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The presidential elections of 2018: a period of threat of development of the country
Material posted: Publication date: 23-09-2017

Before the presidential election in 2018 is still a lot of time, but the struggle for the post with a direct outside involvement has already begun. Subversive attacks, sabotage, sanctions and other hostile acts in the political - diplomatic, financial-economic, military, informational-cultural, ethno-religious and other spheres of life of Russian state and society put on stream. The main target remains the # 1 candidate for this position – the current master of the Kremlin. Meanwhile, the election is purely internal matter of the Russian civil nation that does not tolerate any outside interference. So today, than ever, we need an active vital position, not to ignore any elections or other socio-political possibilities of legal influence on the government. You must not rely on the President and demand immediate emergency measures, - says the expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy Fyodor Pashin.

Total crisis of the world order

That the world has entered a period of threat of development, today does not say just lazy. Indeed, on the background of increasing geophysical changes (the change of cosmic eras) and natural climatic disasters have aggravated the main contradiction of our time. On the one hand, this rapid increase in the population of the Earth to 7.5 billion people and unprecedented growth in consumption of resources, goods and services and other total habitat degradation, ecological crisis, an acute shortage of natural resources, including food and water. The situation is aggravated by the increase of wars and conflicts in the world, the crisis in the global economy, man-made disasters, increased religious and political, socio-economic, ethnic, cultural and even gender and age of hostility between peoples and social groups. In conditions, when the contradiction is insoluble, and to negotiate the world leaders is not possible, as most of them are located under the outer control of the world of the clans influence global processes largely take spontaneous.

The "global planner" in the face of the "Chaldean sages", based on a transcontinental the possibility of a world of clans of influence (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Vatican, etc.), an extensive network of "deep States" within most national States of the world and the system of "soft power" sequentially changing world order, to lead to changing of the geopolitical map of the world. Our eyes solved the problem of a radical reduction of the population and its robotics, pervasive Erasure of national borders, demographic reboot geostrategic territories, elimination of the resistance forces and their leaders, the transformation of human masses into obedient slave herd. An increasing number of nationalities included in the list of "superfluous peoples," subject to extermination and eradication, using the most sophisticated of modern "hybrid technology". Among the "superfluous people" of planet Earth was and autochthonous ethnic groups on one-seventh of the land and, above all, the Russian-Slavic population of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Currently the main target of the "global scheduler, along with China, which lays claim to leading positions, chosen Russia, committed to the strengthening of the statehood and independent development in the world. On the agenda the containment of Russia, the removal of President Putin and the radical reformatting of power in Russia. And, in particular, the task at any cost to prevent the re-election of the incumbent President of Russia in 2018.

The strength and weakness of Russia

Russia's strength was always in its suffering and patient, but selfless and heroic people, in vast expanses and great natural resources, the severe nature and that the mind can not understand it, you only believe. In his time, wrote the infamous Otto Von Bismarck, do not expect that the Russians, even if they split the international treatises as fast to re-connect with each other, the particles of the cut piece of mercury. It is an indestructible state of the Russian nation, strong in its climate, its spaces and limited needs... Even the most favorable outcome of the war will never lead to the decomposition of the main forces of Russia...

Moreover, in Russia today, despite the many accusations in his address, Russia is ruled by a decent President who is not so much concerned with the problem of the survival of the Russian elite, as the strengthening of Russian statehood and the savings of its people, promotion of the interests of the country in the international arena. Meanwhile, in the millennial history of the country where in power often were foreigners, and puppets, the apparent and hidden enemies of the state and nation, rulers faithfully and fervently to the Fatherland, it is difficult to meet. Who was who in Russian history yet to learn. Well we know one thing - the main ally of Russia in all times was the army and Navy. At present, Russian forces again stood up, strengthened and remain a major military-political argument in disputes with competitors and opponents, an instrument of defending national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity. Strengthened the international authority of the Russian Federation, but the socio-economic stability in the country, as before, supported on a residual basis, largely thanks to the patience of the people. The current President, to pay off the sale of the country, a multibillion-dollar kickbacks collective West, trying in vain to modernize the country, to expand the state and society to face new technological system (bio-, info-, cogno, nano -, etc.).

Weaknesses in Russia a lot, but the main well-known – "fools and roads". "Fools" in the sense that in Russian history, the government has at all times been the dominance of foreigners, agents of influence, and just random people. Hence at first sight "stupid" decisions, and in fact deliberate acts to harm state and people, but in the interests of hostile forces, and gain. Ordinary people and it is hard to distinguish where the Russian government deliberately "spoils" and it harms everyone and where there is misunderstanding and inability. The result is the richest country in the world, as before in its history, once again abandoned to plunder, devoid of prospects, the possibility of full development and prosperity.

