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Parag Hanna "Second world"
Material posted: Publication date: 10-06-2012

In the book young American political scientist and historian, a senior research fellow New America Foundation Paraga Hannah proposes a new vision of the geopolitical reality of the XXI century, based on the assumption that "trehaloses" emerging after the end of the "cold war" world. Abandoning the traditional approaches, the author reinterprets the concept of "first" and "second" worlds, referring to a "new first" world, only the United States, the European Union and China. Most of the other large and influential States added them to a "new second" world. Based on this logic, the author proposes a new paradigm for the behavior of the countries of the second echelon on the global geopolitical stage.

Introducing the book Paraga Hannah was his first major work, but was enthusiastically received by the audience and has been translated into eight foreign languages. It is written in a simple style and contains both theoretical arguments and a wealth of factual material, collected by the author in his travels in all the described countries. The issues raised in the book make it interesting for a wide circle of readers.

Publisher: Europe

ISBN 978-5-9739-0195-0; 2010

The book is available in the online store OZON.RU

Tags: Russia , USA , Europe , China

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