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Russia in the global world: results and prospects
Material posted: Publication date: 19-12-2018

At the turn of the people, both simple and complex in terms of status and wealth, tend to believe and hope for the best. Therefore, the calendar predictions on the eve of the new 2019 acquire a special meaning. Millennial Russia, having metaphysical startnewsession the core in the face of Russian-Slavic super ethnos, having the unique experience of struggle for survival, for the development of land and state building, not devoid of geopolitical perspectives in the era of global challenges and threats, said Fyodor Pashin, expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy.

How sharp and remain popular today calendar and other prophecies?

The calendar practice of forecasting known since ancient times, although the people and the country has not escaped the temptation to try to adapt the planetary cycle in the struggle for survival and self-preservation in the process of inter-racial competition and geopolitical confrontation. Modern calendar activity on planet Earth is not at all correspond to the cosmological and metaphysical dimensions of the Universe. It is largely subordinated to the interests of certain socio-political groups at its discretion on the basis of politicized discernment to shepherd the peoples of the world. Among the world's calendar practices of the life of peoples and civilizations, a special place occupies the Chinese Oriental calendar, which claims the following planetary cycles in particular? the twelve-year cycle.

As you know, Chinese new year is celebrated on the second new moon after the winter solstice, which usually falls in the period from 21 January to 21 February of the Gregorian calendar. Summing up in 2019 Yellow Pig is relevant not only for the individual families but also for entire peoples, States and Earth in General. As you know, the Pig, being the last animals of the Oriental horoscope, is a life experience, the wisdom needed to start a new life cycle. 2019 promises to be a time of victory or defeat, satisfaction or frustration, the specific outcome of selection decisions, actions, deeds, stories longest in 12 years. Wild boar (Pig) never nowhere in a hurry; he understands that material gain doesn't matter so much and that real wealth is what money can't buy. Famous words of wisdom is designed to be a measure past, present and future for individual person, social groups, States and global forces of influence.

The people of the world tend to believe and hope for the best. Therefore, the calendar predictions on the eve of the new year acquire a special healing value. However, many of them have common sense and can be taken into account in practice, especially if we are talking about predicting developments in the country and the world in a relatively long term – 12 years.

Memorable than the last twelve-year cycle?

The last twelve years the cycle can be described as one of the toughest periods of human development that threatens the very foundations of the world order. Not became calm and 2018. The events of these years convincingly show that humanity has entered a period of threat of development, which can lead to unpredictable consequences for the fate of the world.

In the 2008 outbreak of the global Finance and economic crisis, which is particularly painful for Russia. A four-year term of Dmitry Medvedev (2008-2012) has aggravated the political crisis and worsened socio-economic situation of citizens, has exacerbated inter-ethnic relations. In 2010 in Moscow there was a revolt of the Russian youth against ethnic crime. Similar events repeated two years later in the Moscow Biryulyovo. As a result, in 2012, the mass protests of the "white ribbon" opposition could lead to serious consequences in the state and society, the reformation of the government in the interests of external forces with all the consequences.

2017 in the cities of Russia, there were mass anti-corruption protests of young people.
In 2010, there was a revolution in Kyrgyzstan. 2011 in the middle East the Arab spring began — a wave of protests and uprisings. The first signs of mass unrest has been noted in 2010: Date-revolution in Tunisia (2010-2011) and the mass protests in Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Iraq in 2011 in the same period began the civil war in Libya (2011-2014) and Syria. Mass protests took place in Morocco, Oman, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Djibouti, Western Sahara, on the border of Palestine with Israel. Still the civil war continues in Afghanistan, which was occupied by the multinational force West. In 2014 there was an armed conflict in Yemen. In fact, on the world map appeared sovereign state of Kurdistan.