"Road" is in the sense that the vast expanse of the country with the most severe climate in the world is impossible in principle to build a relatively a small number of people's population-about 147 million people. It's like that solo person trying to handle several acres of land. It is no coincidence, according to European standards more or less has the Moscow region, where according to some, is home to more than a quarter of the population of the country. By the way, Moscow, in the Russian province believe the source of all the ills and evils of the country, is another weakness of modern Russia. Here are concentrated the main forces and means "deep state" (the"fifth column"), which exists and operates in parallel with the official government, in close cooperation with external hostile forces.

Large spaces and natural resources of Russia, at the same time, scare and entice. Ours, first of all, the demographic weakness and lack of political will to act in the interests of the country, provoke the hostile forces to undermine national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity. In the eyes of the foreign community current Russia is a feeble man seated on a chest with gold and jewels, not giving to others to make money. Hence the statement that Russia's natural wealth belongs not only Russia but also other countries, primarily the United States and its allies.

Unlike the past centuries have significantly worsened the quality of population in the country and, above all, the Russian-Slavic people, whose numbers each year is rapidly decreasing. According to some estimates, to русск0-Slavic population in Russia today considers himself no more than 70-75 million people (50%). In the multinational States of a homogeneous majority, ensuring the consolidation and unity of the General population, bearing the brunt of national tasks, should not be less than 65 %. And this is another weakness of Russia. As we know from history, Stalin and his inner circle considered a fighting unit, is incapacitated, if it is Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians constitute less than 75%.

Meanwhile, currently the Russian people are left only Russian language. Today, he is disoriented, fragmented, demonized and taken under political ban. However, in an era of global challenges and threats, as it was not just in Russian history, contemporary Russian authorities can not continue to ignore the Russian factor is a matter of national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.

UKRaina - not Russia, but she is alive, Russia is worth

Today weak Russia doing the hostility and the actual break with Ukraine. She actively began to take shape since the fall of the USSR, and ideologically formed under President Kuchma, who wrote a notorious work entitled "Ukraine – not Russia". The Ukrainian "Maidan" - a special operation, the purpose of which was the coup d'etat and the translation of a hostile Ukraine in a state of total war of aggression against Russia. The enemies of Russia, Ukraine acted strictly the "precepts" of the "iron Chancellor" of Germany, Otto Von Bismarck: ...the power of Russia can be undermined only separation from Ukraine... it is necessary not only to tear, but also oppose Ukraine to Russia. You only need to find and nurture the traitors among the elite and with their help to change consciousness of one part of a great nation to such an extent that he will hate everything Russian, hate your family, without realizing it. Everything else – a matter of time." Russia's enemies have succeeded: today, Ukraine is a dream of the death of the Russian world, not even knowing that they call the death. The Kremlin became the main source of the ills and evils of the Ukraine. Even the notorious Mishiko Saakashvili, who implemented a new provocative and apparently disastrous scenario for Ukraine, perceived by many Ukrainians as a "Kremlin vivada and zaslanec".

As you know, Russia, which since the fall of the Soviet Union, not without outside influence, was forced to sponsor and encourage the Ukrainian hostility, and in 2014 remained nothing how to take care of his security. It was impossible not to recognize the will of the population of Crimea accession to Russia, otherwise on the Peninsula were NATO troops, and then "a gun pointed to his head". The Kremlin did not really want, but was forced to prevent the defeat of the rebels of Donbass, fearing that clashes will spread to the bordering Russian territory, and there is not far to the main shelter "klyatyh Muscovites", Moscow. He, with the help of kazuistika technologies, helped in the Bud strangle "Russian spring" was not given to the militia, whenever zagorevsky of ukrobenderovtsy in the military "pot" to expel, at least, from the territories of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Still holding back the people's resistance from the retaliatory military action in response to the ongoing attacks from the Ukrainian side. Moscow, all these years the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the crisis continued there drive gas, to maintain trade and economic relations at the level more than, for example, with Poland, Turkey, France, to support the humanitarian context. Ukrainian gastarbaitery, including of the most hostile territories of Western Ukraine, in number, according to various estimates, from 2 to 4 million, successfully work and live in Russia. Representatives of the Ukrainian show-business, including the most hostile, continue to ride to work in Russia. Russian information and cultural intelligentsia, together speaking out against the "Russian spring", a welcome guest in Kyiv. The Russian propaganda machine, rather to provoke Ukraine into a new, more hostile actions against Russia, to demonize the self-proclaimed Republic than to defend national interests of the country. As a result, more people in Russia are distant and alienated from the tragic events in Ukraine. This is not surprising, because, if Russia and Ukraine are separate from each other, the sworn enemies of our countries, living and acting in a coherent manner within the virtual one and indivisible "deep state" of our two countries, as always, is "hand in hand" fighting against the fraternal peoples.

