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Primakov: United States want to arrange a Maidan
Material posted: Publication date: 01-11-2014

October 29, Yevgeny Primakov, who headed successively the foreign intelligence Service, foreign Ministry and the government, turns 85 years old.

Primakov in an interview with TASS said that the aim of anti-Russian economic sanctions can be considered the weakening of Russia. According to him, the USA are trying to "drive us into a corner, to implement the idea of "color revolution" in our country. Responses that are not comparable with the anti-Russian sanctions, primarily aimed at creating an environment neblagopryatnye escalation of sanctions imposed by the West. Of course, given the signal to relevant agencies, business of support of domestic producers, to weaken our dependence on imports, especially in the food area".

Discussing issues of the economy, Primakov noted that the main factor in the decline in world oil prices - slow dynamics of the post-crisis global economy. However, he does not consider that the period of relatively low oil prices and an expensive dollar will drag on for several years, but it is necessary to consider the possibility.

As for the internal problems in society, then, according to Primakov, "the overwhelming majority of the Russian population supports the head of state and does not accept threats against Putin, a course which is assessed as fairly serving the interests of Russia and at the same time zahlebyvalsya the door for cooperation with all countries, including the US and the EU, to neutralize real threats and challenges facing the international community. Putin's speech at the Valdai forum, I am sure, has further strengthened its position in the country and abroad.

Primakov, describing the contemporary Russian opposition, was very brief. "As for the "elite", it is unclear whom you mean. If you mean by this term the political opposition from among experts, political scientists, joined by Amateurs, I don't think they fall under such a definition," he noted.

For Russia very important is the Eastern direction, he said, but it "does not mean that we are ready to cut their ties with European and other States. I do not see this and the prospects of abandoning the post-industrial model. Gone are the estimation of such a model in the form of limited liability company scientific-technical side and development of services. World practice shows that countries that entered into a post-industrial world, does not cease to be raw lifting, no industrial. The juxtaposition of the post-industrial model industrial unqualified. For Russia one of the pressing issues is the connection of re-industrialization with modernization".

Speaking about Russia's policy in the middle East, Primakov stressed that "we have never stepped back from events in Libya through non-interference in the internal Affairs of this country. Another thing is that we in fact lied to the American "partners", persuade not to veto the Security Council resolution the UN no-fly zone over Libya because of the threat of aviation bombings of Libyan civilians.

It soon became clear that the truth behind the positions of the U.S. and its European NATO allies. The bombing was used to "vyrobit" the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. What it led to, visible to the naked eye: Libya plunged into chaos, its territory torn to pieces. Well, we did not let themselves be deceived a second time and vetoed all Security Council resolutions that were introduced with the purpose of overthrowing the constitutional regime in Syria."


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