In November 2013, not without outside interference arose Euromaidan in Kiev, Ukraine, which initially had a clear anti-Russian and Pro-European orientation. The Ukrainian "revolution of dignity has led to the illegal overthrow of the Yanukovych government, the process of self-determination of the individual regions of the country and, in particular, the Republic of Crimea and part of Donbass. In Ukraine, the civil war began. Modern Ukraine has become a military-political bridgehead of conducting an undeclared hybrid war against Russia. The actions of the Kiev regime has provoked a split in the Orthodox world and, above all, in relations between believers in Russia and Ukraine.
The destruction of the Indonesian Boeing 777 in the sky over the Donbass in 2014, the international anti-Russian which helped to save the Kiev regime, was the starting point in the consolidation of the efforts of the West against Russia. Politically committed were numerous other attacks in that period. Among them: Tu-154 crash in Smolensk (2010), which led to the death of the Polish President and senior military officers of the country; the terrorist attacks in the Moscow metro (2010) and Domodedovo airport (2011), Norway (2011), at the Boston marathon in the United States (2013), Volgograd (2013), in the wording of Charlie Hebdo in France (2015), the Chinese Tanesini (2015), Brussels (2016), St. Petersburg metro (2017); the crash of the Airbus A321 (2015), etc.).
In the last twelve-year cycle, the world has witnessed numerous natural and man-made disasters. Only in 2010-2013 occurred: earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, China, Nepal; heat waves in the Northern hemisphere and in Russia; the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico; the floods in Central Europe, Pakistan, Australia and South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, India, Afghanistan, Europe, China, and Russia; a massive tornado swept the waters of the United States.

The well-known events in Ukraine 2014 brought to life the anti-Russian sanctions, which tend to further increase. Despite the fact that the Magnitsky Act was adopted in 2013 to the civil war in the Ukraine, played an important role in the consolidation of the West on anti-Russian positions. Against Russia began a deliberate hybrid war in military-political, financial-economic, information and cultural spheres. Complicated international situation of the country. Sanctions negatively affected the Russian economy development and socio-economic status of people. From this period the US and its closest allies increase military and political pressure on Russia, increasing armed environment in the country.

In recent years has aggravated the contradictions between the leading Western countries, on the one hand, and China and Russia on the other. In seeking to contain Beijing and Moscow, the West began to trade war in violation of WTO rules. Since coming to power in the United States Donald trump has exacerbated the contradictions not only in American society, but between the EU and the USA. Significantly undermines the foundations of European stability and security beginning in 2016. exit (Brexit) of England from the EU and the strengthening of centrifugal trends in the community and, in particular, the constitutional crisis in Spain (2017) in connection with the Catalonia referendum on independence. Have a negative effect on the EU debt crisis (since 2010), destabilization of the situation in Greece (2010-2012), England (2011), Spain (2011-12). A real shock for France and all Western Europe became mass protests of the movement "yellow jackets" (FR. mouvement des Gilets jaunes) to the end of 2018.

The situation in Europe is seriously complicated due to the fact that, starting in 2015, the continent has swept the immigration crisis. He has significantly exacerbated the inter-ethnic relations in many countries of the community and, in particular, Germany, France, Belgium, etc. One of the main provisions in the treatment of French Protestants in November 2018 to the regime of Emmanuel Macron became a requirement to stop migration into the country. Against Migration in Europe are the countries of Eastern Europe, antiemigrantskie sentiment is strong in Italy and Serbia. Mass migration is a threat to other countries and, in particular, Russia, where the number of migrants reaches 20 million people a year.

In the period from 2007 to 2018 was not calm in other regions of the world and, in particular, Venezuela, Brazil, the African continent, India's relations with Pakistan and China. Global and local conflicts and upheavals taking place against the backdrop of continuing increase in the population of the Earth, which for 12 years has increased by almost a billion to reach 7.6 billion, and by 2024 is projected at 8 billion people. Meanwhile, further exacerbated by the global conflict of modern times between population growth and consumption on the one hand, and habitat degradation, acute shortage of natural resources. Despite the growth of production in the world, the quality of goods and services is markedly reduced, it becomes difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle even in the leading countries of the world. The digital revolution, which has become another sign of the end time, is unlikely to resolve the current problems of mankind, as it is fraught with unpredictable threats.