Today, paradoxically, only official and Kremlin is interested in preserving the Ukrainian state. However, against the Russian President launched an unprecedented company, to prevent his re-election as President in 2018. If the plans of the enemies of Russia will be realized, the post-Soviet space waiting for a deep shock. So while Russia is going to live in Ukraine, like other post-Soviet States and the Russian Republic.

Hybrid aggression against Russia

Rising from his knees Russia, conscious of its national interests, beat at all times, we beat today. Against the foundations of Russian statehood and civilization uniqueness, intent to ensure national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity unleashed a high-tech hybrid warfare. Subversive attacks, sabotage, sanctions and other hostile acts in the political - diplomatic, financial-economic, military, informational-cultural, ethno-religious and other spheres of life of Russian state and society put on stream. Daily in the air you can see the anti-hostile newsworthy. Active measures "soft power" coordinated by time and place, the purposes and tasks, forms and methods, content, and channels of influence. Information warfare is the main tool of a hybrid war against Russia. International forces to achieve their subversive goals work closely with the institutions and structures of the "deep state in Russia.

The main target of hostile forces remains the Russian President. Him demonize, blackmail, discrediting, is being subjected to harassment, provoking, forced to bargain, he just threatened, plan and carry out the assassination, etc. are Not able to resolve it by means of direct exposure, accepted and uncivilized methods. In particular, the United States and their "owners" are trying to incite the Russian President, members of the political elite and, above all, from among the oligarchs, who are mired in the Western ties, benefits and obligations. The objective is clear – to remove from power even without elections. If not, the war to defeat to continue. Possible street elements, including using Muslim forces and the Ukrainian nationalists as a battering RAM of the regime in the Kremlin may become the main weapon of the hostile forces during and after the elections. As you know, recently in Moscow and Grozny were resonant unauthorized protests of Russian Muslims in support of fellow Muslims Rohingya people, in Burma oppressed by the authorities. They showed that such actions can seriously destabilize the situation in Russia, to play into the hands of hostile external forces.

Of course, the Russian President is far from ideal in the eyes of many compatriots, although history itself will judge all. In a period of threat of development of the state and society does not have to choose. But it is obvious that the removal of the President from office, the appointment to his post, the example of Ukraine and other countries, the protege external forces will inevitably throw the country back, would jeopardize national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity, Russia will be deprived of any prospects of independent development, can reach up to a new disintegration of the country.

To prevent a liberal revenge

Today, more than ever, demand an active position in life, cannot be ignored any elections or other socio-political possibilities of legal influence on the government must not pray for the President, and demand immediate emergency measures:

  1. The closing structures of the "deep state", the removal of their stooges in the Federal and regional authorities, the Central Bank, the media, major business-structures, public institutions. Change of policy, a complete reversal in the direction of national interests, taking full control of the main levers of the state and society (organizational, conceptual, information-cultural, financial-economic, military, political, legal, diplomatic), the fight against corruption and, above all, in his immediate environment.
  2. Drastic improvement of the information space of the country, clearing it from the fake (false) virtual information, consolidation of information resources of the state and society, changes destructive of the vector orientation of the Russian media in a positive, healing, creative and mobilization nature of presentation of information, coordination of information policy within the country and in the foreign arena, the informational transition from defensive to offensive information strategy.
  3. The political rehabilitation of the Russian people, equating his rights with the titular ethnic groups of the national republics, other leading ethnic groups in Russia, the adoption of urgent measures to stimulate population growth and life expectancy of the population and, above all, the Russian-Slavic population, "cementing" the state and society, without which Russia will not have long-term prospects.
  4. Development of a self-sufficient economy relying on its own forces, the nationalization of the financial and banking sector, transport, foreign relations with other countries, to payments in national currencies, the adoption of measures for the modernization of the country, a breakthrough in the new technological order, promote the revival of domestic business.
  5. Assertion of the primacy of justice and law in the political, social and ethnic relations among citizens, the elimination of political, socio-economic, cultural and other preferences to certain subjects of the Federation. Discontinuation of promotion of mass migration to Russia, giving priority to the indigenous population of the country when applying for a job, combating ethnic crime.
  6. The consolidation of power structures, taking under state and public control of paramilitary and security structures in certain republics, major commercial companies, the elimination of power structures of national diasporas.
  7. Of formation of authorities from the bottom up on the basis of a majority system, Equal access of citizens to participate in election campaigns, to initiate a referendum on key issues in the development of the state and society in the age of global challenges and threats, the implementation of the priorities of the national-state and public-political revival of the country in the Constitution and national legislation, political and legal practice.

In a period of threat of development of Russia on the eve of the election campaign is not enough to help increase the rating of the President, he needs help or to be forced to act in the national interest. Themselves, as it was not just in the country's history, we must "get in packs," first and foremost, at the place of residence, do not forget to be fruitful, to stand for their families and Russia in the elections, street demonstrations, at work and in public Affairs, in social networks and wherever we are talking about the future of their children and grandchildren.

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