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Why power like artificial intelligence
Material posted: Publication date: 17-06-2019
The history of our science in the last hundred years is the parade of charlatans, and in the background — the ice floe carrying a real talent in distant lands.

In the story of Isaac Asimov's "Logic" robot KT-1, possessing a great intellect, a man says: "I don't want to say anything offensive, but look at yourself! The material from which you made, is soft and flabby. You occasionally sink into unconsciousness. The slightest change in temperature and pressure affects your health. You surrogate! On the other hand, I am a perfect product". The robot's iron logic proves that it was not created by man, and the Lord, the Lord of energy. In the end, KT-1 incarcerate all persons in detention and performs the task of saving the planet from terrible threats.

The President of Russia held a meeting on artificial intelligence (AI) and made a number of futurological forecasts. The loud — "Leader in the field of artificial intelligence will be master of the world". As to the metaphor, the President resorted not for the first time, and the AI says more often than on pension reform, we can conclude that this idea has become his deepest conviction, which will determine many decisions. On artificial intelligence directed budget billions, and investors promise the most reward.

The President is not so often interested in the prospects of science. It miserabele state and the mass Exodus of talent abroad is not too worried about power. In its submission to the study of the laws of nature are useful for creating military equipment, and basic science is an encumbrance.

The latest surge of interest Putin to science came in 2007, when the wisdom of the state company "Rosnano". The President confidently said that "nanotechnology is a priority direction of development of science". Now the President has instructed over five years to be among the world leaders in cyber security and voice recognition, although something similar was invented "the first circle" Solzhenitsyn.

At the head of "RUSNANO" was given the best Manager of the era, Anatoly Chubais. For the long term existence of this office the society has developed a strong belief that it is designed to fatten the pockets, but does not progress. The management of "RUSNANO" reported on the breakthroughs, but the crowd's forward movement does not see. Apparently, in the dark not Mature enough to understand the subtle processes.

Reputable scholars, not intimidated by the reform of the Academy of Sciences in that time was surprised to the bet on nanotechnologies, which, according to international experience, was just one of the many belts of scientific progress. But the government came under immense charm Kovalchuk, who combined many key posts in academia and was well received in the middle of the Kremlin circle. But what would you say if in the sixteenth century Tycho Brahe, built on the money of the king-patron of the Observatory of Uraniborg, would convince all Denmark to fly on Uranus?

But today, for the interest of the President to artificial intelligence draw a shadow not in sight. Maybe for the reason that our best mathematicians and programmers moved to other territory where they can realize their potential. Maybe the era of the AI meets the deep request of the Russian authorities...

Artificial intelligence does not need a pension and indifferent to social benefits. He's not worried about the housing problem and the decline in real income. Democratic elections, an independent judiciary, the arbitrariness of bureaucrats — all AI on the drum. And then, if Russia was proud of the extinct Russian intellectuals, why they can't take a Russian artificial intelligence?

In addition, AI as intelligent robot KT-1, will be unquestioningly loyal to the Lord, Lord of the depths and energies, and not a single transistor will not question a high ranking government. Remember the journey of the presidential motorcade at the deserted capital on inauguration day? Even the adding machine is clear that the robot Kremlin nicer person.

The last hundred years, the relationship of scientists and Russian officials was based on the principle of favoritism. Long-term President of Sciences Yuri Osipov, sadly told me that the best time for science — enlightened monarchy. Money for all of science is not enough, want quick success, and narrow the trough broke charlatans. The best known is the Trofim Lysenko, but these "popular academics" was a mosquito swarm. History of Russian science in the last hundred years — the parade of the charlatans of all stripes, and in the background is the ice, which, as fishermen, takes real talent to distant lands. Recently to Albion from Vologda had departed brothers Bahmani, our first billionaires, who have made capital virtually on artificial intelligence.

Therefore, the vital question is not will the passion AI another-flattery power? In the West there have been several spikes of interest and several waves of cooling to the problem. In 1965 the founder of the theory of artificial intelligence Herbert Simon said that in twenty years the robot will learn to do all that he can to do people. At the same moment Nikita Khrushchev said that in twenty years the Soviet people will live under communism, without mentioning about the miraculous mechanisms. But none of the predictions came to pass.

The amplitude of the bursts and falls of interest to artificial intelligence — 15 years. Now is not the climax. The enthusiasm of President — personal choice, not supported by scientific breakthroughs. Despite the billions of dollars, the artificial intelligence on the level of development is at the stage of a beetle. And the most optimistic forecasts — in a hundred years will rise to the level of a cat. However, even such intelligent profession as a doctor and a lawyer, it can be digitized in the near future.

Do not be deceived about the fact that a computer beat chess world champion. Winning, the machine does not understand that triumphed over man. To drive her in the head, this view does not work. The main problem is the lack of robot common sense, imagination and the ability to simulate the future. Mathematical logic gives in to the description of a simple truth like "the Mother is always older than daughter." And hardly artificial intelligence decipher the words "Nautilus" — "She's older than mother" or "Alain Delon does not drink Cologne".

Rodney Brooks, Director of the famous laboratory of artificial intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, recently went on a fundamentally new path, trying to create small robots with intelligence, and the whole army of small robots-beetles that have the ability of self-organization, self-learning and neural networks resemble the human. A revolution in approach, because the brain is not a computer, even the most powerful. The brain no fixed architecture, there are even programs and your operating system. The brain is self-tuning neural network of one hundred billion cells excited...

In 2018 in the United States published ten thousand scientific papers in the field of artificial intelligence, was 1400 startups in Israel — 360 in Germany — 105. In Russia — only 19 startups and any publication abroad. If the formula of the Lord of the world is correct, then while this fate does not threaten. Unless, of course, not to send to the artificial intelligence of managers scale Chubais and Rogozin. Then for the future you can be calm.

Sergei Leskov


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