Thus, the last twelve-year cycle of earth civilization evolution suggests that in a world of growing crisis, humanity is facing old and new challenges and threats. Hardly, we can say that all the bad will be left behind with the outgoing year and, in particular, in 2019 Yellow Pig will undergo fundamental changes for the better in the lives of ordinary people, countries and societies.

You can write Rossi plus a in the retiring 12 years and 2018?

The advantages Russia has, they are, however, few but significant, allowing to look ahead with optimism. Thus, in particular, despite the inconsistency and the inconsistency of their decisions and actions, Russia has largely succeeded in the last time cycle. She is still able to "punch" in the global confrontation with the West, to restrain the powerful opposition of the forces of the "deep state" within the country, to increase military power and to strengthen its position in the international arena. The main achievements can be recognized to overcome the negative effects of the crises of 2008 and 2012, the establishment of strategic partnership with China, the establishment of effective cooperation with Iran, Turkey, Austria and some other influential countries of the world. In the Treasury of the Russian Federation can bring the annexation of Crimea (2014), prevention of destabilization of the situation during elections 2012 and 2018, the successful holding of the winter Olympics in Sochi (2014), world Cup (2018), the construction of Crimean bridge.

It is possible even to bring an asset increase feelings of citizens. They could not inspire the annual action "the Immortal regiment", the historical events related to the merger in 2014 of Crimea to Russia. Earlier, in 2008, successful was the opposition to the Georgian aggression in 2008. All memorable was the victory at the winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. A real treat for the Russians was the holding of the games of the world championship on football in 2018 in many Russian cities. Presidential elections in Russia in 2018, which won the confidence of Vladimir Putin, to a certain extent reflected the considerable trust and high expectations that it is associated with the voters of the country. Healthy climate in the country is an important condition for a successful transformation...

Incidentally, almost 12 years ago, on 10 February 2007 on the Munich conference on security Vladimir Putin first made his famous speech, which was devoted to one polarity of contemporary world politics, the vision of the place and role of Russia in the modern world given the current realities and threats. As you know, in his speech, as you know, he literally shocked the members of the international elites, questioning the very principles and foundations of the liberal world order. Subsequently, after 7 years, October 24, 2014, the Russian President issued a similar direction and tone of the "Valdai speech", which many analysts have dubbed "the sequel to Munich". All in all, the twelve-year cycle, starting with the Munich speech, was a triumph of the political life of President Putin, his greatness and unprecedented confidence of the population. Collectively he has more than 18 years in power. And this circumstance, doubtless, contributed to overcoming the crisis, the growth of welfare of citizens, the strengthening of Russian statehood and the country's prestige in the international arena.

That failed Russia in the past year?

The whole twelve-year cycle, not to mention 2018, have not changed the nature of the comprador bourgeois government in Russia. Failed even to approach the elimination of the influential representation of the "deep state" in the upper echelons of power. Without fundamental changes in practice implemented disastrous economic and financial development of the country. As a result of decades of financial experiments in the public consciousness and psychology have become hostages of the monetization of life in the country. Aggressive and depressive mood in a large part of society leads to the alienation of Russians from the government, to impede their initiative and activity. The society has designated split in several directions, and, above all, between rich and poor, "white" and "red" liberals and statists patriots, different ethnic groups and creeds etc.

