And this is after a recent tough political conflict with Bishkek.

Friendship with the United States? Maybe, but personal

As he said, "the Truth.Ru" Kyrgyz political scientist, economist, doctor of economic Sciences Jumakadyr Akeneev, Nazarbayev "was to speak only on behalf of their country, because we have no Central Asian Union" and the power of attorney on representation of interests of other republics, "no it was not given."

As for friendship with the United States, it is not mutual, says Akeneev as "America all these 26 years of mercilessly exploiting mineral resources of Kazakhstan". He cited the example of the project of Tengizchevroil, "which Kazakh oil pumped by American companies," and the scandal with a former adviser to Nazarbayev, James Giffen.

He began to advise the government of Kazakhstan in 1992. Four years later, with his mediation, the Mobil Oil company bought 25% of the Tengiz oil field for about $ 1 billion, and Giffen was arrested in the US on charges of receiving 67 million dollars of "Commission".

According to investigators, the Advisor benefited from a relationship with Kazakh officials through a series of shell companies the Giffen translated huge profits from oil transactions into accounts controlled by the leadership of the Republic. For example, February 5, 1997 to the account of Orel Capital Limited Swiss Bank received $ 20.5 million. The U.S. justice Department claimed that this offshore company registered in the British virgin Islands, belonged to Nazarbayev.

"Deposits are not given simply so, probably, some interest was given", — said Akeneev history with the ex-counselor of the Kazakh leader.

The decision of Astana to unilaterally cancel the visa regime for citizens of the USA, the expert considers unanswered — not least because trump has tightened immigration rules residents of all Muslim countries.

Probably, the efforts of Nazarbayev for the sale to Americans of the national heritage seemed to Trump insufficient, and need to sell more? Maybe the President of Kazakhstan emphasizes the political merits? Or subservience due to a desire to get back again arrested by the decision of the Dutch court, the Fund of National heritage?

Kazakhstan is working with NATO behind CSTO

Kazakhstan recently extended an agreement with NATO "Partnership for peace". Astana in the program for more than 20 years and the funds it receives military equipment and sends their officers to U.S. military schools. In addition, the project annually held joint exercises "Steppe eagle", for which Alma-ATA equipped polygon "ili". And Russia were not invited even as an observer.

In September 2016 in Alma-ATA opened the laboratory, the construction of which, according to some, the U.S. government spent $ 130 million. At the stage of establishment it was stated that in the laboratory will be stored and explored dangerous infection. Isn't this proof of sincere friendship?

Time will tell: maybe, Trap and appreciate the efforts of Nazarbayev, for example, another Maidan. Then visas for Kazakhs cancel (Ukraine has achieved easing of the visa regime in the EU). Therefore Kazakhstan has a long way to go.

And Russia should be wary of "peacemaker" Nazarbayev, who obsequiously friendly with America. The US goal is to minimize the Russian influence in Central Asia, to break up the CSTO and export to the region is terrorism from the Middle East.


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