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The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The project involves the research and compilation of materials available in the public domain, on the issue of forming forecasts for Russia and the world in general. Materials of the project aimed at creating an information field for a constructive dialogue of experts on strategic government planning.

G. Filimonov, "Cultural and information mechanisms of U.S. foreign policy. The origins and the new reality"

The book is dedicated to the formation of non-military components of foreign policy power in the United States the formal and informal manifestations. Considers evolution of main trends, institutions and instruments for implementing the foreign cultural and information policy of the United States.

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The zhiznin S. Z. "fundamentals of energy diplomacy"

In the textbook the concept of energy diplomacy as a functional aspect of modern diplomacy, as well as for its basic components. Contents concepts and definitions related to energy diplomacy, given its economic and political fundamentals. Examines issues and trends in world energy, world energy markets and international energy policy, leading the subjects of this policy, global, regional and country levels of modern energy diplomacy, as well as the peculiarities of the diplomacy leading foreign and Russian energy companies.

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Parag Hanna "Second world"

In the book young American political scientist and historian, a senior research fellow New America Foundation Paraga Hannah proposes a new vision of the geopolitical reality of the XXI century, based on the assumption that "trehaloses" emerging after the end of the "cold war" world. Abandoning the traditional approaches, the author reinterprets the concept of "first" and "second" worlds, referring to a "new first" world, only the United States, the European Union and China. Most of the other large and influential States added them to a "new second" world. Based on this logic, the author proposes a new paradigm for the behavior of the countries of the second echelon on the global geopolitical stage.

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Boris Kagarlitsky From empires to imperialism: the State and the emergence of bourgeois civilization

The book of a historian and sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky is dedicated the establishment of the modern state and its role in the formation of capitalism. Analyzing the development of leading European empires and the United States of America, the author shows how far from the truth the myth of the spontaneous emergence of the market economy and the government, as a deterrent to private initiative. For centuries the state power with all its might carried out the "forced market".

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Cherkasov, P. P. Fate of the Empire. Essay on the colonial expansion of France in the XVI-xx centuries.

By the beginning of the second world war, France had the second largest (after the British) colonial Empire. In our days the French colonial Empire from reality has become a part of history. In the present book tells about the history of French colonialism - from it's beginnings in the XVI century until the crash in the middle of the twentieth century.

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