Significant threats to national security carries with it the undermining of confidence in the President, who won elections in 2018. New economic and financial initiatives of the government Dmitry Medvedev and, above all, pension reform, lead to further alienation of the population from power. In the conditions of today, when there is no prospect of ensuring the succession of power after the departure of Vladimir Putin as President in 2024, the possible destabilization of the multinational and poly-confessional Russian state may lead to unpredictable consequences.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that they remain not allowed of the deep social and ethno-religious contradictions in society and, above all, the "Russian question". Its relevance increases in the context of another perennial problem of all Russian troubles – "fools and roads". The prevalence of the "fools" in power, influential of which is directly related to the agents of influence, and the other primitive, corrupt, prevent extension upward of the healthy forces, leads to sabotage presidential decisions, hinders and hampers the development of the country in favor of the collective West. The problem of "roads" consists not only in the fact that in Russia, a lack of modern transport and logistics communications, and that the "one-seventh of the land" is impossible in principle to equip the current population of 146 million people. How difficult for one person to master not 6 acres, and 10 acres of land. Encouragement of migration is not a way out and a direct threat to national security, sovereignty, territorial integrity of the country. Therefore, the "Russian question", and the other demographic majority, except for the Russian-Slavic population in Russia today there is, becomes the overarching problem of Russian statehood.

Not to mention that currently, the processes of state-building, consolidation and mobilization of the masses, improve competition in the economy and business are purposefully holding back the destructive vector orientation of the Russian mass media, which are embedded in the foreign "alien to the mainstream". Russia continues to dominate popular culture, the majority of the current base of literature, art, theater, cinema, painting more decomposed society, rather than contribute to its improvement and revival.

In General, we can say that Russia, which after zero years the efforts of Vladimir Putin with unprecedented support of the citizens of the country managed to pull back from the abyss, again can be in the band of tension. Although projections for Russia for 2019 and subsequent twelve-year cycle is quite comforting, if not taken drastic measures in all spheres of government and society, the country may face challenges, similar to the periods of the collapse of the Russian Empire (1917) and the Soviet Union (1991).

How do you see the development of world events in 2019 and medium term?

The events of the coming year cannot be considered outside the context of global trends in the development of human civilization. Profound changes in the modern world is increasing, there comes a radical transformation of the world order, which will inevitably lead to global shocks, which affected the territory and population of Russia. 2019 and subsequent years, as experts predict, will continue the hard struggle between two irreconcilable fundamental trends in the development of human civilization. On the one hand, global forces of influence based on global Finance, media and culture, international development institutions, resources, TNCs are controlled by the big States (USA, England, Germany, France, Poland, etc.) and their intelligence agencies aimed at further reorganization of the world in their own interests, a radical reduction in the population forming the foundations of a new world order. On the other hand, are countries (China, Iran, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, etc.), which to a greater or lesser extent retained their national authority and intend to defend it. They are looking for ways of rapprochement between themselves in opposition to the global plans of creating a world without borders under the totalitarian control of the institutions of global "shadow clan". Predicting developments in 2019, experts are notorious publication Stratfor (USA), emphasize that "Globalization increasingly connects countries and continents, the boundaries on the map and geographical barriers to some extent out of date."

In the foreseeable future and in the long term, the global forces of influence, following its geohistorical plan, proven in centuries, the policy of divide and rule, will resort to further destabilization of the situation in various regions of the world and, above all, in Eurasia. They will not stop before kindling the old and new geodemographic contradictions among States and peoples, provoking wars and conflicts, social chaos against unwanted regimes. In their Arsenal not only the tools of "soft power" but the powerful armed forces, NATO, secret, subversive intelligence operations (CIA, Mossad, BND, Mi-5 and MI-6, etc.), private military companies, the forces of international terrorism.

New stage of the arms is designed to undermine the financial and economic bases of China, Russia, Iran and even the EU countries, primarily Germany. Unlike other countries, who earn funds for their livelihood, the US has the unique right to print as many dollars as necessary to achieve goals. In the interests of deterrence military capabilities of Russia and China, preserving dominance in the world will use breakthrough innovations of the new technological wave (bio, info-, cogno-, nano -, etc.), which primarily will change shape and composition of military arsenals, means and methods of hybrid wars. Therefore, further worsen the competition in the field of technology between the US and China, other major countries in the world. However, the struggle for technological superiority will exacerbate contradictions between management based on artificial intelligence and ethical standards.

