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Sergei Glazyev: "Ukraine Has no future"
Material posted: Publication date: 01-09-2014

Academician of the RAS and Advisor to the President of Russia Sergey Glazyev has acted on Friday in Yalta at the conference "Russia, Ukraine, Novorossia: global problems and challenges". In his speech he called the Kiev government fascist, and the responsibility for the crisis in the country has laid upon US.

The correspondent of RBC Glazyev said that he acted in a personal capacity, the official position is not expressed, as in Yalta is spending his vacation.

Responsibility for the military conflict in Ukraine, you lay on US. Does this mean that settlement negotiations should be conducted with Washington, not Kiev?

The source of all war in Ukraine, the coup and the current military operation is Washington. Out come the teams and the funding. The Americans are directly in charge and [Ukrainian President Petro] Poroshenko, under their control is [Dnipropetrovsk Governor, businessman Igor] Kolomoisky [the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr] Turchinov, [Prime Minister Arseniy] Yatsenyuk, [head of the SBU Valentyn] Nalyvaychenko and defense Minister Valeriy] geletey. They do not specify Poroshenko, and the American Ambassador. But from the talks, the US should be isolated — they have a strategy of unleashing a world war, untie it without the consent of the European member countries of NATO is impossible, so you need to work with the Europeans. I believe that in Minsk achieved a great breakthrough in the sense that for the first time wasn't the Americans, which gives a chance to negotiate.

In Minsk it was decided to continue consultations in the format EU — Ukraine — Customs Union. While Kiev says that they do not intend to change a single line in the Association agreement and creating free trade area with the EU. Is it possible in this situation to find a solution?

Yes they did not read the agreement. Poroshenko read, but carelessly, so not going to change anything. When we carried out consultations with the previous government, it was found that none of the Ministers didn't read it. The negotiations were chaired by the [Commissioner for European integration Valeriy] Pyatnitsky, who received salaries directly from the European Union, and in fact on behalf of Ukraine as a negotiating team worked Pro-European, Pro-American experts.

Why the agreement is disadvantageous to Ukraine?

The Ukrainian agreement is a thousand pages of text: the third — the transition of the Ukrainian industry to EU standards, that is the verdict of the Ukrainian industry. The second large block of issues of public procurement and customs and trade policy unit, where Ukraine is taking commitments to remove duties on European goods — 80% of the goods fees are set to zero after the introduction into force of the agreement.

The Russian President said that the possible harm to the Russian economy will amount to 100 billion rubles.

This is an assessment of the impact of increased competition on the Ukrainian market by European goods, which would entail the flow of Ukrainian goods to the Russian market, and this is a minimum estimate.

How do you see the future of Ukraine?

I think Ukraine has no future. Poroshenko is leading the country to ruin. Who will survive until it is impossible to say. While he survived the Crimea, because joined Russia. Hope we will survive the Donbass.

Donbass will survive by joining Russia?

Donbass will survive because he has a positive trade balance.

But now businesses don't work...

Of course, when they earn... we should Not forget that the region is the main region that gave Ukraine foreign exchange earnings. All the excessive consumption of Kiev were built at the expense of the overexploitation of Donbass.

Why Russia does not recognize independence of DNR, when they made that request?

The Russian leadership is guided by the norms of international law, and they assume a multilateral recognition. Besides Russia as the founder of the Eurasian economic Union cannot make such decisions without the consent of the partners.

Polina Khimshiashvili


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