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New horizons Russia being drawn into a "battle of the end" for the obligations of the CSTO
Material posted: Publication date: 18-11-2012

Held by 2012, the demilitarization of the New Russia was in part adopted from the Anglo-Americans ' belief systems of neo-liberalism: the natural course of things, in the absence of strategic opponents.

When the official doctrine recognizes only the "three evils" - international terrorism, religious extremism and national separatism, and all those "three evils" is represented only by bands of insurgents, pirates, hackers and guerrilla underground, military strategy on aerospace, ocean and land theaters of war are not needed. And don't need a massive army, capable of taking under the protection of the economic interests of the country. Because there is no serious enemies, and global security on the supply routes of raw materials and fuel (including the Russian) was provided by the military power of the USA and NATO.

The reform of the Armed Forces of Russia under the doctrine of neo-liberalism brilliantly held the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation in the civilian Anatoly Serdyukov

Unnecessary in the reform process were eliminated or optimized (minimized) structure of senior military philosophy and military art. As engaged global assessments of the situation: the Main intelligence Department of the General staff and the General Staff Academy. And the management of troops and weapons. In "new look" Armed Forces disappeared, the commanders and generals. After all, with the transition to brigade structure of the land forces, the main fighting unit was the battalion, and captain of the regular Russian army on the battlefield with broken bands of terrorists became "the Rota-vodec" in the rank of major or Lieutenant Colonel.

As for native speakers of Russian nuclear weapons: strategic rocket forces, long range aviation, and missile-carrying submarine fleet, from the time of U.S. President Ronald Reagan in the eyes of liberals they were great feral grin "evil Empire". That is why by the start treaties as may have been reduced. After all, not to "restore constitutional order" or to conduct "counter-terrorist operations" or "peace enforcement" (Georgia) they don't need. And everything between Russia and NATO was wonderful within the programmes "partnership for peace" agreements and "status of forces" if by 2012 the very blue banner of neo-liberalism under the blows of the crisis, credit and financial system of the industrial society of the West does not looked. If the architects of the project of globalization all countries for the global crisis did not have any fair question: "Who is guilty"? and "What to do"?

No matter how it seemed strange, but the blame for the crisis of the founding fathers of the project is recognized as the neo-liberalism, loosened the foundations of industrial capital bubbles "counterfeit money". Natural was the way out of the crisis. Namely: to break loose the building of neo-liberalism! And the wreckage of the "financial pyramids" to build a new information society knowledge economy.

A proven way the demolition of the old socio-economic system, which went into crisis, a recovery procedure for the rotten body power, and it is painful treatment of bitter medicine of war. And in the summer of 2012 with reference to the political heavyweight of the international class Henry Kissinger around the world sounded the alarm: "Only the deaf can't hear the drums of war".

This signal was heard in Russia. Returning in may 2012 for the presidency of the Supreme commander Vladimir Putin suddenly was engaged in military construction. Sounded promising plans for huge military expenditures. For the post of Deputy Prime Minister for military-technical issues and execution of weapons programs, was appointed professional patriot Dmitry Rogozin in November 2012, the Minister of defence in the high rank of General of the army was appointed voluntary administrator for emergency situations Sergei Shoigu

It is quite obvious that the planned resuscitation of the military might of Russia will require a fresh concept is not about gangster, but strategic adversaries. The selection here is small: either the enemy of the United States and then Russia becomes a strategic hinterland of China; or the enemy of China and Russia helping the U.S., opens in Siberia a second front against China. By all indications, manifested from the times of another "Munich speech" Putin's 2007 in the new environment of the "evil choice" in 2012 Russia will strengthen strategic cooperation and partnership with China.

And here it would be great even in the framework of the "strategy 2020", if not catastrophic lag of the Russian Federation in the deployment. But better late than never. On the "great chessboard" of world politics white Anglo-Saxon Protestants start, seize the initiative and win. Fuse of war on the greater middle East is already burning. The detonator undermine stability in existential (life and death) the confrontation between Israel – Iran by Egypt (Muslim brotherhood, Hamas) and Syria (supported by Turkey and the opposition) have already worked. The great war became apparent: this is a Sunni group South and the Shiite group in the North. US forces are already deployed in the zone of instability and are willing to support Israel. But to a local military conflict around the confrontation between Israel – Iran has reached the necessary scale "battle of the End" is drawn into the conflict on the side of Christian groups in the North component.

Clearly this will be the Russian armed forces "new look". And the mechanism of retraction of Russia in the war will be her obligations regarding the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty (CSTO). Where the "weakest link" is friendly to Iran and has long-standing territorial dispute with Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia.

Armenians remember the massacre of Christians from the Muslim Turks in 1915. Extensive Armenian Diaspora in the countries of biblical Mediterranean civilization like the Jews are able to raise a "ruckus and hypes" and to force unprepared for war Russia the power to stand up for brotherly Armenian people on the side groups of the North. A clear advantage for the U.S. military and information power winning the war in the greater middle East will get the grouping of the South.

Ignominious exit from the war Russia, like inglorious exit in 1989 from the war in Afghanistan, the natural course of things will lead to a new "perestroika". Liberalism in Russia will be defeated. The plans of the architects of globalization are met. Defeatists (Bolsheviks-Leninists of our day) will easily come to the levers of power in Russia, which will. Many prophecies for a short time – 12 years – Russia will become a model of harmony the power and the people: "the Kingdom of Truth – the Power of the White Tsar". But in international relations of Russia with the countries of Central Asia and China (SCO) will appear repeated in a series of "New Horde" countries and peoples of non-Western civilizations – the heirs of the Empire of Genghis Khan.

Period changes: 2013 – 2015.

Andrey Devyatov


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