How will relations develop in the triangle of Russia, China, USA?

It is obvious that the US, Israel and Britain will fully utilize the capabilities of the armed conflict in Syria to counter Russia, Iran, Turkey and even China. His role in the fight against the regime of Bashir Assad, deterring Iran and Turkey is called to play the Kurdish card". USA will continue the policy of sanctions against Iran, his campaign to isolate Iran in the region and weakening it from the inside. Common interests in countering Iran will help to maintain strategic ties between Washington and Riyadh. Interaction with Saudi Arabia and Qatar will also seek to actively influence world prices of oil and gas to exert economic and financial pressure on the EU and Russia. Undermining the unity of the OPEC countries will allow US to increase the competitiveness of the export of liquefied natural gas.

Washington will increase its strategic offensive in China, holding its development through trade wars, all sorts of provocations of information and diplomatic nature, providing support to Taiwan to counterbalance China and destabilizing the situation in Xinjiang and the South China sea. In geo-strategic designs of the global power that it is not possible to contain China, it is planned to push Beijing in a war with the second largest country in the world - India. Russia, which consistently builds a strategic partnership with China and is actively developing bilateral relations, including in military-technical sphere, may inadvertently become hostage to a possible conflict situation. It is impossible to exclude that such a scenario is realized not by chance, but Delhi is already today used "in the dark" when is the deepening of Russian-Indian cooperation.

Writes, in particular, Stratfor (USA), targeted military-political and financial-economic pressure on Beijing and Moscow, in General, "tense geopolitical climate" in the world will provide an important strategic opportunity "vulnerable" to neighbouring States such as Poland, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, South Korea, Taiwan, but will create a lot of problems medium-sized powers, trying to take a neutral position, in particular, Turkey, Austria, Serbia, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam. The United States will continue to apply pressure on Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, South Korea and Taiwan, requiring the construction of higher barriers to Chinese investment. In relation to Beijing and Moscow, Washington intends to pursue a more aggressive policy in cyberspace. The United States intends to stop the further penetration of China and Russia to Africa and Latin America.
Despite the fact that the relations between China and Russia, especially in financial-economic sphere, are not simple, and Pro-Western Russian elites do not have much sympathy to Beijing, desire for the further rapprochement of the two countries will remain. However, the next 2019 will demonstrate the limits of US trying to isolate China from the "closely intertwined business combinations" of economic and trade supplies to China and back. In response, Beijing will continue to develop a self-sufficient system of conducting trade with the various countries of the world, including allies of Washington.

In addition, attempts to limit the Chinese exports to the United States can have a negative impact not only on bilateral relations but also the entire world trade. In an extreme case, China can go to the rejection of the dollar in mutual calculations with the United States, up to the withdrawal of us government bonds of more than one trillion $. In addition, inevitably the further promotion of the yuan as an alternative reserve currency, the use of Beijing crypto currency in world trade. Geopolitical rivals Russia in its quest to contain China and Russia, to prevent the strengthening of their partnership, they intend to disrupt the implementation of Chinese geo-economic project "One belt, one road" (opop), primarily through the territory of the former Soviet Union.

What will happen to global Finance?

According to experts, in the foreseeable future should continue to be expected collapse of the liberal project as the dominant trends in the world that focuses on the separation of the global financial system into two circuits. Chinese (natural values) indicates the transition on the accounting units of wealth tied to the weight of metallic gold. American (digital) circuit will continue to use electronic-paper U.S. dollar in international trade and economic calculations. Russia, along with other countries, interested in changing the current dominant position of the petrodollar in the global economy.

The United States and England, ignoring the requirements of the WTO, pursuing a discriminatory economic and financial policies towards third countries, in the foreseeable future can provoke a fall in world currencies, which will lead to the failure of more countries from the use of the dollar, their transition to settlements in national currencies. Financial destabilization of the world can lead to unpredictable consequences on the world markets. In this regard, continued implementation of varieties of digital money crypto currency. They can go to replace the current reserve currencies, particularly the dollar and the Euro.

