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Impending revolution: evolutionary leap or plunge into chaos and violence?
Material posted: Publication date: 17-10-2014

Once the government of America managed to avoid the revolution, hiding from the people the presence of the country's capital in 94, 4 trillion dollars. Today, the number of citizens knowledgeable about the instability of the state is growing, and to achieve the goal they need only inspire and organize.

A new paradigm is organically evolving: new economic systems, sustainable communities, solar energy, organic farming, delegational democracy, workers cooperatives and new media. For all the problems that we face, there are effective solutions. There are many reasons to think positively. Decentralized global uprising is undermining systems of centralized and consolidated power. A new world is born.

However, despite how exciting is unfolding today evolution, it is impossible to predict that emerging solutions will reach a critical number and will lead to necessary changes to inequality, poverty and the overall deterioration of society will lead to the spread of chaos and violence. With all the reluctance of such an outcome, we should not ignore the existing acute need for significant systemic change on a mass scale.

The longer the society should continue the course, the worse it will be in the future and the harder it will be to overcome the growing crisis. Regardless of how much we want to ignore it, we are not able to avoid the tragic outcome: due to the current economic and public policies of America more and more people sink deeper into debt and poverty. Today the U.S. economy works only for thirty percent of the population, and tens of millions of people just mathematically eliminated.

Jobs full-time is only enough for fifty percent of the working population, and the annual salary for this full-time position is less than 35 thousand dollars. Since 2007 the economy has lost more than fourteen million jobs with full employment, while the overall population increased by seventeen million people. In modern conditions, seventy percent of the working population cannot earn enough money to afford the Essentials without increasing the ever-growing level of debt that they will never be able to pay due to lack of jobs, generating the necessary income that would pay a living wage.

Between 2007 and 2013 the total monetary condition of America increased 26 percent, while the capital an average household lost a shocking 43 per cent. If the median income will continue to decline at the same pace, more than fifty percent of American families go bankrupt in the next decade. Government propaganda temporarily silent about the fact that Americans are sitting on a ticking economic time bomb. Statistical deception of the government about poverty, the minimum cost of living and unemployment cannot hide the fact that the vast majority of the population is rapidly moving towards impoverishment.

The policies and actions of governments to combat the growing epidemic of poverty is the very definition of tyranny. At the very moment when the economy has reached the point of lack of jobs to generate sufficient income for the majority of the population could live on minimum wage, the government is cutting aid programs worth billions of dollars and pouring billions in military and prison industry.

Uncontrolled private military complex is fueling violent conflicts abroad. The eternal state of endless war, depleting social capital; trillions of dollars being diverted from social programs into the pockets of war profiteers. U.S. police militarizing, and prison industry is growing at a shocking rate of 1600 percent. The number of prisoners in the U.S. already the biggest in the world. In addition, in many cities criminalize poverty. As dismal as it sounds: the conveyor of imprisonment works.

Based on the available evidence and key characteristics it is logical to assume that the growing despair among large segments of the population will soon lead to chaos and riots. Considering the militarized police, which would only exacerbate violence and oppression, this plausible scenario would tear the American nation.

We stand at a critical juncture.

Are we on the verge of evolutionary leap, or will shortsighted greed plunged us into madness and destruction?

Will there be any system change fast enough to prevent more large-scale collapse?

The whole point is that at the moment monetary status and more than enough opportunities to solve social problems. We actually can develop the society in an unprecedented way. We live in the richest and technologically-advanced society in the history of civilization. The state of the U.S. accounts for 94.4 trillion dollars. People should not suffer and drown in debt to meet their basic needs and lead a healthy life.

The existence of poverty in modern society is an absolute crime against humanity. With just half of the richest one percent of the U.S. population to eliminate poverty in America. The existence of poverty makes no economic sense and costs the company more expensive than the price of eradicating it. This is the madness of the modern system.

Here is one of many examples of how you can start combating this urgent crisis: the monetary incentive program developed by the Federal reserve, from the air created four trillion dollars under the guise of stimulating job growth. However, since began quantitative easing, the economy has lost more than ten million workers in full-time employment. Most of monetary stimulus of four trillion received only one percent of the population. It is obvious that to give even the four trillion people who already have twenty-one trillion dollars unused condition, has not been an effective stimulus for the economy as a whole.

If they really wanted to stimulate the economy, they could distribute these to four trillion dollars to each family of millionaires, which would have amounted to forty thousand dollars per family, or would make thirty five thousand dollars 114, 285, 714 people. If to take from the rich amount of quantitative easing, it is possible to eliminate poverty and to guarantee to each person over 18 years of age income below the subsistence level.

This is just one example of what can easily be done by having 94,4 trillion dollars. In a technologically-advanced society, where fewer workers, it is necessary to consider the question of ensuring every person's necessities. You can't just throw away seventy percent of the population. This will lead to chaos and riots.

Is useful for company's productivity and increase of capital, short-sighted and greedy richest 0.01 percent of the population systematically increases his own wealth, depriving other free life and economic security.

Most people don't know about the paradigm shift of technology and wealth, which a generation ago was to provide economic security and make life more enjoyable for all. We had not developed a political and economic system because the mainstream media has not told the public that America has 94,4 trillion, 25 trillion of which are not used. If people knew about the existence of such amount of money, and could comprehend the consequences of what can be done only on a small part of this sum, it would start a revolution.

At the moment a significant portion of the population knows that the current system is unreliable and unstable, now it is recognized even by many members of the 0.01 per cent of the rich. The number of citizens has reached a critical point, and to awaken the cultural and the political will just have to inspire and organize.

But, unfortunately, the horrifying socio-economic reality not to get rid of, and it is possible to conclude that, prior to immersion in the chaos left very little time. If we want to change all non-violent means, we must remember that the window of opportunity rapidly closes. Need to radically increase the rate of flow changes. The political class and 0.01% of rich people must yield to the needs of the people. As once said John F. Kennedy, "those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable".

The statistics are clear. We have reached a turning point. The revolution is coming, one way or another.

David DeGraw


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