Emerging markets in the world, including northeast Asia, opop, BRICS, EEU, etc. will continue to experience the pressures from a stronger dollar, but weak national currencies, to considerable inflation, high costs of imports. Because of the political difficulties in many countries and, in particular, Russia may face problems similar to those that were in 2008 and 2012.

During the new twelve-year cycle, the world will not be without another global financial crisis. The time lag before the collapse of the stock bubble in the us market, generated by the rapid growth of giant financial debt (if in 2000 the US national debt was less than $ 6 trillion. in the current year - $ 22 trillion), is estimated from 6 to 24 months. If at the time of the recent financial crisis of 2008, add 12 years, a new world crisis may happen, most likely in 2020, At present growth of U.S. securities have increased considerably, and reaches 3 %, which is also a symptom of approaching crisis. This situation can not disturb the countries in the TOP 17 holders of capital stock of the United States. We are talking primarily about China and Japan (more than 1,200 bn), the UK, Cayman Islands, Ireland, Brazil (some 250 billion). Russia (about 80 billion) more likely not to disturb the drop in energy prices, primarily oil, if the price of a barrel goes below $ 50.

The financial and economic crisis will inevitably lead the world to an even greater imbalance of global markets of goods and services. The all-new influential countries insist on reforms in the WTO, this organization has accelerated the decision-making process and clarified the boundaries of its jurisdiction in order to avoid intrusion on the sovereign shopping area. Will continue the process of formation of closed economic and trade circuits. The United States will continue to pay special attention to the transatlantic partnership in the United States, Canada, England, Mexico etc. good prospects can have the TRANS-Pacific partnership, under the auspices of the PRC. Estimated neopolitical Andrey Devyatov, one cannot exclude the creation of "a new zone of co-prosperity" "economic ring North-East Asia" (EAS), composed of China, South and North Korea, outer and inner Mongolia, of Russia. How to write media to the arrangement SVA is against London, or rather, the world the Rothschild family, who are being subjected today to the attacks from other equally powerful competitors that are concerned with the stability and welfare of the United States (the Rockefellers, etc.), the EU (Vatican city, Swiss Rigla, etc.).

During the new global financial crisis, the financing of the project may rely not on USD but on account of the units of wealth tied to gold. It is, in size to 35,000 tons, is concentrated in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In addition, we are talking about "Gold Yamashita" that Japan has consolidated during the Second world war, hidden in the territories disputed with Russia Islands. According to experts, this new urgency is the conclusion t of the Russian-Japanese peace Treaty and the joint development of the Islands. According to the standard of Japanese geography the Islands of Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and the Habomai Islands are a continuation of the Japanese archipelago and in Japan are called "Northern territories". The recent decision of the President of Russia to move the capital of the Far East from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok, with ice-free ports, also can be seen in the context of the creation of the northeast Asia in the foreseeable future.

What will happen to the EU as they are seen in his relations with Russia?

In the foreseeable future and the long term will continue to undermine the foundations of the European Union. Bresica example can follow and other countries of the world and, in particular, Italy. In France during the mass protests of the "yellow jackets" also sounded the call to withdraw from the European Union and NATO. At the present stage of transformation of the world global forces of influence will be interested in weakening Germany, which is the core of the EU. As you know, they are afraid of building long-term relations of the EU and, above all, Berlin with Moscow. Hence the plans for the further destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, the construction of a black sea-Baltic "cordon Sanitaire" against Russia, the outbreak of war in Europe involving Germany and Russia.

Ukraine will remain a springboard out war not only against Russia, but an instrument of influence on the major European countries. Russophobia and anti-Russian hysteria will remain the main instruments of the consolidation of Western solidarity. Particularly acute will proceed to struggle for the delivery of Russian energy to the EU. In case of failure of the project "Northern stream – 2" Russia can go on the renunciation of flow of gas through the territory of Ukraine. The current policy of the Kiev regime, which relies on the support of the United States, London and Israel, will inevitably lead to the further undermining of the foundations of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, which could happen in 2019. In the medium term, experts predict that on the territory of modern Ukraine is formed by a number of independent States, which will exist under weak Confederation.

Known and promoted plans to create a New Jerusalem where there is migration of population from Israel, It can be established within the boundaries of Odessa, Kiev, Kherson, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv regions, which will closely cooperate with the Republic of Crimea. Projected recreation at the state level, the new Russia in the composition of the Donbas, Kharkiv, Sumy and other regions of present-day Ukraine. According to experts, the new education will become part of Russia, and to join the Union state of Belarus and Russia. At the same time, the new Russia could become an attractive subject for purely Russian territories of Russia who are deprived of their statehood, have the political and economic preferences, which have titular peoples of the Russian Federation.

What will happen with the Homeland and with us?

Russia, still any time will remain hostage to the old policy of Pro-Western elites and agents of influence, hoping and seeking to preserve in the sphere of influence of the West, its natural appendage. Attempts of state-Patriotic forces to consistently defend the sovereignty and national security in 2019 does not fundamentally change the nature of power in Russia. Russia continues to be in a deep systemic crisis, which is difficult to overcome in the absence of development strategies of the team and needs the support of the masses. According to experts, the country is "hanging on one nail" - the remnants of trust in the government and, above all, President Vladimir Putin on the part of citizens.

However, the rapidly rising force-majeure circumstances in the country and the world, events, and force majeure, will inevitably compel the government and officialdom to adapt or leave "to throw out Raska". The alternative to the destructive actions of creation. You will need to embark on a sovereign, self-sufficient and mobilization of development for the benefit of the peoples of the country, in the interests of Russia. It already starts to go, neither more nor less, as saving the "big" Russia. However, there remains a risk that tectonic changes in the country, especially in connection with the resignation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, may be accompanied by a destabilization of the internal political turmoil.

Russia will not cease to exist as it did not want detractors and geopolitical opponents. Despite all the difficulties, thousands of years of Russia, having metaphysical rod forming the core in the face of Russian-Slavic super ethnos, having the unique experience of the struggle for survival, spatial planning and state-building, not devoid of geopolitical perspectives in the era of global challenges and threats. It is hoped that, as it was not just in the country's history, these and other factors ultimately will determine the vitality of the centuries-old statehood, ensure the mutual attraction of indigenous peoples and lands of the country, self-preservation, revival and development of the traditional Russia.

However, in order to avoid the negative scenario, it is necessary to achieve the dismantling of the liberal establishment and the coming into power of the healthy forces, to improve the information and cultural environment, to take full control of the basic institutions of government and public administration. These include, in ascending order of significance of impact are considered: the mental-cultural (Russian language, mentality, archetypes, lifestyle, education, culture, religion, art, literature, etc.), organizational and conceptual (smyslopolaganie, concepts, projects, power structures, science, personnel), media cognitive (cogno-, info-, counter-propaganda, journalism, media and the Internet, IT technologies), financial (banking system, big business, financial policy, financial regulation, the gold and foreign exchange assets, etc.), law enforcement (defense, law and order, security), legal (Constitution, laws, parties, NGOs, elections, experts, etc.), the diplomatic mechanisms of state and public administration. Unfortunately, at present, an indicator of sovereignty and control levers in the country exceeds 50 %.

Currently the anti-crisis program of the national-state revival will not be realized, if not fully involved the most active and initiative part of the society. The creation of a network of public of Russia at the place of compact residence of citizens will not only successfully solve problems of survival and self-preservation of the unique Russian civilization and create the preconditions for the revival of national statehood in the period of threat of development of human civilization.

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